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  1. Why is firefox marking this site for malware?

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    2. Maltavite


      Same, but ignore it

    3. nis-aihara


      It happens to Internet Explorer too. Luckily I had permission to open it.

    4. dw5chaosfan


      Browser logic: No malicious content, still marks as bad site.

  2. So far, school is good... except for the stupid ass engineering class and Spanish 2, which I can't transfer out of because I passed a stupid citywide proficiency with a 75, which is barely passing. FML.

  3. I was forced to read "the elegant universe". Man, string theory is boring as hell.
  4. dw5chaosfan


    I need to stop being lazy sometime. Oh well. Anybody, thoughts on the new banlist? Also YCS Toronto is won by wind-ups. Second place was grandsoil psychics.
  5. dw5chaosfan


    As for DN, I really DON'T like that place at all. 90+% of the site is noobs. A lot of the admins don't even know their rulings. Also the shuffling system is a piece of shit. I lost 5 games in a row because of bad opening hands.
  6. dw5chaosfan


    White Monster Card Black Monster Card I swear, 90% of the decks these days are extra deck-based. Konami hates synchros... they've been almost dead since half a year ago. Xyzs are dominating the metagame right now.
  7. dw5chaosfan


    Top 8 was 6 inzectors, 1 malefic skill drain, and 1 exodia. Top 4 was all inzectors. There was a lot of bias from the judges to the japanese players tho... I think people counted 39 bad rulings they made, ALL biased towards the japanese players.
  8. Me as a girl? Umm... everything normally, except the woman's restroom.
  9. dw5chaosfan


    Ok, so I know that I'm not the only one who plays this game here. With the world tournament over and the banlist coming up, as well as new sets being released, I think it's a good time to start this topic. So... yea, your opinions here, and let's all discuss things to become better players in the future I guess?
  10. Top 8 at worlds:6 inzectors, 1 malefic skill drain, and 1 exodia. Top 4 at worlds:4 inzectors. OMG Dragonfly is getting banned.

  11. I should be out playing YGO with my friends right now, but my dad is home.

  12. Blue Exorcist=awesome.

  13. Great. I just lost my wallet w/ $15 in it, 7 games, and my keys, just because my dad didn't check every drawer before we left the retreat.

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    2. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      I think Dw means the games and keys were in the same drawer as the wallet xD

    3. TheBlackTac


      @Phi: They are probably DS games. :P They're small enough to fit in his wallet.

      Close Enough. XP

    4. dw5chaosfan


      all pokemon games...

  14. I officially entered a vocaloid fever.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXCQelhKJ7A&feature=player_embedded I just graduated middle school and I can understand this... wtf.
    1. Sakila


      I watched the beginning but I don't have time to watch the rest. That's some pretty interesting stuff.

    2. dw5chaosfan


      It's a friggin Cambridge University lecture on physics and cosmology for God's sake, and I can make things out of it...

    3. Sakila


      Just means you're smart, I guess.

  16. See, the problem with that is that I can't see her in real life anymore(She goes to a different school), and on FB, I would probably sound like a creep. I don't know how to talk to her, nor did I do anything to get her attention(I didn't want to get suspected that I like her because I know that 2 fools in my class that absolutely dread will annoy me daily, maybe even hourly, about it). I didn't have a problem with rejection then, but now I do, since those feeling either 1.became stronger or 2.are flooding my brain way more than before. I was also worried with the rumor that she likes another guy, but the only "evidence" they have is their "flirting with each other" which is pretty much the way I talk to my best friend all the time, but I was scared still.
  17. Play YGO. I remember my friend, when given this as an essay topic, wrote about a list of misplays his friend did in YGO and his teacher was utterly confused. He still got 100 tho.
  18. Mikunopolis today... at LOS ANGELES. WHHHYYYY???????!!!!!!!!*claws hands around forehead*

  19. It was the worst kind of rejection possible. She acted like she doesn't care. My friend told me:"All she said was,"Oh, Ok."". Anything else I could handle but this? Com'on? Well I should've expected that coming since I was scared to talk to her(people at my school were saying that I was stalking her, and I heard it from someone that she found me annoying). I really didn't have another choice then. Mabye I played too safe? Well, what choice do I have now but to move on?
  20. Trying to learn Japanese. It's hard, but it's coming along good enough.

    1. vawli


      Same, taking longer than expected but it is a complicated language.

    2. detective-db
  21. The Amazing Spider-Man... too bad the ending is a bit sad.
  22. Going to watch the amazing spider-man at 7:00 pm est today. I won't be on from then until 9:00 or 9:30 est.

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