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Age: 24 years old
Gender: Male
First appearance:

Intervención likes to chitchat in DCEN' Discord and has been following Detective Conan for over 15 years. Sometimes sees stuff wrong here at the wiki and corrects it.


You can find him in Discord with the alias Intervención#1146.

DCW work[edit]

I added the manga chapters numbers to Anime to make it easier to know which manga chapter is based the episode from. I also added most of the International Numbering past Funimation dub on the same page. I've updated periodically the remasters articles and implemented's Heiji and Detective Boys legend mark on Anime.


  • More time than what he knows what to do with it

Random Informations[edit]

Shinichi Kudo.jpg This user is Male.
Kogoro Mouri 60px.jpg This user has black hair.

Microphone 60px.jpg This user wears glasses.
Bad Sing.PNG This user can't sing.
Spain.jpg This User Comes from Spain.

Name origin[edit]

  • Back in 2009... a game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 released... and I fell in love with the sniper rifle called Intervención (Spanish of Intervention).


  • Help this user find some quotes please!

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