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  1. Actually one of my favorite japanese mystery drama ever!! It's too good!!!!!! The cast is awesome!
  2. .....I like way too many kpop groups..... I know about 300-400 groups/duets and 60-70 solo... Yeah basically kpop rule my life but well you can't loving something you love...
  3. It was either INFINITE - Be mine or Spyair - Last moment my head is kinda messed up now so I don't remember >.<
  4. Why must you look so scary? /Beg to the earl on my knees/ Please don't kill me... Naruto
  5. I watch lots of dramas and animes but currently I'm re-watching Kuroko no basket(aka The basket which kuroko plays/Kuroko's basket) for the 4th time while waiting for the 2nd season
  6. I was 3-4 year old I think.... The 3rd movie totally got me!!! I loved detective conan before that too but I wasn't addicted to it before that >.< I learned most of my common knowledge from DC so I will forever love and be grateful for it!! DC FOREVER!!!
  7. Kid..... Just because he is kid lol
  8. Well.... I won't... maybe... unless I feel like biting you.... umm... I won't bite hard? LOL

  9. Yeah I have been busy I could keep up with all the DC news, release and stuff but it was hard to log in and so >.< But I'M BACK!!

  10. Salamat detung!~ hope you don't bite me...well at least not so hard :P

  11. You're welcome! and I haven't see you for long time and I thought you're not coming back TT_TT

  12. WELCOME TO DCW!!!! I'm Emelie, EP or whatever you feel like calling me... Waa.. you're from Egypt that's so cool!!! Feel free to ask anyone anything! Everyone here is very friendly!! HAVE FUN!!!
  13. Well I already introduced myself once over 1 year ago but I have been inactive here since feb last year -_______-" Sorry for that actually I don't really have a good excuse..? I spent my year trying to improve my singing so I won't get F in music... but that's another story.... Anyway I'm Emelie or EP or whatever you feel like calling me!!! /grins/ Feel free to send me friends request or ask me anything!!! I won't bite :grin: ...maybe So to all the people who knew me but probably don't remember me HIIII!!!!!!! again LOL I swear to be active from now on!!
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