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I'm here to keep my promise from my most recent OMM post and complain about my previous job because I haven't had any other avenue to complain and it's killing me lmao:


-Employee ID's just didn't exist??? so everyone used the last 6 digits of their SSN's to clock in and out :''') 


-I worked in a medical office and one day a representative presumably from some regulatory agency/company came in and asked how the office was disposing the drug samples that we had for medical providers to give patients. The expired drugs were just being thrown out in the regular trash apparently, and unsurprisingly, that's a huge no-no. My manager made sure to make herself scarce during this guy's visit, so he was primarily telling this to me and my coworkers who just worked check-in. Also, my coworkers and I were the ones who inventoried the stock of these drug samples and I was told that when doing the weekly inventories, I could take some samples if I wanted, including the ones that were samples of prescription drugs :") And the cherry on top of alllll of this that really highlights just how lax they are with things is that this employer didn't make me pass a drug test to be hired


-Every week I had take an assessment so they could better understand how I was progressing along with my training. Multiple people reiterated to me that my score on the assessment wouldn't be held against me and was just to gauge which concepts I was grasping quickly vs which ones I needed more time with. ...They, **shockingly**, held my results against me and the one week's assessment also included questions on it about a topic that hadn't been gone over before. And when I mentioned this, I was told I was "making excuses"


-On my first day, I was explicitly told that discussing wages with my coworkers was prohibited. I'm aware of the attitudes on discussing wages and personally had no interest in doing so because, coming from retail, I was very pleased with my wage, but prohibiting it is illegal where I live


-HIPAA violations everywhere. I wasn't even trained on how to abide by HIPAA, and as far as I'm aware, no one is, nor held to any standards with regards to  sensitive information. The most I got was "don't look around in patient charts just out of curiosity", but it was pretty regular for receptionists to point out certain patient charts to one another for the patients who had a lot of chart notes written by office and medical staff documenting a patient's history of bad behavior. You can't only look a patient's notes though, you pull up the whole chart, so along with finding out what's-his-face was rude to everyone but the doctor, you could just see the patient's medical history.


-Not infrequently, we took cash payments for services the office provided, but there wasn't a dedicated place to keep patient payments during the work day, so all the cash was just kept on the check-in desk. Putting the cash in an envelope so it wasn't immediately obvious was optional. and if we were busy, it didn't matter what you wanted, the cash would just remain out in plain sight. Cash payments in the hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, were daily occurrences and these were just left out in the unsecured open until the end of the day. I'm amazed that, especially with their high turnover and lack of background checks, that they haven't been stolen from by an employee or robbed opportunistically by a patient (at least they haven't been to my knowledge)


-The medical staff/doctors regularly ran late to the point where I'd have elderly patients asking if I could back and tell their doctor's teams they only had a limited amount of time before their oxygen tanks ran out or needed me to communicate to the medical staff that they, an elderly patient, took public transport to their appointment and needed to be done by a certain time or else they'd be stranded with us. And no, even though this has been a known problem for what sounds like years, they can't space appointments out further apart or just stop double booking appointment times altogether :^)


i mean haha silly gif time


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