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だけどまだ いつまで変わらない
だけどまだ いつまで変わらない
Secret of my heart Our future is forever  
Secret of my heart Our future is forever  
| english-dub =
Starlit night above the roof tops
I sit and think, what words could show you how I feel?
Our happy times, were they real? So I wonder
Shooting star falls as it to tell
A happy end will come because your by my side
Always a smile, but all the while, there's still one thing inside, that I cannot tell you
Secret of my heart, when can I ever start?
Never any doubt, knowing how someday I'll say I love you
It will shine on through, my love will shine out true
Give a little time, I'm looking for a sign, you know I'm waiting for my chance
So quiet now, winds whisper true to me
I feel a need, to scream out loud these things I feel
Celebrate this love I can't reveal, I can't show you
So here we are, together once again
You seem to walk this little distance from my side
Your face, it seems so sad, I wonder what you hide? I wanna be close to you
Secret of my heart can you understand those parts?
Hidden far away, in a place I run to, doesn't everyone?
In my heart I know I must let our love grow
I can't say why, I know that I must find a way to call out for my chance
Can I tell the truth? No words come to my mind
They escape from my lips to the clouds above
Feeling in my heart, I can't hide, I can't hide anymore, cause I love you
I will be with you Wherever you are Can you feel my heart?
Can't you see you're in my heart? But things may break apart
Maybe one day, it's difficult to say how long two hearts can beat as one
But I know all the same no change will come unless I play the game
I just wanna say, I think I might be ready, baby
Can't you see you're in my dreams? I can't lose you baby, see?
Everytime we meet, everytime we're near boy, gives all meaning to my life
Baby don't get down, someday I will come around
Secret of my heart Our future is forever

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Closing 9

Mai Kuraki - Secret of my heart.jpg

Original title: Secret of my heart
Artist: Mai Kuraki
Episodes: 180~204
Official Video (Short Version)
CD Info
Release date: April 26, 2000
CDs: 1
Tracks: 4
Original Cost: 1,260円
CD Number: GZCA-1030
Record Label: GIZA studio
Oricon chart peak: #2 (Weekly)
#2 (Monthly)
#9 (First Half Year)
#16 (Yearly)
Prev song: « Free Magic
Next song: Natsu no Maboroshi »
List of songs

Secret of my heart is a single by J-pop singer Mai Kuraki that was released on April 26, 2000. The titular song is the 9th closing of the anime. The song peaked at number two on the weekly charts, and #16 on the yearly charts.

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English version[edit]

On January 10, 2002, Kuraki released an album in the USA titled "Secret of my heart," under the name "Mai-K." As the title implies, "Secret of my heart" was included in the album, although this version of the song was recorded in English.

Song info[edit]

Chart placement[edit]

  • #2 (Weekly)
  • #2 (Monthly)
  • #9 (First Half Year)
  • #16 (Yearly)


A photo of Shinichi and Ran ice skating
Ran's singing the lyrics "Secret of my heart utagattemo nai ne"
Shinichi and Ran
A photo of Ran and Conan

CD info[edit]

CD track listing[edit]

# Song Title Romaji Translation Length
1 Secret of my heart Secret of my heart Secret of my heart 4:27
2 This is your life This is your life This is your life 4:11
3 Secret of my heart
(runnin' around at the "Village" Mix)
Secret of my heart
(runnin' around at the "Village" Mix)
Secret of my heart
(runnin' around at the "Village" Mix)
4 Secret of my heart(instrumental) Secret of my heart (instrumental) Secret of my heart (instrumental) 4:25





  • In the combined popularity poll for openings and endings, hosted by YTV in honor of the 1000th episode, this ending ranked 2nd.[1]


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  • Lyrics
  1. Japanese, English and Romaji lyrics from Gendou's Anime Music: Secret of my heart. Retrieved on September 3, 2011.

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