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    Just like back then when everyone thought Jodie = Vermouth.....
  2. Shohane


    What makes you think Okiya is Akai? LOL We'll see...
  3. Shohane


    - Okiya is not Akai. - Okiya is not Bourbon, either. - Between Amuro and Sera, I suspect Sera more.
  4. Could you show me the actual source? Which interview was it, exactly? I couldn't find the link to the interview that actually mentioned this detail... ^^;
  5. Sorry it's late, but... WELCOME TO DCW!! Have an AWESOME time here and enjoy your stay... OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!


  6. You have to be 23 or older to join the FBI or CIA........
  7. Hi Sho-kun :) welcome here *gives a flower* :)

  8. If I remember correctly, Gosho said in an interview that the resemblance between Kaito and Shinichi is NOT a coincidence.
  9. I want Shiho to be with Dr. Araide or Okiya Subaru (if Okiya is a good guy), preferably Araide
  10. If you count SHUICHI AKAI as B.O.....
  11. Shohane

    Vermouth vs Kid

    Like hell Vermouth could be compared to KID because she learned this skill from Kaito's father.
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