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  1. Finally back from Singapore! ^.^ YAY!!



      Welcome back. .... Oh yeah you don't know who I am well I intruduces my self I'm bunny. And well I'm just looking around and I saw your porfile and it's cool so welcome back •\\|||||\\\•

  2. Thank you for the add! ^.^

  3. WOW!!You are still awake?! Oh,over here is Saturday 2.45pm

  4. Haha!So,you've no school today?(I don't know what day it is over there.)

  5. Well,nothing much.Now is my year end holiday.How about you?

  6. I'm fine.How about you? It's been such a long time since I talked to you!

  7. Yaho! It's okay! Ahh! I'm gonna be late for my violin class! >.< Haha XD!

  8. OK t-care! *hugs* bye!

  9. No no, mine isn't so bad that I need to be in the hospital..haha XD

  10. Eh..my mum has iron deficiency so she had to be admitted and I had to look after her.. ^.^

  11. Nothing much.I was in the hospital the whole day....

  12. Hello Rose-chan! ^.^

  13. Never mind.. ^.^ hey,anything interesting happen today?? O.o

  14. Ehh??!! You don't want? *SOB SOB* :( *crying*

  15. Ehh?! *SIGH* Haizz I'm bored. Entertain me! >.<

  16. do you have any romance anime to recommend to me? I'm kinda bored now since I just finish eating.. ^.^

  17. how about you? Watcha doing? O.o

  18. Nothing much. Just eating.. heh heh.

  19. Ok,still surviving..How about you?

  20. Emiko-chan! How are you? >.<

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