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    But you have to admit that his ego has slowly dwindled throughout the series. And he has a right to be arrogant around the Detective Boys (they can be annoying as hell!) However, he has dramatically improved his humility. Think back to the first ep when Shinichi was full of himself thinking he could do no wrong. Although he still could do no wrong (for the most part), I don't recall him ever gloating about himself and his extraordinary deduction abilities. He solves cases for the sake of others, not for his own selfish needs. Shinichi/Conan's sarcastic and condescending attitude towards the DB doesn't ring egotistical to me. If anything, it's Genta-kun who always thinks he's boss of the DB, even though he has little contribution to anything important.
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    It's a bit big (okay, a lot big) but the smaller version is all pixelly and crappy. Hopefully DCW shrinks it. Please leave comments! (because I'm proud of this!)
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    It's hard to believe that Shinichi is hiding his real identity to the people around him just because he knows he can defeat the BO by himself and doesn't need the help of these people. He is hiding his real identity because HE DOESN'T WANT OTHERS TO BE CONCERNED OF HIM. Why? Because when they start to care for Shinichi, then that will be the start of their involvement in stopping the Organization. We all know how dreadful the Organization can be. Just use the scene where Ran saved Haibara from Vermouth and Calvados. Even though Ran doesn't know what she's in, she still saved Haibara because she knows she needs to. Imagine if it's Gin or other BO members that are there in place of Vermouth, Ran might be dead by now. Shinichi realized this from the start. Thus, protecting his identity from those around him is important. Because it is also for THEIR SAFETY, not for boosting Shinichi's ego.
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    Ohh I see.. I've watched more than 20 but Detective Conan is the BEST! Ermm.. How do you put another person's comment in your own comment and reply to it?? I don't know much about all these forums...
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    Well, I submitted some new drawings to Dev and wanted to share them with you. I just called to say I love you Okay, KaitoAoko fans, don't kill me. Please! Cherry and Shoko I'm just a dreamer... My newest ID. Canada! This is for Chelsy!
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    Hello I'm Toshiko! Yoroshiku ne! Please be my friend! ^.^
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    god not another dctp member...they're like f-ing pests :/
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    OMG I'd love it if CG were completely about Suzaku!!! <333333 He's the greatest!!! (epitome of awesomeness!) Unfortunately, Suzaku of the Counterattack doesn't have much translated (and is essentially the same manga with two more scenes.) and Lelouch still appears way too much. XP The only times I liked Lelouch in R1 was during Student Council stuff. Catching Arthur= awesomeness. Suzaku was still cooler though. (so I wouldn't care if there were no Lelouch in CG as long as there is Suzaku!! And Euphy. Those two are my fav R1 characters.) Oh, I drew Suzaku! I'm drawing Lelouch too (but that'll take another week or so- I'm starting to outline. ) do that'll be out. Here's Suzaku: So the end result will be Suzaku holding the sword at Lelouch's neck (and small droplets of blood appearing) and Lelouch pointing a gun at Suzaku's head with the trigger halfway down. :3 I just thought that'd look so cool! XD
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    Random drawings. I'm talking writing to myslef.... Class was too boring. I was killing time. =_=. and I was falling asleep so I got lazy. Ok enough of scraps. Here's some works. This one is finished, but I don't like it. lol. legs.... I have no idea, but she came out different.... I think the eyes....? Face. Something is wrong with the face.... and this is my favorite character.... 뉴_뉴 at least Conan looks okay... I messed up his suit.... Here's my favorite one, but wow, proportions are way off..... and yes, I know, Jelly-bean soccerball.... That is all.... ... or not, here's some extras... (/^w^)/ oh oh oh ohh oh oh oh oh oh ohh oh oh~~ \(^w^\) Still working on this. ~ <3
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    I think Shinichi is cool, but i do like the fact that being conan has humbled him. Overall I like Shinichi more and his interaction with Ran, Heiji, and his classmates. I also find the cases more entertaining.
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    DCTP CBOX ZENTHISOROR'S EPIC TRANSLATION POWERS! Title: "A Meeting at Columbo" Ran, Kogoro and Conan are watching news about a three bank robbers in the office. Kogoro: "This has been the only piece of news the whole morning..." Ran: "Well, it's only been one week from the robbery, and one of the bankers was apparently shot..." Kogoro: "Yeah...was that because he tried to go against them?" Conan: "I don't think so...apparently he put both his hands up and said. "Okay, please stop!" and tried to cool the situation." Amuro: "Well, the won't be able to do anything with the money. The 2 hundred million yen they took (~2.5 million USD) were all new notes and there are records of the codes on them." Kogoro: "Yeah...it's only a matter of time then before they're caught...and what the hell are you doing here?" Amuro had brought up sandwiches for them. Conan: This guy's got too much spare time on his hands. Amuro: "And so, do you know what kind of case your client will be bringing today? (Kogoro: How the hell do you know about that?) Well, usually Sunday lunchtime Master Mouri reserves time for reading the Racing Post...Today, he's shaved...and right now it's supposed to be Okino Yoko's..." Kogoro hurriedly changes the channel. Ran: "He shifted the time for meeting the client because he wanted to see this show live." Conan: This guy's got too much spare time too. A message comes to Kogoro's phone from Kashizuka Kei, saying she wants to change the meeting place to Columbo. Kogoro says he can't be bothered to go but Ran says that isn't even lunch time yet and pushes him to get up. She tells him off for dropping cigarette ash on the table. Amuro: "Do you mind if I sit down with you?" Kogoro: "So long as you pay your tuition fees..." When Kogoro and Co. leave the agency, there's a mysterious shadow watching them go. At the Columbo, Kogoro explains the case: A coin locker key was found amongst the belongings of the client's deceased brother and she wants Kogoro to identify which locker it belongs to. Kogoro: "Generally when it comes to keys you can use the serial number and the manufacturing company's name to find things out...and I get 300000yen (~$3838 USD) for this!" They wait for the client and start muttering about how she's late and hasn't turned up. Kogoro notices that the previous mail address of the e-mail from the client is different from the one just received. Ran: "Maybe her phone's charging and she's had to use a friend's to send the message?" Amuro: "And then her friend switched off the phone?" Kogoro: "I sent back an OK message to the second address!" Conan: "So maybe she's waiting back at the office, not knowing that you'd replied?" They send a message to the first e-mail address, saying that they were going to go back to the office. When they get back to the office, Kogoro is about to go to the loo when another message arrives, "I've just arrived at Columbo. Could you come as quickly as possible?" Conan is about to go to the loo too when another message comes in, "Hurry and bring everybody with you." Conan and Amuro: "Alright, let's go." They leave the room Amuro: "Clearly there was somebody who didn't want the client to meet with Master Mouri...he sent the message to get the Master out of the office and then met with the client himself, pretending to be an employee at the office. As evidence of that, note the traces of the door having been forced open, there's a damp cup in the cutlery cupboard...knowing Miss Ran, I doubt that she'd put away a damp mug." Conan: "And the ash on the table has been wiped off." Amuro: "So somebody invited in the client whilst we were out and put out some tea." Ran: "But...but...why would somebody...she only came because she wanted to have a coin locker found..." Kogoro: "Maybe there's something tremendously valuable in the locker..." Amuro: "Hmm...in which case, shall we ask the person himself? It was when the Master... and then when Conan...tried to go to the toilet that..." Conan: "And there are traces of something having been dragged up to the toilet door..." Amuro: "That's right. Somebody, for some reason, grabbed the client and is still hiding inside the toilet." Suddenly there's a loud bang. Conan runs to the toilet, where they find a woman with her mouth and body bound up with tape. Beside her is a dead man pointing a gun at himself. He's sat down on the toilet seat, holding the gun in both hands, and between his knees... Conan and Amuro: "What?!" The police arrive. Megure: "Kashizuka Kei, you came here to ask Mouri to look for a coin locker but she were knocked out by a man calling himself Mouri's apprentice with a stungun. When you came to, you were bound and in the toilet..." Kashizuka: "Yes...he'd taken away my boots to stop me running away...and pulled out all of the shoestrings..." Megure: "Then Mouri came home, and this man panicked and put the gun in his own mouth and shot himself. But why did he put you in the toilet?" Kashizuka: "He was asking me over and over again where the coin locker for the key was...and that if I didn't tell him, he'd shoot me." Takagi: "Inspector! Apparently we couldn't find much trace of the shooting on her clothes..." Megure: "In which case it would be correct to assume that the man shot himself...and that she is telling the truth...Right, well, now it's time to find this coin locker and find out why this man committed suicide. Amuro and Conan silently observe the weeping Kashizuka. Done
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    I've been reading Dengeki Daisy repeatedly for the past week. xD
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    Its been so long since ive drawn a Detective Conan picture x but here is one now for you to judge x YAY! The picture
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    Well, if one was ever wondering who people were trying to appeal to for the past few movies, there ya' go. Who cares if there wasn't any action? I don't watch Detective Conan to watch action. If I want to watch an action movie, I watch freakin' Die Hard. Keep the stupid "OMG CRASH EXPLOSION OMG" crap out of Detective Conan, please. It just makes the movies look even more laughable. Frankly I APPLAUD the new direction this movie went in. If you want a film that reminded you most of the original films, you know, the GOOD ones, this would be your best bet. I'm sick of the stupid explosions, and frankly I'm glad they got them out of the way 20 minutes into the movie, because cheap action and cheap explosions bore me silly. Different strokes for different folks and all that, and you have your right to having a differing opinion, but man, I just do not see it at all.
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    Here's the link: It's not very good... I think I could have done better Oh well, you can still tell me what you think though Advice is always accepted
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    List of insignificant or random details that haven't yet been explained/resolved • Volume 1+: Kaitou & Shinichi's similarity Plot-related or not ? • Volume 20: Haibara's speech "You can't rush things... If someone tries to go against the stream of time, they'll be punished." Obviously not just another philosophical talk, there was also a deeper meaning behind it. Probably APTX-related. • Volume 29: Gin's speech When Vermouth invited Gin to have "martini" (sex) with her, Gin smiled: "Mixing black & black will only give you black..." What exactly did he mean by it ? • Volume 30: Renya Karasuma and the incident 40 years ago BO-related or not ? • Volume 37: What Vermouth said to Itakura over the phone "We can be both God and the Devil, since we're trying to raise the dead against the stream of time..." Haibara has already stated that the purpose of APTX-4869 was not to raise the dead (Vol 38 - Chap 2 - Page 8), whether you believe it or not. But if that's so, then what was Vermouth trying to indicate ? Does it have something to do with the program that Itakara was developing, which he didn't want to continue "for the sake of humanity" ? • Volume 39: The strange "cat noise" in the background that Itakura heard while talking to Vermouth This detail was the most confusing one throughout the whole series. Why did Gosho even add it to the plot ? "Cat allergy" ? Come one Gosho, you can't be serious ! It was stupid, useless, off-topic and didn't exactly explain anything... Or was it ? • Volume 41a: Vermouth's strange smile while Conan & Agasa were talking about Ai's parents From Chap 10 - Page 8. She obviously knew something that we didn't. • Volume 41b: Elena's nickname Comparing to "Mad Scientist", "Hell's Angel" sounds much stranger and is not a suitable name for a scientist. The reason why people call her that inside BO was never officially revealed. Was it because of her mysteriousness ? Her apparent nice personality ? Or was there a hidden secret that we never knew ? Does this nickname have anything to do with Vermouth, the one who's always obsessed with God, Angels and such ? • Volume 42: The unusual blank tapes in the collection that Elena recorded for Shiho The scene showed Conan listening to tape #11-#15 and saying that there were too many blank ones. He probably referred to the previous tapes (#1-#5, #6-#10). Were the tapes simply damaged or did Elena purposely record them that way ? Is it possible that somebody might have erased those parts ? • Volume 42+: "Nanatsu no ko" Any secret meaning/symbolism ? • Volume 48+: Hidemi's codename It is strange that "Kir" is just a wine-based cocktail and not a wine (like Sherry, Vermouth, Chianti...) Does Anokata have any unknown intention by code-naming her that way ? Did he know that she was a spy from the beginning ? • Volume 73+: Sera's mentioned mother Who is she ?
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    If you Google search "detective conan game online", you will find some links, which should lead to the game.
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