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Featured songs are special mini-articles that get displayed on the Main Page to highlight songs from the series.

Adding a featured song[edit]

Step 1: Create featured song with current date[edit]

The new article needs to be within the "Detective Conan Wiki" project and formatted as follows:

  • Detective Conan Wiki:Featured song/Month date, year

For example:

Step 2: Make it live![edit]

Edit Detective Conan Wiki:Featured song and change the redirect to your newly created page (e.g. Detective Conan Wiki:Featured song/January 18, 2011).

Step 3: Update the archive list[edit]

Go to the archive page of the featured song's year. For example, if the song is being created at some date in January 2011, go to Detective Conan Wiki:Featured songs/2011 and add the article to the list.

List by year[edit]

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