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The Game.

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Okay... this is probably going to be a BIG failure. But I guess I'll give it a shot. This is the most dreaded Game ever created in the history of this planet. It's really stupid though... Just a good spamming/irritating Game.

So the rules of the Game are: you lose whenever you think about the Game. You say, "I LOSE!" Whenever the Game ever crosses your mind. For example, you could be standing on a lunch line in school and something reminds you of the Game... you have to say, "I lose!" in the middle of the line.You lose forever if you die thinking about the Game, and you win if you die on your birthday (not that I'm telling anybody with an approaching birthday to go win the Game).

And by the way: I lose.

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I wi- *Gin takes out a vacuum*


*Vacuum -> on*


"Be gone, you annoying ghost.. you will never win..."

*in vacuum* (whisper)"I win"

*Gin throws vacuum in black hole*

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