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April 11, 2014

FBI agent and "Silver Bullet"

Shuichi Akai (赤井 秀一 Akai Shūichi?) is an FBI agent who had infiltrated the Black Organization in the past by dating Akemi Miyano and later helped Conan defeat Vermouth and rescue Ai Haibara. He is mortal enemies with Gin and Bourbon and is feared by the The Boss of the Black Organization who considers him a dangerous "Silver Bullet". Shuichi was apparently killed by the undercover CIA agent Kir in order to preserve her own infiltration mission into the Black Organization, but he reappeared to help Kaitou Kid escape from Bourbon in the The Jet-Black Mystery Train suggesting he faked his death, and is in disguise as Subaru Okiya. Shuichi has two younger siblings: Masumi Sera and an unknown brother. Shuichi and Masumi appear in Detective Conan's 18th Movie: Dimensional Sniper. Read more...

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