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Age: 14
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Semo
Japanese name: イスマイル·モハメド
(Isumairu Mohamedo)
English name: Ismail Mohamed
Birth of Date: 4 April,1999
First appearance: February 4, 2013

Semo is a member of Detective Conan World.

Detective Conan Favoritism[edit]

Conan Edogawa 60px.jpg This user's Favourite Character is Conan Edogawa.
Vermouth 60px.jpg This user's Favourite Character is Vermouth.

EP491-504.jpg This user's Favourite Episode is The Clash of Red and Black.

Shinichi and Ran.jpg This User's Favorite couple is Shinichi and Ran

Opening36.jpg This user's favourite opening is Q&A.


Gin 60px.jpg This user is Male.
Microphone 60px.jpg This user wears glasses.
Kogoro Mouri 60px.jpg This user has black hair.
Bad Sing.PNG This user can't sing.
Volume 1.jpg This user watch the Detective Conan Anime.

  • Semo is right-handed.
  • Semo has very bad eyesight.
  • Semo likes the color Black and Red.

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