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First volume cover.

Hanzawa-san the Criminal (犯人の犯沢さん, Hannin no Hanzawa-san) is a Spinoff Manga to Detective Conan featuring the black-silhouetted "criminal" that appears in Detective Conan chapters to represent the mystery culprits, drawn by Kanba Mayuko. It is being serialized in Shogakukan's Monthly Super Shōnen Sunday first Volume released in December 2017.



Main Characters

Picture Name English Name Role
Hanzawa-san 60px.jpg Hanzawa-san N/A Main Character
Conan Edogawa 60px.jpg Conan Edogawa N/A Regular background appearance.

Guest Appearance

Picture Name English Name Role
Rei Furuya 60px.jpg Rei Furuya
Tooru Amuro
N/A Apprehends another Criminal with fellow NPA officers.
Azusa Enomoto 60px.jpg Azusa Enomoto N/A Morning Exercise participant.
Kogoro Mouri 60px.jpg Kogoro Mouri N/A Background


Volume 1-10


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Hanzawa the Criminal
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