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What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

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Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney - Turnabout Sisters theme

Not actually a song but an instrumental (guitar)

Cool, another Phoenix Wright player/fan! :D

I've finished the first 3 on my DS and am playing Apollo Justice at the moment.

I'm guessing you have a DS too? heh

@Thread: Kaze No Rarara - Mai Kuraki (DC opening 12)

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@maurice: nahh.. haven't played any of them. ;P i heard the song before i knew of the game, actually, when a friend had its sheet music and tried playing it with his guitar. i was rather bummed out there wasn't an anime nor drama of it though :'[ too bad.. btw, is life treating you ok?

@thread: New Radicals - Someday We'll Know

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I like onerepublic- stop and stare. we see Ryan walking through the desert toward an? open grave where a Preacher stands delivering a eulogy. As he walks, we see flashes of scenes with Ryan completely submerged in a bathtub while fully clothed, in motel room #7 staring at a TV displaying static, ringing the service bell at the motel desk, and sitting and waiting in the motel lobby.

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