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(File 840 - The Serial Killer's Plan)
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=== File 840 - The Serial Killer's Plan ===
=== File 840 - The Serial Killer's Plan ===
The culprit is '''Jouhei Hagawa'''. Yoko is actually Hakuya daughter.
The culprit is '''Jouhei Hagawa'''. Youko Hinohara is actually Hakuya's daughter.

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Volume 80

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Release date:
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Aoyama's death & Conan side images
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Vampire's Mansion

File 840 - The Serial Killer's Plan


Delivery Service

File 841 - Undelivered Goods

File 842 - A Cat's Home Delivery Service

File 843 - A Parcel for Kudo-samakata


Our Territory

File 844 - Today's Fruits

File 845 - Our Territory

File 846 - The Magic Lock


Yumi's Love Story

File 847 - Until It Is a Complete 7

Naeko's friend called Naeko that someone is dead inside the apartment and Yumi met the apartment resident named Shukichi Haneda who was her boyfriend and revealed that to the Detective Boys and Yumi looking at him with a not-him-again face.

File 848 - Prepare For One

File 849 - ???


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