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  1. DCTP has released File 830 in English! Some midnight thoughts... -I thought this part was priceless: -How Conan is able to deduce THAT MUCH is beyond me (e.g. what Kid wrote in the note stuck under Jirokichi's foot). -After reading File 829, it was quite obvious that Kaito Kid was disguised as Sera. I was waiting for a Sonoko comment about the body check she unknowingly did on Kaito Kid, but it never came. -I'm still waiting for a legitimate confrontation between Sera and Okiya/Akai (so many hints have been dropped about their brother/sister relationship, yet an actual confirmation hasn't been established). -And last but not least, a Heiji case in the next file! 44 consecutive files is by far the longest reign of non-Heiji cases.
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I can't believe it's been a year since I posted this drawing: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/2210-ajs-art-thread/page__view__findpost__p__165537

  3. Thank you very much!

  4. Thanks! And welcome to DCW. :)

  5. AJ M.


    It's been quite some time, but here's another fandub voiced by Misaki-chan and I! Stranger in 10 Years Fandub: Enjoy! :mrgreen:
  6. I've been a DCW member for exactly 1 year and 5 days. Man does time fly.

  7. AJ M.

    Both lol. I was born and raised in the good ol' US of A. :P

  8. AJ M.

    I'm also filipino (but I don't speak tagalog, in case you were gonna ask lol). And yes, you may call me AJ.

  9. What if Vermouth had shown Amuro the newspaper article (rather than Amuro discovering it on his own) in order to give him a reason to protect Conan, Ran, and Kogoro? I ask this because if he did in fact notice Conan and co. in the background of the picture prior to his agreement with Vermouth, wouldn't he have investigated these "acquaintances" of Akemi a way long time ago? For what reason would he have to wait until now to meet up with these three? That's why I bring up the possibility that he had recently discovered the article from Vermouth. Nevertheless, I am constantly impressed by your new discoveries and theories.
  10. I saw anime-ted Amuro for the first time. Though, I pictured him with a more Heiji complexion. :Phttp://i1105.photobucket.com/albums/h355/ajkun4869/AmuroTooru.jpg

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      HE'S ALOT HOTTER I mean better in the manga. </3

    4. Sakila


      Yeah....I thought he'd have more of a Heiji tone....Hmm.. Oh well. Like Miss Erru said, he's still has his fangirls.

  11. Back from the Golden State! Now it's time to catch up on all things Conan \o/

  12. I just posted my somewhat complete deduction of the latest manga file.

  13. Here’s my (incomplete) deduction of the case: It could either be really close to the point or way off the mark. And sorry for double posting...
  14. I could see the possibility of dry ice being used to preserve the ice cream cake. If the culprit noticed it hasn't been eaten yet, he/she would want to create an excuse as to why the victim hasn't taken a bite: the ice cream cake melted. And in order to melt the cake, the culprit would have to get rid of the dry ice by placing it in the vase and by turning off the AC. But I don't think turning off the AC was used necessarily to sublimate the dry ice in the vase. Maybe the culprit used water to speed up the process of sublimation, which would explain the presence of water in the vase. And I initially thought the key could be hidden under the grip tape, but I think we have to take the word of the investigators when they say: "We checked everyone's rackets but we couldn't find anything like a key anywhere." The only reasonable place for investigators to search for a key on a racket is under the grip tape. Honestly, if I was the culprit, I would either drop it down the drain in the bathtub or flush it down the toilet. That way, if investigators somehow find the key, I would say it could have been accidentally dropped by someone. My fingerprints would also be washed away by the constant water drainage which would be a bonus. But that's just me... I think I might have to look over the chapter several more times.
  15. Sera and Shuichi has a little sister?! Lol just kidding. Nice to meet you.

  16. Here, I'll give you a hint. It's a essentially a spin-off of the Level 5 code.

  17. Hey, Natake! I'm currently working on a new code. :P

  18. DCTP has just released File 825 in English! \o/ Some 4am thoughts: -So I'm pretty much in love with this case already (solely due to the fact that my tennis idol, Rafael Nadal, was being referenced). Speaking of which, I am officially an Amuro fan now just because he's a tennis pro. -Amuro mentions an ol' friend of his who apparently taught him how to pick locks (another Date reference perhaps?). -Since the AC hasn't been working properly for some time, was ice used in the murder trick? Maybe the culprit wanted to speed up the process of rigor mortis to build up an alibi? But whatever the case is, I hope the ice cream cake that Ishiguri was going to eat hasn't melted. :/ -I'm still a little suspicious about the disappearing headband. You would think that Takanashi would still be wearing it since he intended to play tennis again. And the weird band-like marking on Umejima's forehead before Ishiguri went to his room is still weird to me. -As for the crime scene, there are several unusual things about it. First, if the vase were to fall from the shelf onto Ishiguri's head, it would be unusual for the body to be positioned flat on the floor facing up (and his arms were oddly positioned as well). Second, the tennis racket under the corpse's body may play a role in the murder trick, but it could also prove that Ishiguri had already fallen on top of the racket before the loud sound was made. Third, why is the victim missing his right slipper? This might not have anything to do with the case but it strikes me as odd...
  19. Sorry, my inbox was full so I had to empty it. But you can PM the answer now.

  20. No one has figured out the answer to my Level 6 Code in my signature yet... Anyone up for the challenge?

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      Rukia Kurosaki

      Took 18 minutes... so sloooow~ T_T

    4. Kaito Natake

      Kaito Natake

      I'd like to try a level 1 code...


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