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Stuff to fix at a later point[edit]

  • Massive amounts of unnecessary information
  • Season 26 cut off/ beginning of season 27. Wiki marks seasons by DVD release, we wont know where PART 27 starts until the end of 2018
  • Figuring out why people find it necessary to mark the appearances of super minor characters, especially ones without names
  • There should be a way to consolidate all minor characters into one page before this gets too out of hand
  • Restoring "The Boss" page because of major spoilers.
  • Editing the Karasuma Renya page because of major spoilers.
  • Unnecessary deletions such as links to other pages and sources and images

Stuff I'm currently doing[edit]

  • Scanning Conan and Kindaichi character info pages (3/6 that I own done, of 12 total)
  • Still rereading whole manga for all pop culture references (left off at vol 21)
  • Need to check up on Secret Talk


  • Helped finish Chukichi's anime original page and made it up to date as of 11/16/17
  • Updated Animal Crossings and Sherry's Soliloquies and Q's from Sunday as of 5/16/17
  • Updated Postcards as of 2017 (May)
  • Scanning Detective Conan Color works, 2003 edition. (Complete!) :
  • Scanning Kaitou color pages from Treasured editions (Complete!) : **Updated for Magic Kaito Volume 5**


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Eventual pages to create / work on[edit]