The Sixth Smokestack

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Chapter 4

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Title: The Sixth Smokestack
Japanese title: 6本目の煙突
(Roppon-me no Entotsu)
Original release: January 26th, 1994
Shōnen Sunday issue: #8/1994
Volume: 1
Pages: 16
Anime adaptation: Episode 2: Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case
Viz Media version
English title: The Sixth Smokestack
English release: September 7, 2004
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The Sixth Smokestack (6本目の煙突 Roppon-me no Entotsu?) is the fourth chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama and and drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #8/1994 on January 26th, 1994 and later on reprinted as part of Volume 1 on June 18th, 1994.



In order of introduction:


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In order of introduction:


In order of appearance:

Conan introduces himself to Akiko.


The real kidnapper calls Mr. Tani and makes his demands, while Akiko Tani interrupts and tells about a "chimney" she can see from the window of the school she is held at. Conan Edogawa catches the Tani's guard dog Jumbo and manages to narrow down the place the two are at, identifying the supposed chimney to actually be the side of a skyscraper. But despite his intellect completely intact as proven by this, and shortly after introducing himself to Akiko, giving her hope, it's shown that Shinichi's/Conan's new body is no match for the kidnapper, who beats him up badly...


  • Waning Crescent Moon 🌘
  • This chapter is a direct continuation of File 3 and it's still the same evening/night as in chapters 1-3.
  • Fourth chapter of the so-called "Conan Arc", a fan-coined term.


Real Life Models

Futatsubashi Middle School

Futatsubashi Middle School the kidnapper keeps Akiko Tani at is a play on the real Hitotsubashi Middle School in Chiyoda Ward ("hitotsu" = "one", "futatsu" = "two").

Hyakujii Park

The Hyakujii Park the kidnapper wants his ransom money placed in is based on the name of the Shakujii Park to where Gosho Aoyama once lived close to during his time when he lived in the Nerima Ward and which he often visited in his spare time.[1]


The Yayoi District Kogoro and Ran Mouri as well as Conan Edogawa drive to for this case and where the Tani family lives is a real district of Tokyo in the Bunkyō Ward.

Shōnen Sunday Q&A

Every issue of the Shōnen Sunday features a question asked by the magazine to the manga artists featured in it. The one accompanying this chapter was:

To change the mood when slightly tired,
"(I like to) look at the night view from the mansion (I) recently moved into."
(Translation by justwantanaccount)


  • The traditional samurai house of the Tani family strongly resembles the one the Mine family owns in Yaiba. It's possible Gosho Aoyama reused some reference models here.
  • The skyscraper resembles the real Sunshine 60 in the Toshima Ward a bit Gosho Aoyama lived close to until around the start of Detective Conan. A similar building appears in the second half of Yaiba and during early Detective Conan (including the Omakes) a lot in background shots.
  • This is the first time Conan Edogawa introduces himself with his catchphrase "(I'm) Conan Edogawa, (a) detective!".
  • It's also the first time he tries to knock-out a culprit with a soccer ball, to no avail though, since he's too weak in his new body to kick it hard enough, lacking his Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes he gets later on.


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  1. ^ Questions given by the Shonen Sunday magazine#1994, 1994 #16, FILE.12
    Playgrounds, such as public parks and amusement parks, that you recommend is "The Ishigamii park, which was near the apartment I used to live in."
    translated by justwantanaccount
    Note: There's just one mistake in the translation, the park in question being 石神井公園 = Shakujii Kōen (Shakujii Park), not Ishigamii Park.
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