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  1. Finished rereading DC and am rewriting my fanfiction. Anyone still here from my time at DCW? XD

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    2. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      Yup, it'e gonna be a cold day in hell when I retire.

    3. tengaku squared

      tengaku squared

      Still hanging on, unfortunately. :P

      It's very nice to see you again!

    4. Black Demon

      Black Demon

      Hi Aeyra, long time no see!

  2. Finished rereading DC and am rewriting my fanfiction. Anyone still here from my time at DCW? XD

  3. Just finished rereading DC and am rewriting my fanfiction. Anyone still here from my time at DCW? XD

  4. Hm, I've been away for who knows how long... but just finished rereading DC and am rewriting my fanfiction. Anyone still here from my time at DCW? XD

  5. Someone cheerful, funny, and can bring my mood up. :3 They should be accepting and like me for who I am, and love my flaws, and I should be able to love them for the same things as well. (totally did not come up with that description after playing Motto Gakuensai and realizing how in love I am with Eiji's personality- *is shot*)
  6. ... someone define 'crackship' for me, because I'm having an argument with someone who says any two people who have met and talked can be considered a non-crack couple. >.> As far as I'm concerned, just because two characters have MET (this is seriously their only requirement) does not make them a couple. What do you guys think?

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    2. A L

      A L

      Yes, like ShinichixKazuha.

    3. Miss Smiles

      Miss Smiles

      Could they possibly joking and messing with you?

      Probably they find you look serious they want to know do you know them well. If they're not funny; they won't care much if someone ask

    4. Aeyra


      No, they aren't joking with me. THEY'RE FREAKING SERIOUS. The irritating part is that they're calling me a 'bad fan' and 'rude' and 'disrespectful' because I say some shippings are impossible in canon. >.>

  7. .... I've been gone for too long. When did the website look so darn fancy? O.o

    1. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      About... Two days ago :P

  8. That shooting was a nightmare... even worse... I just found out my friend goes to a high school in the same town. I'm so happy the high school wasn't targeted, but... there's nothing worse than the death of children.

  9. Aeyra

    Pokemon Showdown

    So, if you're into competitive battling, you've probably heard of Pokemon Showdown. If not, it's a website where you can competitively battle either by importing teams from Pokemon Online or Shoddy or something like that or making your team right on the website and climb up that ladder! (if your team can actually beat things, of course... don't use Charizard, just don't. XD) It has all the different tiers, such as OU (Overused), UU (Underused), LU/RU (Littleused/Rarelyused), NU (Neverused), LC (Little Cup), Ubers, and a ton of others you might not have heard of before, like Challenge Cup (Woot! Air Balloon on all the flying types! XD JK, it's just randomized Pokes with randomized movesets and randomized items with their levels edited to make it more fair. For example... beat Steel Arceus with Caterpie, I am a boss.), Random Battle (same thing as CC, just with competitive movesets), Hackmons (my favorite tier... I'll leave a long thing later), and many more. This thread is for discussing Pokemon Showdown, mainly your teams and getting tips for climbing up that ladder. The only metagame I'm really good at right now is hackmons... I'm like... #10 or #9 after a day of battling. :3 But I'm sure other people are great at OU or Ubers! (right?) Just to get the people who don't know how to competitively battle started if they're interested, here's an awesome website for all the strategies and information you will ever need about Pokemon: Smogon (unless you prefer Bulbapedia, which is less competition-orientated, but essentially has the same information without the ranting about the particular assets of the move compared to others, the good Pokes who can use it, etc.). BTW, in order to register a username on Showdown, you need to win a rated battle first. This means build a team, click that 'Find a Battle' button, and win. If you need to secure that first win, here's an almost guaranteed win against another newbie in OU: Oh, and if you're interested in joining me in hackmons... ;D Wonder Guard Spiritomb anyone? No, like, seriously. XD It's surprising how many people lack a counter to it when they're so common... >.> (or Wonder Guard Jolteon + Air Balloon) Or my awesome sweeper, No Guard Deoxys-S with Sheer Cold. Oh, what is hackmons? Take any Poke, slap on any ability you want, any moves, and full EVs in any stats! Now you can have that Wonder Guard Spiritomb you've always dreamed of! Of course, the best strategies aren't the obvious ones, and creativity is key in this tier! Run wild! (just remember- typing and base stats are all that really matter anymore.)
  10. Aeyra

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Yeah, I know what you mean. X) (except for me, it's atheism in school when people are trying to use their faiths to prove a point... >.> Particularly regarding like- homosexuality and abortion in health class...) But I think we shouldn't be afraid of something like that. We have the right to be what we are- and no one should be able to judge us by what we are but by what we do. It bothers me too. X) It's okay to get it out there- but it's okay to be uncomfortable too. While it would be ideal if no one judged... the reality is, that people do judge. That people do make the stupidest and most bigoted judgments for silly reasons. Unless it's necessary, it's okay to not bring it up. Oh Arceus, I hate when that happens. <.< Like the use of the word 'fag.' Or when people insult things as 'gay' and people who aren't even gay are made fun of with the word 'gay', which is meant as an insult, and it drives me FREAKING INSANE. Seriously? When will people get that 'fag' is as bad as (excuse my language) 'nigger' and that being gay is as much as an insult as saying someone is black or Asian- and that saying someone is what they aren't is degrading. TREATING PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED, IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND PEOPLE? And then people think you're being stupid when you make such a big deal out of it... >.> (well, not really, no one would call me stupid but my friends. XD They might think I'm crazy though, but I don't mind that... I like being thought of as crazy.) This is a new movement! This is the right side of history, join or be left behind! It's not so much as forcing people to accept it as making them understand it. There is nothing wrong with being gay, and there is no reason whatsoever to strip away peoples' rights for being gay (in like, 20+ states, it's perfectly legal to fire people for being gay. I believe this deserves a WTH?) and THERE IS NOTHING IMMORAL ABOUT IT. If it's offensive to other people... well... I'm not the best person to go to for this, because I often don't care if I insult others in matters like this. >.> <.< (which is kind of bad, because I get really emotional and tend to anger a lot of people. XD) I don't think there should be anything wrong with stating your opinion though- if it was offensive to you, you have the right to tell people that you were offended and why.
  11. Aeyra

    Secret Santa

    Hmm... wish I saw this like a week ago. XD (since I ended up not being able to do YinDragon's due to me not starting my Nuzlocke yet. >.>) Oh well! Hope everyone gets what they want and good luck to the present makers! (because time is short when you're having fun...)
  12. Does anyone have a clue which character is known as Inspektor Ishimiso in the German version of DC? Because I'm having trouble here talking to a German friend on dA. =w=

    1. Reozen


      I think Inspektor Ishimiso is Inspector Nakamori but I could be wrong I don't know much of the German version of Detective Conan.

  13. Aeyra

    Aeyra's art thread

    Yeah, Paint Tool SAI. XD I don't do traditional art.... =w= except in my school notebooks. XD The moon took the least time... draw a crappy circle, hit magic wand, fill it in with pale yellow, and use the crayon to add a few dots. X)
  14. Aeyra

    Aeyra's art thread

    that awkward moment when people call Silver a girl-he's a guy. XD It's supposed to be Kaitou Kid's card gun.... I rushed it though, so it's too hard to tell. XD
  15. Aeyra

    Aeyra's art thread

    Oh, hey, haven't been here in like- months. XD Just back because I drew Silver from PokeSpe as KID... =w= Ultra-rushed because I had one day to finish it for a contest, but good enough. XD
  16. Holy crap I just won a Wi-Fi OU tournament... on Pokemon Online... on the biggest server. O.o How the heck?!

  17. Aeyra

    DCW IRL Round 3

    *Looks like you guys didn't finish it after all. :/ I've been busy with real life (AP CHEMISTRY I'M GOING TO FREAKING-) and was hoping that this would wrap itself up while I was away... but... I guess not. And there's not much other way to end it but this. So, sorry, but I'm blowing up the building. * Aeyra slowly blinked open her heavy eyelids. The tranquilizer was enough to knock her down- she had no idea how long she'd been out, but that didn't change her duty. The mission had failed. The sentence...? Well, that was what the switch in her pocket was for. With a smile, she took it out, carefully placing her thumb on the very center of the small red button. This was the price to pay for failure- this was how to keep it all from spiraling even further out of control. "Good night," she whispered, as if she were only going to sleep, and pressed down with no hesitation. The world around her wrenched apart in flames. *Now lock the topic. XD I wish people finished it, but... this is what you're stuck with now. :/*
  18. Aeyra

    DCW IRL Round 3

    (Five more days... because you guys still seem to be on a climax.... and I don't want to be harsh in cutting you guys off. :/ But in five days, if this is not finished, I really am going to just end it by blowing everything up because that's the simplest way to do it. And you guys don't want that, so keep on writing. I know a lot of you are in Round 4, but please, make this your priority...)
  19. Thanks for all those birthday wishes yesterday! Also, concerning DCW IRL Round 3, I have no time to put an ending as it has reached its deadline. I'd highly appreciate the participants finishing.

    1. Maltavite


      Well, I'll end it. And happy birthday!

    2. vawli


      Your Welcome.

    3. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      Will do, Aeyra-han.

  20. Aeyra

    DCW IRL Round 3

    (Guys... please try to finish soon... You have like- five hours.)
  21. Aeyra

    DCW IRL Round 3

    (you guys have seven more hours! I can't lock the topic, but if it's not finished by midnight, I'll probably be forced to end it by randomly blowing everything up, just saying. XD So don't let that happen!)
  22. [This sounds very fun! Though... did you have to make it start on my birthday and about a murder that occurs on a birthday? Now I feel great. :V (especially seeing I have a Euro test and a cross country meet on my birthday. XD) JK, JK, I'll try my best to get in and participate!)]
  23. Everyone, remember, you have until tomorrow to complete DCW IRL Round 3!

  24. Aeyra

    DCW IRL Round 3

    (Looking good! Last 'official' day guys! I won't be interfering anymore- it's your story to finish! I'll only finish it if you guys aren't done by Oct. 2nd.)
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