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  1. Happy Birthday! ^.^

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday!!! ^o^

  4. Finally back from Singapore! ^.^ YAY!!



      Welcome back. .... Oh yeah you don't know who I am well I intruduces my self I'm bunny. And well I'm just looking around and I saw your porfile and it's cool so welcome back •\\|||||\\\•

  5. Thank you for the add! ^.^

  6. lol i see. so ur a couple of hours ahead :)

    well it is getting late, and if my dad catches meh, ima goner xD. so we'll have to talk later :)

    ttyl Toshiko-chan~ <33

  7. WOW!!You are still awake?! Oh,over here is Saturday 2.45pm

  8. no its friday night er- saturday morning xD

    1:36 am right now ^ ^~

    wat time is it for you?

  9. Haha!So,you've no school today?(I don't know what day it is over there.)

  10. i see :D thats cool.

    my break isnt gonna start until another three weeks :P.

    haha i wish it'd come sooner xD

  11. Well,nothing much.Now is my year end holiday.How about you?

  12. I'm fine too :D

    and lol yea its been a long time.

    been a bit busy.

    so wat have u been up to ? (has to go in 10 minutes D:)

  13. I'm fine.How about you? It's been such a long time since I talked to you!

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