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Hello ,I am a Meitantei Conan Fan!!! and I got interested in Meitantei Conan after watching it in arabic in Libya , in the holidays. Then I started to watch it in English (Youtube didn't work so i had to watch it in english) and then after episode 30 I got sick of watching it in English (i hated the voices) I decided to watch the episode with Ai Haibara (cause you know , she didn't appear in the English dub). I found it better in 日本語 so I started to watch it in japanese and it was getting near to the end of the holiday so I waited until I went back to UK (where I live) and I didn't watch any episode for a while. Then I watched a video which reminded me of Meitantei Conan and I went to myself and said "I haven't watched Conan for a while." so I started to watch Sub Episodes and that made me obsessed with Conan. ^_^ (BTW I new about Detective Conan World by the Wiki cause I always use it)

What I do

I used to be really active in the wiki more than the forum but now im not that actuve but if you need to talk to me, use the wiki talk page first. In the wiki, I normally do the In other languages sections in the wiki for the english japanese french german arabic and some other languages. I also started the Detective Conan in other countries topics. When I'm bored, I make navigation box which I made about have of them which includes: