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  6. Kim-Chan

    Conan x Ayumi

    No, just no. That'd be a nightmare. At least with Ayumi x Genta they are in the same age group and good friends. Ran x Genta ? To be blunt, the idea is completely impossible. That's about as good as pairing Yukiko with Heiji. ;l
  7. Kim-Chan

    Conan x Ayumi

    Haven't been on for quite a while . But I'm back . For now. Not that I could ever see that happening since I'm all for ShinRan &Shinichi's love for Ran burns like there's no tomorrow. But, I would say when Ayumi is in Highschool at the very least. Conan has the brain and mentality of Shinichi, so I doubt he can find affection towards Ayumi at the age of an Elementary student. That's pedophilia . That's the only way I can really come up with. Conan having to re-grow up because there isn't an antidote. And Ai not wanting him for herself because she doesn't want to betray Ayumi. So even if such happens there needs to be a lot of circumstances. Anyway, since I already brought it up. What if Ai took Conan for herself despite Ayumi's feelings? (In my opinion Ai does a one sided love for Conan whereas Conan sorta respects&trust her but not fully returning her feelings. )Would Ayumi hate her? Why or why not?
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