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The Akai family has five known members so far: Shuichi Akai, Shukichi Haneda, Masumi Sera, their mother Mary Sera, and her husband Tsutomu Akai. According to Masumi, her surname Sera comes from her mother's side, and her second brother had also been sharing this surname until he graduated from high school.


Note: Italics mean that the family member is considered deceased.

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Unknown Sister
Mary Akai
née Sera
Tsutomu Akai.jpg
Tsutomu Akai
No Pic.jpg
Yasuharu Haneda
No pic female.jpg
Ichiyo Haneda
Shuichi Akai.jpg
Shuichi Akai
Masumi Sera.jpg
Masumi Sera
née Akai
Shukichi Haneda.jpg
Shukichi Haneda
née Sera
née Akai
Kohji Haneda.jpg
Kohji Haneda

Tsutomu Akai[edit]

  • Tsutomu is missing (unknown if alive or dead since his body was never found).
  • Tsutomu passed his looks down to his middle son Shukichi.
  • Tsutomu was not an FBI agent.[1]
  • Tsutomu was involved in the death of Kohji Haneda and Amanda Hughes.
  • He instructed his family to escape to Japan. It happened before Masumi was born, so he never got to meet her.
  • He had a rich friend, that looks after Masumi.
  • He is an MI6 agent.

Mary Sera[edit]


Mary is the mother of the three Akai siblings. She was forced to ingest the APTX 4869 by Vermouth, causing her age to be regressed in the body of a middle-school child. She had a well-endowed adult body when young Shinichi and Ran met the Akai family on a beach in the past. Mary passed her looks onto Shuichi and Masumi, who share her characteristic eyes. She moved to Britain three years ago with Masumi.

Shuichi Akai (1st son)[edit]

Shuichi Akai is the 1st son in Akai family. He is an FBI agent and a major figure in the battle against the Black Organization. He once assumed the identity of Dai Moroboshi and infiltrated the Organization, where he was given the codename Rye. During this time he made enemies with Gin and Bourbon and became romantically involved with Akemi Miyano. He subsequently put an end to his relationship with Jodie Starling (his colleague at the FBI). Recently, he faked his own death in order to keep the CIA infiltrator Hidemi Hondou from being uncovered as a spy within the Organization and disguised as Subaru Okiya.

Shukichi Haneda (2nd son)[edit]

Shuichi and Shukichi on the beach.

Shukichi Haneda is the 2nd son in Akai family. He is a professional shogi player, as well as the former boyfriend of Yumi Miyamoto. He has a non-blood brother named Kohji Haneda, a masterful shogi player, and a victim of APTX 4869.

Masumi Sera (1st daughter)[edit]

Masumi Sera is the 1st daughter in Akai family. She is a high school detective. She is the younger sister of FBI agent Shuichi Akai and shogi player Shukichi Haneda. Also a practitioner of the martial art Jeet Kune Do. Although she grew up in Japan during her elementary school years, she moved to Britain three years ago with her mother, due to she learns that her father apparently roaming London. She has recently returned to Japan, in order to get closer to Conan and get the APTX antidote for her mother.

Mary's sister[edit]

Gosho has hinted that Mary is one of a pair of sisters, but so far in the series no mention of a sister has been made. However,in the manga Department Store Stabbing Case, Conan noticed some left over make-up on Haibara's face that made it look like she had the Akai family eye bags. Conan immediately began to suspect that Haibara may be related somehow to Mary. Due to this resemblance, fans began to believe that Mary's sister is Elena Miyano, but it hasn't been confirmed yet. Gosho said that "Two mothers will be revealed to be sisters". If Mary does have a sister, then that sister has at least one child or more.


Time Event Shuichi's age Shukichi's age Masumi's age
?? Tsutomu Akai and Mary are born and married. Mary takes her husband's surname Akai. N/A N/A N/A
>32 years ago Shuichi Akai is born. 0 N/A N/A
28 years ago Shukichi Akai is born. 4 0 N/A
17 years ago Kohji Haneda is killed with some formulation of APTX 4869. Tsutomu and Mary conceive Masumi. 15 11 N/A
16-17 years ago After Kohji's incident, Tsutomu Akai becomes involved with "horrible people." He leaves a message telling his family to leave England for Japan because it is safer. Tsutomu then disappears, no body is found, and he is presumed dead. Shuichi Akai refuses to let his father's murderers escape and formulates a plan to study in the US, get a US citizenship, and enter the FBI to investigate his "father's incident". Shuichi lies to Mary about his intentions and then leaves his family for the United States when Mary is beginning to have visible signs of being pregnant with Masumi. 15-16 11-12 <0
16-17 years ago Masumi Akai is born in Japan. 15-16 11-12 0
>14-15 years ago Masumi and Shukichi start using the family name Sera instead of Akai. <18 <14 <3
14-15 years ago Shukichi enters high school with the family name Sera. 17-18 13-14 1-2
10 years ago Shukichi graduates high school and changes his family name from Sera to Haneda. (Masumi says all three siblings have different family names. Masumi has "Sera", Shuichi has "Akai", and Shukichi has "Haneda".)
Mary, Masumi, and Shukichi reunite with Shuichi at a Japanese beach after 7 years. Shuichi and Masumi meet for the first time. Shuichi has obtained full USA citizenship after getting a green card. He has not taken the test to become an FBI agent yet.
21-22 17-18 6-7
5-10 years ago Shuichi sends Masumi Jeet Kune Do videos to Masumi in elementary school. 22-27 18-23 6-11
5 years ago Shuichi starts infiltrating the Black Organization and dating Akemi Miyano. 27 23 11-12
4 years ago Masumi sees Shuichi in Japan. 28 24 12-13
3 years ago Mary learns that Tsutomu is apparently roaming London and immediately moves to Britain, taking Masumi along as added insurance. Masumi studies middle school at Britain. 29 25 13-14
2 years ago Shuichi is uncovered as an FBI agent and is ejected from the Black Organization. 30 26 14-15
Current Shuichi has his death faked and is living in secret. Mary leaving Masumi and meet Tsutomu at Vauxhall Bridge, but Tsutomu is revealed to be Vermouth in disguise. There she was trapped and forced to ingest the APTX 4869, causing her age to be regressed and return to Masumi hours later in the body of a middle-school child. Later on, they witnessed Conan proclaiming himself as Holmes' apprentice during Minerva's match on TV, and remembered the same proclamation of Shinichi 10 years ago. They realised that Conan is Shinichi who shrunk the same way as Mary, however, he has a way of returning as Shinichi to board a plane to London. Masumi comes back to Japan and has been living in different hotels with Mary, in order to get closer to Conan and get their hands on the antidote. Shukichi has been living in Japan winning shogi awards. 32 28 16-17