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Featured article

End credits of movie 21, dedicated to the late screenplay writer.

Kazunari Kouchi (古内 一成 Kouchi Kazunari?, January 18, 1956 - July 18, 2016) is a Japanese screenplay writer. He is best known for his work on episodes of the anime Detective Conan, and for writing and producing most of the movies released before his retirement in 2014.

Kouchi began to serve as screenwriter for Detective Conan after Hiroshi Kashiwabara's invitation, who did the manga adaptation of the first Detective Conan episode, Roller Coaster Murder Case . His contributions towards the Detective Conan anime is tremendous. Which he was behind the screenplay of several TV specials, manga adaptions, movies, OVAs, magic files, and short stories. His most notable scenarios include the 14 movies he wrote, and the highly acclaimed cases The Truth Behind the Car Explosion Case and The Invisible Weapon, Ran's First Investigation, as well as the anime adaptation of Clash of Red and Black.

On July 18, 2016, he died of pancreatic cancer. Discover the legacy of one of the most renowned writers behind the Detective Conan anime...

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Featured song

EP cover showing "news".

The Eternal Alibi (永遠の不在証明 Eien no Fuzai Shōmei?) is a single written and composed by Ringo Sheena, founder and lead vocalist of Tokyo Jihen, the performer of the song. It was released on April 8, 2020 as part of their EP News and was destined as the theme song of Movie 24: The Scarlet Bullet. The movie release was postponed until April 16, 2021 during Golden Week, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The song was then released digitally on April 9, 2021. The song peaked at #2 Weekly on the Oricon Chart.

The song was released after an almost 8-year hiatus of the band and was widely well received by media and Conan fans.


Recently featured: Ai no Scenario - Time after time ~Hana Mau Machi de~

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  • The 57th Detective Conan opening is now being used in the anime. It is sung by WANDS and is titled "RAISE INSIGHT".
  • The 69th Detective Conan closing is now being used in the anime. It is sung by Rainy。 and is titled "…and Rescue Me".

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