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DCMap and Google Map[edit]

Hello Maurice! I was looking at the setting page and noticed that I guess since the wiki upgrade the two extensions, the map of Japan and the map of Beika, aren't working correctly anymore. Could you take a look at the coding if you have some spare time? Thank you! :) --Skyechan (talk) 05:05, 9 March 2013 (PST)

Long Time no see.[edit]

Hey Maurice, remember me? I decided to go back to this wiki because I missed it so much!!!! Anyways, I was thinking, should we have like a Featured Article Template on the Featured articles like in other wikis. What do you think? Thanks --Nyan Cat.gifconanshinichi 11:36, 1 April 2013 (PDT)


How did you created this wiki? --Semo4499 (talk) 13:04, 25 June 2013 (PDT)

I don't know how to use it it is complicated --Semo4499 (talk) 20:57, 1 July 2013 (PDT)

Thumbnail error?[edit]

Hello Maurice! I noticed that the newly uploaded images do not display correctly on pages. The image thumbnails weren't created and there's only one grey box with the following message:

Error creating thumbnail: sh: /usr/bin/convert: No such file or directory

This only happened to the new images, all of the old ones seem to be displaying fine. It's probably just me though, since I don't know if other users also encountered this problem. I tried clearing the cache, switching to different browsers but it didn't work. Can you look into it? --- BLACK DEMON | Reply 22:32, 28 October 2013 (EDT)

It's not just you. Chekhov MacGuffin talk 23:04, 28 October 2013 (EDT)


Hi Maurice, after a long time, I managed to get logged in into my account again. I just wanted to inform you, that the german DetektivConan-Wiki changed its URL a while ago. Now, you can find us at It would be perfect, if you could change the interwiki links to our wiki to the new URL. For Example: When I'm at Ai Haibara and I want to go to the german wiki, the URL I get to is, but it should now be Thank you! :) Philipp S. (talk) 20:55, 11 March 2015 (CET)


Can we create an arabic version for the wiki of this website? ^_^--Semo44991 (talk) 23:04, 24 March 2015 (CET)

Extensions not working anymore[edit]


It seems that the googlemap and dcmap extensions on the Setting page aren't working anymore. Since the same problem has apparently appeared two years ago (mentioned by Skyechan on this page), I assume that a wiki upgrade might be the cause.

By the way, thanks for the promotion, I'll do my best !

Maxdefolsch (talk) 10:45, 19 June 2015 (CEST)

I seemed to have accidentally deleted my account[edit]

I seemed to have accidentally deleted my account or something, I'm not sure, and now the wiki/forums refuse to allow me to create another account in any respect. I've even tried to create a new email and create a new account with that but no luck. I continue to get this error code when I try to create an account: . Previously I have sent several messages via the "Contact us" button and have no received any response. Currently I have access to the wiki via logging in with Twitter which has given me this really long random letter/number name: ‎4fa074db7b99846ba33429d3daaa7d32, but then it logged me out and now I'm a different string of random numbers. Sincerely Jimmy-kud0-tv2 - --41c052e7cf3304249e3585dac2553912 (talk) 23:46, 9 July 2016 (CEST)

Hello! It might be due to the changes that occurred following the update. Please, send an email to with as many details as possible and we'll look into it. Thank you! --Maurice talk 16:16, 11 July 2016 (CEST)
I have tried emailing that address and got this reply just now from the automated service
Automated mail message Jimmy kud0.jpg
My email is : As a result of the mail message reply that I have posted above that prevents my email going through, I will copy the email here to see if I can get a response. During the wiki maintenance I believe that I might have accidentally deleted my account from the wiki/forums before I realized that it was in maintenance mode, in an attempt to log in. Now when I try to log in I am met with messages telling me that an account with my user name no longer exists. However, all of the content that I have added still exists : User:Jimmy-kud0-tv2 . I have tried to recover my password to see if that was the problem and it tells me that my two emails do not have accounts associated with them. In an attempt to create a new account I have tried to use the two emails and have been met with the message that I am not allowed to create an account, please see the image here: . I have even tried to create new emails and registering under those for an account and am met with the same message. Finally I tried to log in using twitter from the sign in screen. When I do this I seem to be able to skip the "create a user name" process by clicking on the top of page wiki link and get assigned some random long string of letters and numbers as an account name such as : 4fa074db7b99846ba33429d3daaa7d32 . Is there any way to recover my original account? If not, then is there a way to become unblocked in a way that will allow me to create a new account with the email address that I am emailing you from?
I feel like my problem may be similar to the problem listed here: . If somehow my IP became black listed, is there a way to get it removed? I have tried methods to change my IP address and none have worked.
- Jimmy_kud0_tv2
Hello! There was something wrong with the email address. It's fixed now so you can send me a private email if you would like. I'll try to investigate once I get some info regarding your account(s). Thanks. --Maurice talk 04:54, 20 July 2016 (CEST)

Problems with Forum Account[edit]

Hey Maurice! Hope you're doing alright and are still around. I've been having issues receiving the validation email for updating my forum's associated email address. I can't use the forum until I receive it, but it never arrives. Hoping there's something you can do to help me out! --Skyechan (talk) 22:24, 10 November 2017 (CET)

Still no luck! :( I checked my spam filter too. --Skyechan (talk) 18:03, 11 November 2017 (CET)
Thank you so much! Back to normal now. :) --Skyechan (talk) 22:04, 16 November 2017 (CET)

Vulnerability on Sections of DCW[edit]

Hi Maurice! Thank you again for your help with the forum account issue. Some of the Detective Conan Discord members alerted me to an issue they found in the Anime section and Studio sections and possibly others. There seems to be a flash file in the bottom right corners of these pages that are causing an automatic popup asking visitors to download "group.swf". Least I'm assuming this is the cause, as on my computer the plugin is blocked entirely because it is "vulnerable and should be updated". Do you know anything about these flash files on the pages? The users are concerned about potential viruses. --Skyechan (talk) 22:51, 20 November 2017 (CET)

Update: Apparently the group.swf is the chatango box. I guess it's a false alarm. =w=; --Skyechan (talk) 01:12, 22 November 2017 (CET)

Image Updating Issues[edit]

Hi Maurice! There seems to be an issue lately with new image files that are uploaded not properly replacing prior versions on pages. Case in point, the TV image for Episode 918 is supposed to be showing this: However, on the Episode's page, the image in the box linking to said image is still showing the image of Yumi that the first uploader had posted and that I subsequently had deleted. Even though I completely deleted the image files, it's still showing the older image. This situation also arose a few weeks ago when a user mistakenly replaced with an image of her from a specific episode, having accidentally named the picture the same as this particular image. I was able to fix that issue by deleting the file entirely and reuploading, but that doesn't appear to have worked this time. --Skyechan (talk) 04:48, 28 October 2018 (CET)

reCaptcha v1 is obsolete[edit]

Hi Maurice, reCaptcha v1 is obsolete so it doesn't work. Could the wiki be updated to reCaptcha v2 or v3? Thank you. --Intervencion (talk) 00:41, 15 December 2018 (CET)