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    You're welcome. A short summary of 1,086 is now out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7700958120
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    I have to say thank you for posting these, i usually dont post in the forum.
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    The current prime suspect is Rumi Wakasa, but I don't think it's that obvious.
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    Hello, in your website, I have see this books : https://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Detective_Conan_Anime_Shonen_Sunday_Comics_Visual_Selection how many episodes have been edited in comics please ? do you say if part three or more exist ? i search to know all books exists, … and this collection will be nice and complete adaptation movie in book. thanks for all. cordially, damien.
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    Of course there is no such thing as a "good reason" to commit crime, but we all know that there have been some (if not many) cases in Detective Conan that are "famous" for the culprits' motives being too unreasonable and nonsense, even for a fictional series. So which motive(s) in DC that you think are WORST ? This is my Top 5: 1. Find the Buttock's Mark (Canon) Motive: What the heck is THAT ? The first time I read this case I didn't even believe that it was the motive, thinking that there must have been something wrong with the translations. But no, there wasn't :| This one is the top on my list. And yes, this case was written by Gosho and not some random AO. 2. The Amusement Park Bungee Jumping Case (AO) Motive: WOW ! Just wow ! 3. The New York Case (Canon) Motive: What's with Gosho and the anime staff making characters kill people because of some freaking fictional characters ??? And speaking of which, here we have another one. 4. Holmes Freak Murder Case (Canon) I don't really remember the detailed motive since I read it a very long time ago. But I recall it having something to do with... 5. Disappearing Weapon Case (AO) Motive: Yup, this one is probably a "classic". The only reason it's only the 5th on my list is because that "motive" was only the direct cause that prompted her into killing the victim. Their relationship had became tense because of other reasons as well. This is also not as unreasonable and full of madness as the ones above IMO.
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    how come i didnt notice i put to research *ekem* i literally did no research whatsoever
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    Shinichi's birthday is May 4th Ran's birthday is most probably October 1th Heiji's is somewhere around June or August Kaito's is June 21st Aoko's is somewhere in September
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    Hello... So I have an enormous amount of episodes to catch up on, and I had an odd thought occur to me today. If this has already happened in the series (anime or manga) I'm hoping someone can point me that direction. It boils down to this: Is there any evidence that the Black Org has continued testing Apotoxin-4869 specifically, beyond the point where Sherry took the capsule and escaped? I was just sort of mulling this over, and a couple of possibilities occurred to me: If they HAD tested it, then if it regressed their subject to childhood, they'd know that someone who they thought they'd killed was probably still alive (Kudo Shinichi) and, by extension, Sherry. So... why didn't they come after their families and close associates? Going the other direction, if they HAVEN'T tested it, why not? It was supposed to be this useful new assassination drug, right? Of course, maybe Vermouth suppressed testing and all that, but... Anyway. I'm so behind on episodes that I've probably missed all sorts of plot developments that toss these questions right out the window, but then that's why I'm asking. Was any further testing done? Did any 'children' show up? If no testing, why not? Thanks.
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    it appears that it goes down to her knees...? its about medium length as for the question earlier about boots and dress question the dress i will not touch up on the boots, by my very lazy estimation are about 7 inches i think i literally did no research whatsoever
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    haha its fine so, you gonna ask me any more questions?
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    I’m sorry about the inappropriate things @FireStar2424
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    Don't you dare ask me about the size of her boots, I would need to do some dirty things to know that For the hosiery.... I believe they were gray.
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    This holds so much promise for the rest this year and the next.
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    The title has been revealed, as well as the release date: April 15th, 2022! Website: https://www.conan-movie.jp/ Goshō's Poster: Character Descriptions: Synopsis (Crunchyroll): Trailer: Poster: Trailer #2:
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    Apologies for the double post. Info about the preview for Movie 26 is already out there:
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    Hello @HerlockSholmes. Please try again: First login into the forum, then go to the Wiki. You should be logged in. I - for now - removed the block you mentioned. Please try again. I hope this helps. Prove your good faith. Greetings and have fun making the wiki better!
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    Very interesting, such a great reasoning work from yours! But you didn't tell much about Billy and Fusae Campbell, who was probably adopted in the Haneda family just like Shukichi! ;) And do you really think Rumi could be Vermouth in disguise? With so many karate skills, with Bourbon, and so on? ^^ And Ai who finds her reliable and harmless? Following your thoughts, could that mean Wakita is Iori's kagemusha? So that matches Ai's testimony with the three depictions (Wakita isn't feminine, but Iori is, and is probably very old in truth, and with a imposing look, and he looks like a horse actually...). I also think that guy in the car can't be the Boss, who can't show up so easily (he's supposed to have departed from this world...). But could Mr. Karasuma actually have rejuvenated into Chikara Katsumata? Oh, and about Iori concealing his true age, it's most probably true but...did you know about the Seito Sakakibara case in Japan in the 1990s? That 13/14-year-old teen who murdered and butchered young children and who hated school and police? Iori could have been 13 back then in New York. Just like Ai, he was a young prodigy...in killing. He may have already been lying about his age to get hired by Amanda Hughes and stalk her unnoticed. Once again, kudos for your theories!!
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    Your analysis of the old man looks promising. For the rest of the analysis, only time will tell I guess. Either way, the efforts need to be appreciated. The theory is interesting enough for holding my attention till the end. " This could be Gosho's strategic plan to subvert the readers' expectations by essentially flipping the script right on its head, which in my opinion shows great potential to beating the big twist of the very-beloved Vermouth arc. " I hope this turns out true.
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    File 1088-1090 Review/Discussion This case was just full of surprises and is showing in my opinion big potential for Rum arc yielding one of the most satisfying plot twists that could beat Vermouth arc's Araide twist. To start off, we had the awaited comeback of the Ooka family, but with the very much unexpected reveal that Kuroda Hyoue has ties to the retiree of the Ooka family (Momij's grandfather) (File 1088). This connection gave an implication to some kind of history between Kuroda and the former Ooka family head. This connection is already quite hintful, since we recently learned that Ooka family has ties with the rich Haneda family (File 1039-1042), and Kuroda has been hinted to have a particular interest in the Kohji case (due to him immediately thinking of that case just from seeing the "Wakasa Rumi" name and her stunt in the news) (File 987). Since the common link between Kuroda and Haneda is the Ooka, this further pushes the idea that Kuroda Hyoue could be Akai Tsutomu, who is confirmed to be a family friend of the head of the Haneda family (File 1037), Haneda Yasuharu. This could also mean that Ooka retiree is aware of Kuroda's true identity (a fellow friend of Haneda). Then, we also get more hints on Iori Muga (who I have speculated to be Rum's true identity undercover), where he showed more Rum-like features; an old habit indicating that he has monocular vision (File 1089). Iori Muga has an old habit of turning his head often every he time gets off a car. This is a very common habit among people who only see through one eye, because having monocular vision means that your peripheral vision worsens, meaning that you have to compensate for the lack of full view with turning your head often. This was among the crucial awaited hints to point to Iori having a prosthetic eye (and by extension being the one who is going around disguised as Wakita Kanenori, Rum). Finally, we have the most exciting part of this case, which is the resolution chapter, where we got a lot of context clues to Iori's history and Kuroda's relationship with him, as well as the big tease to a mysterious figure that is heavily framed to be the infamous Boss of the Black Organization. To start off, we learn that Kuroda has been aware of Iori's old habit since way back and that Iori has explained it to him in the past as it being a habit to check his surroundings for any stalkers, as well as that Iori used to go by the first name alias "Sakakibara" (Ooka Echizen reference, likely full alias: "Takewaki Sakakibara") in the past while being undercover and working with Kuroda Hyoue (File 1090). This was then followed by Conan connecting Kuroda's words of habit "inspecting" and "disinfecting" to being that of the Public Security and started suspecting that Kuroda and Iori are a part of it. This reveal, that finally not only doesn't shy away from portraying Iori Muga as a main plot character but also reveals that he at least used to work undercover with Kuroda/the Public Security, is the most exciting part of this case, as it brings so much to discuss and has exciting possibilites for the future. For starters, this confirms one of my suspicions about Iori Muga. If Iori Muga had this familiar coworker-relationship with Kuroda Hyoue in the past, it would automatically mean that Iori is older than the age he claims to be (30 years old) as the butler of Ooka family, because Kuroda Hyoue has been in a 10-year coma (File 914). If Iori Muga was working with the Public Security under Kuroda's command 10 years ago, it would mean that Iori would have been 20 years old, which is abnormally younger than the average police officer (for reference, the prodigy Furuya Rei graduated police academy at the age of 22, and that's before entering the NPA). This means that Iori Muga is definitely older than 30 years old, which confirms the last key speculation of mine, which is that Iori Muga actually has an age that is competent enough to carry out the 17-year-old murder case of Haneda Kohji. Secondly, among the biggest implications of this reveal is the fact that Iori Muga used to work undercover with Kuroda (which is heavily implied to be for the Public Security). This could be bigger than it seems, because if Iori Muga were to actually be Rum/BO, it would mean that Rum/BO had successfully infiltrated the Public Security over 10 years ago. The concept of BO members wanting to infiltrate governmental agencies was already foreshadowed properly in File 1049, when Vermouth was revealed to have been trying to impersonate Akai Tsutomu in order to infiltrate the MI6. If Rum had infiltrated the security police this long ago, then it's very likely that Rum was the one who ordered Vermouth to infiltrate the MI6 in the first place, in order to gain inside-intel on how much they know about the organization. This Iori Muga development could potentially be Gosho's setup to revealing what lead to the mysterious incident that put Kuroda Hyoue, a seemingly high-positioned NPA agent, in a coma. After getting close to Kuroda Hyoue, Muga could have learned of how much of a threat Kuroda is to the Black Organization and executed an order to eliminate him. This could be were Kuroda's and Wakasa's history comes into play. Wakasa (who I suspect to be Vermouth in disguise), who showed a big reaction to Kuroda's sudden appearance in burning tent case (File 988), could have been the one who Rum ordered to assassinate him in an orchestrated accident, which ultimately lead to Kuroda surviving but not posing a threat to the BO further. This would explain Wakasa's sinister behavior of trying to fish out information from Kuroda on why he is interested in her and how much he knows. The next panels of this scene however arguably reveals the biggest indication on how dangerous this situation is. Kuroda Hyoue reveals that he has heard about Iori meeting Amuro and Iori essentially reveals that he has learned that Amuro, who he directly met during his own introduction (File 981), is a promising NPA agent that is restrained by his past. This setup might have huge and dangerous implications, because if Iori Muga really is the main antagonist of this arc, then this would mean that he is now aware of that one of his subordinates (Bourbon) is a NOC for the NPA. This would mean that moving forward, Rum will have the power to directly destroy Rei's infiltration mission. However, if Rum were to act now on this powerful information, it could tip off Kuroda, who just now learned that someone outside of the "inner circle" knows about Rei's undercover mission, so perhaps this could be how Gosho could delay any immediate threat towards Bourbon's life. This however just further pushes forward the notion that we are gearing up for Rum arc's climax and that Gosho might start giving us continuous main plot progression in the upcoming cases. Finally... the most controversial cliffhanger scene takes place, where a mysterious old man, that is shadowed out and using a respirator, is revealed to be driving by all of them, showing very much intended similarities to the infamous Boss of the black organization (Karasuma Renya) and who is showing negative opinions on the police. This old man, who majority are speculating to be Karasuma Renya, is in my opinion a very on-brand red-herring/mislead of Gosho's to make the reader believe it's the main antagonist of this whole series. This old man has very stereotypical features and elements to him that signals the reader that this could be the boss, like for example that he is driving a retro car like Gin, using a respirator for life support (which is what people would imagine for an old man who is 140+ years old and is supposed to be dead) and who is showing a bad opinion about the police (the "good guys"). This is however done without any explicit evidence to that he really is BO-affiliated. This is a classic Gosho mystery-writing move, where he frames characters strategically to seem one way without definite evidence for the sake of his iconic twists. I think that the timing of this tease rather suggests that it could be one other powerful/rich figure that was active and teased in the previous Ooka/Heiji case and who has good reason to dislike the police, Haneda Yasuharu (Kohji's father). Haneda Kohji was revealed in the previous Ooka/Heiji case (File 1042) to be the son of a very rich/powerful family. This is just in time to fit with this mysterious rich old man. We also know that Haneda Yasuharu was revealed to have asked for his friend Akai Tsutomu's help in order to solve the murder of his son (File 1037), which indirectly reveals that he didn't find the police competent enough to handle his son's case. This perfectly fits with the mysterious old man's negative opinions on the police, who failed to solve his son's murder. Now, here comes an exciting prospect to this setup. For Gosho to use Haneda Yasuharu as a mislead of being the Boss of the BO ("Bad guy"), it would mean that he is planning for the twist that he is actually a "good guy". However, that framing alone doesn't seem complete when you consider his writing of previous overarching mysteries. Gosho usually uses his framed characters in pairs of "framed good" vs "framed bad". Examples: Vermouth arc: Jodie, Akai, James (framed as a "bad guy") vs Araide (framed as a "good guy") Bourbon arc: Subaru, Masumi (framed as a "bad guy") vs Scarred Akai, Amuro (framed as a "good guy") So, what immediately comes to mind is that what Gosho is actually setting up with the mysterious old man is for him to be the "bad guy" to someone he is very clearly trying to portray as the "good guy" in this chapter, Iori Muga. I have speculated that Rum (as Iori Muga) is actually trying stay close to the Haneda family, and by extension Haneda Yasuharu, through the Ooka family in order to monitor their activities partaining to his crime 17 years ago, especially due to Haneda Kohji case info being uploaded online constantly. This portrayal of the old man, who most likely is Haneda Yasuharu, just fits like a glove with this new portrayal of Iori Muga, since we could see them framed as each other's enemies. So, when compared with the examples mentioned above, this time it could be: Rum arc: Mysterious old man (framed as a "bad guy") vs Iori Muga (framed as a "good guy"). This could be Gosho's strategic plan to subvert the readers' expectations by essentially flipping the script right on its head, which in my opinion shows great potential to beating the big twist of the very-beloved Vermouth arc. Overall, this case just set the bar high for what Rum arc could give us in its climax, and I have never been more excited for the future of Detective Conan.
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    Apologies for the double post. 1,090 spoilers now out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7754818313 1,091 will release in SS #20—we can expect 1,091 spoilers in mid-April.
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    Spoilers for 1,088 should be out in about two weeks (February 25th).
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    Is there another break after the last file of this case?
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    Why don't you appoint some new moderators? I am sure there are regular posters here that would be happy to take up that work. I am asking because new members like me won't have to wait for our messages to be moderated. That kills any intention of discussion if there was any. Waiting for two full days now. I wanted to PM this to the mods, but felt that would be too ironic. Hehe.
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    I know I'm not a chief editor (or something like it) for the Wiki, but I thought I'd start this thread where everyone can come in and suggest this or that for the wiki. For example, I was wondering if there should be more character bios added and those that have little-to-no details be revised. I.E. start a page for Hagiwara (Matsuda's old partner), work on Andre Camel's bio page etc...
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    By complete chance I found myself watching "Blue Valentine" on Valentine's Day and even though it's been over a month since I watched it, just thinking back to that movie fucks me up so bad..
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    So, right now I have an unhealthy obsession with Hattori Heiji. discordiansamba on AO3 (think they're on fanfic as well) has a good selection of fic about the Osakan detective that's only augmented my favor. I haven't read through all of their fic, but I'll gladly rec what I have. discordiansamba (if you're on here) if you want me to take this down for any reason I will (I like your fic a lot U^U) (if anyone thinks any of what I've written needs to be put under spoilers, please tell me!) Okay, first up. Blood and Snow. Basically, it's canon divergent (some time around 2012 I think). Heiji, who is, of course, a skeptic, is forced to face the facts that there are things in the world that can't really be explained away. In other words, vampires. This fic is so good you guys. I was leery to start this--mostly bc I don't really like vampire stories all that much. But it's written so well. It's completed, with 20 chapters and an ongoing sequel, Bloodsport. Both stories have blended casefic into supernatural-esque fic so good! Speaking of fic that does casefic/supernatural blending perfectly (Don't) Believe What You Know does it so well. It diverges after the Nue arc. Basically, it's Conan who has to let go of his skeptical views for Heiji's sake. Because Heiji is constantly knee-deep in supernatural cases for a very good reason. Honestly, watching Cone investigate Heiji is so great and I just love this story so much and you should go read it this instant. It's up to date and ongoing. I'm in the middle of reading Twist of Fate , which basically takes the premise of Detective Conan, and switches Conan with Heiji. So far, it's pretty great. I'm not caught up on all the chapters, but I'm liking it. It's up to date and ongoing as well. All of the above fic have canon pairings. And I'm reccing one last fic from this author (although honestly, there's more that look good that you should check out as well--I just haven't got there yet). By the Moon's Light is a fantasy AU. It's not Heiji-centric like the other ones I recced--more of an ensemble piece, but this author is so freaking good so go read this anyway. I'm just going to post the summary, because a) it's only 5 chapters in so I don't know where the story's completely going yet, and b ) I wouldn't be able to do it justice-- When her kingdom's royal treasure is whisked away by a mysterious thief in white, Princess Suzuki Sonoko sets out to reclaim it- and maybe capture the handsome thief's heart while she's at it. What starts out as a simple quest driven by a maiden's heart soon involves countless people, dangerous curses, ancient witches, and a long hidden truth waiting to be revealed. It's mostly canon pairings, with the exception being Sonoko/Sera (which is such a good--and too rare--pairing that I don't even care :3). Honestly, the people in this fandom are so creative and smart:))
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    Well, this is another turning point in what passes for my existence here, namely the last one. From the time I was briefly active here (minus the previous years lurking, and the multiple years of hiatus in between, I have basically decided to hang it up. It's a bit of a polarized decision, given the fact that most of my activity was actually spent at the neighboring DCTP (which I'm most likely leaving as well) my having still made a few acquaintances here, given that my RL is even more miserable, it's actually just as frustrating staying. A number of factors have added up to this, and ultimately, it seems this is simply another chapter in my life I must bring to a close. I thank those here who were supportive and I thank those who I was able to engage in some interesting dialogues with. US
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    One of the users in the cBox referenced a theory someone had that she's possibly his daughter because her seiyuu also did the voice of the dictator's daughter in Gundam, however, if that's true, I wish Gosho would frigging stop it because in my opinion, the Gundam thing is getting old. It's gone from a reference to a full on ripoff.
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    These are certainly very virtuous traits, but they're also very generic. A decent portion of the non-murdering characters in the series fulfill these criteria to some extent or another, and there's nothing that really sets Ran apart. As for her stupidity and maturity - like I said, she's neither stupid nor immature because both of those qualities are constantly adjustable in her case. You seem to bring personal attachment up a lot, but just as you are attached to Ran or childhood friendships, so might others be attached to Ai or troubled pasts. Your love for a character is irrelevant in a discussion regarding the character's merits within the series. Do you really think it's adequate to compare the separation of ones parents to being born into a criminal lifestyle, orphaned at a young age, recruited into a criminal syndicate before you even hit puberty, and forced to work for your sister's killers under the threat of death? There are plenty of examples - on nepotism, on identity and belonging, on emotions, on appearances - but you could just her DCW Wiki page. I never implied any intrinsic purpose, I merely described Ran's roles in there series. The idea that any sort of fictional character yields any intrinsic purpose is inherently flawed, as the state of inherence denotes natural designation - something that this work decidedly lacks. You argument of intention is irrelevant, as it doesn't change the fact of significance itself. That said, while your views do sound like the antithesis of Barthes' stance, I don't think they hold any ground here, as the principle just doesn't apply - it focuses on the interpretation of subtext, not plot relevance. I don't think there's any way you could really doubt the existence of these values. Essence is realized in the discrepancy between the claims, actions, and thoughts of characters, presenting itself in the intellectual and emotional purity of a character. Necessity can be measured in the number of unique connections a character's presence within the story creates between otherwise independent entities. Finally, significance can be viewed as the number, eccentricity, and complexity of a character's intellectual/emotional contributions to the story. As I mentioned above, there are plenty of examples - on nepotism, on identity and belonging, on emotions, on appearances. Check her DCW Wiki page for more. There are countless instances of Ai solving cases before Shinichi, often demonstrating a deeper understanding of the culprit's thoughts and intentions in the process. She also yields far greater knowledge over a broad range of subjects, and tends to put far more thought into matters that require serious contemplation. The core issue underlying the organized measurement of intellect in real life is a result of the various variables in play - be it personal philosophy, education, organizational difficulty, upbringing, or local culture. These factors are either not present or not as prevalent in a work of fiction, which makes it much easier to measure established competence and/or intelligence. As for Ran - see my reply to Hobgoblin. Ran is only ever as intelligent/mature as the situation demands. Her personality is generic and her mental faculties aren't consistent. She's not a persona, she's a plot device.
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    Are you seriously trying to argue that a character shouldn't be killed off on the basis that their real-life counterpart wouldn't want it to happen? C'mon, man. I don't think people believe that. It's simply that when investing time into a story, folks tend to seek immersion - we read and watch fictional works because we want to relate to the characters and live out their adventures along side them. This is hard to do when the work itself lacks realism or authenticity. When characters are virtually invincible and any harm that might come to them is understood to be an arbitrary illusion for the sake of a spiel, the actions taken to both avoid and inflict said harm lose their meaning. If your characters continuously escape any and all threats posed to them, then said threats will eventually lose their power to captivate the audience, and once that happens, the story is robbed of its emotional impact. It doesn't matter how high the stakes are raised, because in the end, the hero always wins, and nothing of value is lost. That's why folks like tragedies - rather than present an emotional constant, tragedies offer characters whose survival/happiness is not guaranteed, and whose actions matter, which in turn means that the audience is invested in everything that happens. You're not just observing the plot, you're experiencing it. To say that an author lacks creativity for creating an actual story rather than a narrative stasis is delusional. Just to make this clear, you're degrading the work of the likes of Homer, Dante, Saavedra, Doyle, Harris - hell, just about any famous author. Claiming that tragedies are solely about destruction is contradicting the very nature of such works. Tragedies aren't just about death and decrepitude - they're about the creation of beauty, the sacrifice of the established, and the celebration of the flawed. Hamlet might have been a tragic story, but in the end it was an examination of the futility of vengeance and rage. The Odyssey might have told of a thousand deaths, but its purpose was the celebration of Odysseus' journey and the bonds that carried him through it all. You are oversimplifying and defiling one of mankind's greatest artistic achievements, and sloppily at that.
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    Dear Anonymous, I love you. Signed, me.
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    This is a rather complex question to answer. At the beginning of the series, Shinichi was evidently desperate to regain his normal form (for example, he fell asleep in class, and frequently asked Dr. Agasa about the men in Black). In fact, during the first two occasions when he regained his normal form, he planned to leave his childhood alter ego behind for good (which, as we all know, didn't happen). However, over time, Shinichi realized that he was going to be in his child form for a long time, so he gradually adapted to his situation, even going as far as acting like a little kid nearly flawlessly. However, there are still some occasions where he wished he were back to normal (for example, episodes 242 and 246). Like most other people, I do believe that Shinichi will regain his normal form for good by the time the series concludes, but the producers have purposely delayed letting it happen to avoid taking the air out of the series. In the unlikely event that Shinichi cannot regain his normal form for good, I think what he would do is simply disclose his true self to everyone after the Black Organization is taken down. I am currently writing a fanfic on how this could hypothetically happen - by the time I upload it, it will be more than 20 pages long, so be patient.
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