Eyewitness Testimony Seven Years Later

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Episode 905-906
(Int. Episode 960-961)

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Title: Eyewitness Testimony Seven Years Later
Japanese title: 七年後の目撃証言
(Nana-nen-go no mokugeki shōgen)
Original airdate: June 23, 2018 (Part 1)
June 30, 2018 (Part 2)
Broadcast rating: 6.5% (905)
6.9% (906)
Filler case: #295
Season: 28
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Comedy duo (Part 1)
Beer bottle cap (Part 2)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Chiko Uonji
Storyboard: Yasuyuki Honda
Episode director: 905: Takanori Yano
906: Minoru Tozawa
Animation Director: Seiji Muta (Supervisor)
905: Akio Kawamura
906: Keiko Sasaki
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Akio Kawamura and Kyoko Yoshimi (sub-character)
Kumiko Shishido (Design Works)
Production Cooperation: 905: BIG BANG
Opening song: Countdown
Closing song: Kamikaze Express
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Eyewitness Testimony Seven Years Later (七年後の目撃証言 Nana-nen-go no mokugeki shōgen?) is the 905th and 906th episode of the Detective Conan anime.





Part 1

Seven years ago, a little girl was walking in Haido City when she witnessed a murder in a backstreet. Two people disguised as superheroes had killed a man and took his money. Suddenly, the two men saw her and approached her.

Robbery-Murder (Past)

EP905 Case1.png

Location: Backstreet of Haido City
Victim: Mr. Ide
Cause of death: Stab wound
Suspects: Two criminals disguised as superheroes
The criminals killed a man in the street and took an attaché-case containing the money.

On a beautiful morning, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan arrive at the Nishiokuho train station after a long trip. Kogoro planned to take them to Hatobue, a guest house, to spend some vacations. As Ran tells him he had a pretty cool idea, a pamphlet drops out from his pouch and Conan notices a publicity about there being a big variety of beers and that the Prince of Beer Minakitaya Otaro is staying there. Ran and Conan are then exhausted by the reason why he came there. Has they are waiting, Kogoro tells them Minakitaya had been part of the comedy duo Minakitaya Otaro and Kyujiro but another man arrives, Masanari Ide, and adds that the group dissolved due to Kyujiro doing an act of violence 3 years ago. Both four then hear the loud yelling of Hiroko Fujiyoshi, who also came there to go the guest house and that embraces Kogoro Mouri since she is a fan of him. The five are waiting until the shuttle arrives and the driver presents himself as Shinsuke Ohara, employee of the lodge. They all enter the shuttle accompanied by a sixth guest, Toru Shirogane, who enters the shuttle too. After a twenty minute ride to the lodge, they finally arrive there. Two people were arguing there, the lodge owner and another mysterious man who quickly left the lodge when the others arrived. The guests hop off the shuttle and are greeted by Asako Yuri, the lodge owner. She redirects them to the living room where Miona Yuri, the lodge owner's daughter is there. They sit and discuss Cow Magnets, objects used to retrieve the metal stuck in cows' bellies and that could be used as a game of magnetism until Otaro arrives. Everybody is impressed. Hiroko literally freaks out at his glance and jumps in front of him brandishing her autograph book for him to sign it. He happily signs it and Hiroko go brag about it to the group.

A bit later, the lodge owners served fresh-made tea to the guests while Hiroko ask why did Minakitaya come her often. He answers her by saying there is a huge selection of beers and that the air is calm and clean so he comes there once a month. At the same time, the hosts are cutting their baumkuchen to be served to the guests and Fujiyoshi asks Ide what's the logo he has on his shirt. As he answers it is the masked comet Byun's logo, Miona shivers and almost drop her plates. Ide continues by saying it was a popular hero show that aired seven years ago and that it was about a hero who fights to protect the Earth from the Hell's demon King Dyark and his quest for world domination. Byun was once one of the demon's henchmen but was touched by the kindness of an earthling girl and decide to reforms itself and defend the planet. Hiroko adds that the show was canceled and Ide sighs as he says it was at the show's climax. Toru replies by saying that the show's ratings were terrible and Ide, without noticing his comments says that it was pretty cool and retrieves a mask from his bag and wears it by performing an act Byun did but hears the sound of loud plates breaking on the ground. Miona had fell due to an unknown shock and his mom hurries to make her cool down. After a good glass of water, she gets refreshed and Shinsuke decide to start preparing dinner. Everybody had free time until 6 so Fujiyoshi decides to invite Ran, Conan and Miona to take a walk and be familiar of the surroundings. Kogoro decides to sleep in his room until dinner starts, Ide passes too and Toru was going to read his book. Minakitaya is going to pass too since he needs to call his manager. Before leaving, Conan notices an old newspaper cut showing a robbery and murder in Haido city and that the culprits were still at large and decides to give it back to Shirogane who had lost it. Furiously, Toru grabs back the paper as Conan leaves puzzled by his weird attitude. As the group of walkers pass by the parking, Hiroko notices the Corvette of Minakitaya and tells that's it's his third car (the first being a light truck and the 2nd a sedan). Not far from there, in an abandoned lake forensics officer are canvassing the area in search of potential evidences in inflatable boats. Assistant-inspector Muramatsu and his assistant have found a body of an unknown man who seems to have been drowned. With a lot of belongings, nothing seemed to point out who he was. The only possible evidence was a weird superhero card which his assistant points out was from "This Incident".

Murder, Suicide or Accident?

EP905 Case2.png

Location: Near the lake behind Hatobue guest house
Victim: Kyujiro Minakitaya
Age: 31 years old
Cause of death: Drowning
Suspects: Toru Shirogane, Otaro Minakitaya, Asako Yuri, Masanari Ide, Hiroko Fujiyoshi, and Shinsuke Ohara
As Makoto Muramatsu returns home, he is called to a scene where police officers had found a corpse. After investigations, he head to the lodge since he deduced his death must have been related to the guests of the lodge.

Back at the guest house, the prized guests are preparing to eat dinner with an appetizer drink that Shinsuke is brandishing: an inviting fruit beer. Perplexed, Kogoro asks what's a fruit beer and Minakitaya says it to be made in Belgium since ages ago with fruits like raspberries and cherries. Everyone is pleased with its aroma of citron which makes people feel the unique taste and refreshing smell of the fruit. They all toast for today's meeting. Kanpai! (cheers). They are next served a pilsner, really popular among Japanese people. As Otaro says, they have a good balance of flavor, bitterness and aroma. The third beer is an IPA (Indian Pale Ale), a beer with intense bitterness which is one of Otaro's favorites. Since they aren't adults, Ran and Conan are flavoring fruit juices, soups and a delicious swiss-styled squeegee with delightful meat. Next is a porter beer, an English beer with an intense smell or roasted malt which compliments the meat's flavor. All guests then hurry themselves to the terrace where they enjoy an unusual beer for dessert. A beer which doesn't look like beer for its color but definitly is beer when it comes to its not too bitter taste and crisp flavor. The reason of its unusual look is because it is dyed with gardenias. Ran, Conan and Miona are playing the cow magnets game and she loses but the Nishiokuho police enter in the building and direct themselves to the terrace. Both of the detectives (Muramatsu and his assistant) show their police cards and his assistant remarks Kogoro Mouri, the famous detective is here. Asako gets angry and ask Muramtsu to get out if it's about the case. With a little nod of the head, Muramatsu and his assistant tell that earlier at approximately 5 pm, a body was found near the lake behind the guest house and that since the river flowing by the house is connected to the lake, there was probably a connection to the guests of the house. Since they didn't have any identity of him, they showed a picture of the deceased who remembered Asako of a client who went there two months ago. They head inside the living room and start checking the records until they find the right person, Sujiro Kitamoto. Astonished, Otaro gets up of his chair and yell if that was true. He goes with the detectives who ask if he was Minakitaya Otaro. Desperate, he tells them that even if he changed on the picture, the man was probably Kyujiro, his past comedy duo member.


EP905 Case3.png

Location: Hatobue Guest Lodge House
Victim: Otaro Minakitaya
Age: 29 Years old
Cause of death: Blunt force trauma
Suspects: Toru Shirogane, Asako Yuri, Masanari Ide, Hiroko Fujiyoshi, and Shinsuke Ohara
After hearing a loud sound, the group head towards Minakitaya's room and found him dead beside his bed with a gush of blood coming out from his head. As a dying message, he left a weird symbol of the "Masked Comet", a superhero.

Part 2

EP906 6.png

Kogoro went back to the crime scene with Conan following him. Conan notices that the cap of the beer had different shape. When he saw the 'unusual' beer Ohara gave, Conan finally solved on who killed Otaro.


  • Resolution


    • Hatobue Lodge's car is a Mazda Bongo fourth generation. The license plate number is 新宿 301, た 8-10 (Shinjuku 301, Ta 8-10).
    • Minakitaya Otaro's car is an elkhart lake blue metallic Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2015. The license plate number is 新宿 302, し 70-51 (Shinjuku 302, Shi 70-51).
    • Just like in The Design of Poison and Mirage, there are baumkuchens served, a type of german pastries very popular in Japan. As opposed to the previous case, which used them as clues for the trick, they are only shown swiftly in this one.
    • Guests that stayed in Hatobue Lodge include: Megumi Sato (佐藤 恵) and Hiro Sato (佐藤 広) from Beika, who stayed on March 31st; Nobuyuki Kobayashi (小林 伸之) from Beika, who stayed on April 1st; Ichiji Kato (加藤 一二) from Beika and Shinichi Sakurai (桜井 進一) from Nishiokuho, who stayed on April 17th; Yuko Kitano (北野 優子) from Nishiokuho and Reiko Minami (南 礼子) from Beika, who stayed on April 18th; Shiro Horiuchi (堀内 四郎) from Haido, who stayed on April 19th; Shujiro Kitamoto (北本 修二郎) from Haido and Miho Fukagawa (深川 美保) from Okutama, who stayed on April 20th; Tamotsu Goto (後藤 保) from Beika, Ryo Yoshida (吉田 涼) from Haido and Atsushi/Jun Kamimoto (神本 淳) from Beika, who stayed on April 21st; and Yoshimi Suzuki (鈴木 好美) from Beika, who stayed on April 25th. There is also someone named Rina (里奈) from Beika and another person from Nishiokuho that had their names written in the guestbook.


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) La testimoni, set anys després The witness, seven years later
    Flag of France French (Subbed) Un Témoignage livré 7 ans plus tard The testimony delivered 7 years later
    Flag of Thailand Thai คำให้การของพยานเมื่อ 7 ปีก่อน The testimony from a witness seven years ago
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Lời khai của nhân chứng sau bảy năm

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