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  2. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    Who's better off with Shinichi? Haibara Ai or Ran??

    I agree with everyone that says Ran and Shinichi make a REALLY good couple, but the ConAi fans have a good point too. Shinichi could feasibly go with either of them, but I'm still leaning towards the ShinRan fans. Haibara is too solitary and aloof for him, and Ran is Shinichi's best friend, who's been with him since childhood and helped him a lot (plus, they live together). However, if Conan never turns back into Shinichi (which would totally ruin the story for me) then I can seriously imagine him with Haibara.
  3. Ran Mouri and Shinichi


    I think that he had one cellphone up until Episode 400 and then started using 2 because Ran was getting suspicious. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I saw him with two cellphones several times but I don't know which episodes or manga files they were in.
  4. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    Ai x Mitsuhiko

    There is less proof for Ai not liking Mitsuhiko than for Conan not liking Ai. When Ai sprained her ankle in the woods in the ep. Mushrooms, Bears, and the Detective Boys, Mitsuhiko helped her walk and bandaged her ankle. She complimented him sincerely, even calling him her "outstanding rescuer". It might have been to make him feel better, but Ai has never complimented a little kid like that before. On the other hand, Conan is too busy thinking about Ran to like Haibara more than a very good friend. I guess it depends on whether or not Haibara decides to take APTX4869. If she doesn't, then 10-20 years later, Mitsuhiko will be more mature and they would be almost compatible.
  5. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    where do you buy detective conan manga?

    You can't read it for free on the internet anymore because it got licensed. In fact, onemanga.com removed all of its scanlations recently, so you can't read anything on it anymore. I also tried mangafox.com, but you can't read DC there either.
  6. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    After the end of the Black Organization

    I want Detective Conan to end and have them defeat the B.O. so that we all know what happens, but for the series to continue as Detective Shinichi, so that we can keep watching him solve cases.
  7. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    After the end of the Black Organization

    I don't think that they would be able to employ Conan. He would escape the moment their backs were turned, and then they would have to look for him all over again. No offense, I agree that if Conan was forced to work for them, they would gain a huge advantage, but I just can't imagine Conan helping the B.O.
  8. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    Online Conan Game

    I agree that the art isn't very good in the second one, and the first game kept freezing when I played it, too. However, I couldn't find any mention of online Conan games on this site, so I added this post. I'm going to remove the links from my post. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  9. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    Online Conan Game

    If you Google search "detective conan game online", you will find some links, which should lead to the game.
  10. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    Conan's identity

    In the detective conan TV special, Lupin 3 vs. Conan, it shows that Lupin 3 and his accomplices learned Conan's identity. Kaitou Kid has known Conan's identity since the end of movie 3, The Last Wizard of the Century, because he shows up disguised as Shinichi at the moment Conan was about to reveal his identity. Later, he asks Conan why he (kid) would help his enemy with his (conan) own problem, implying that he knew his identity.
  11. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    Online Conan Game

    I think that there are two online detective conan games, in addition to the ones for video game consoles. The first one is a game where you enter the Cluedo House and search for clues related to the case five years ago, and the second one is a case where you try to solve the mystery behind a girl searching for a man who she met six months ago. I tried both of them online. The first game had some glitches and began freezing in the middle of the game, but the second game was fine.
  12. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    I wish that would happen

    I want someone to figure out that Conan is Shinichi. Possibly Ran, one of the Detective Boys, Inspector Meguire, or someone else close to him. That would really change the plot. However, I wouldn't want them to tell everyone about it. I'm hoping that the B.O. will figure out that Conan is Shinichi by themselves. Also, I hope that Akai Shuichi is still alive. I don't have any idea if the guy with a burn scar is really him, but I think that if he was still alive, he would go into hiding. Akai's too smart to go walking around on the streets when the B.O. belives that he's dead. I wonder what the CIA agent meant when she said that she was "glad it had worked out so well" right before killing Akai. I'm hoping that it referred to a plan between her and Akai to fake his death.
  13. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    After the end of the Black Organization

    That's a nice ending, too, although it's kinda sad. Your ending gave me another idea. Maybe Conan/Shinichi will appear to die and take the boss of the organization with him, then somehow return unscathed days/weeks later at another case. After all, Holmes had a near-death experience while trying to deafeat a villain, too.
  14. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    Flaws, contradictions, and plotholes in Detective Conan

    Nobody ever seems to age! They have solved over 500 cases, yet Conan is still in grade one. Unless they fit multiple cases into one day, which I don't think they did, it's impossible for all that to take place in one year. I guess that it's better this way though, with Conan and the others staying the same age. If Conan became as old as or older than Shinichi was originally (like OVA 9 but for real) and they still haven't found a cure, then the story would get complicated. If the characters aged with the anime, then Conan would be about 20 by now, even older than Shinichi was.
  15. Ran Mouri and Shinichi

    Conan, bringer of bad luck

    I think that Conan and murder cases attract each other. I wouldn't want to hang out around him, but as the audience, it's fun to watch him unravel the murderer's scheme.