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  1. Wow... it's been such a long time... so much has changed xD

  2. Yeah :P school just gets busier and busier... kind of. I have less classes than last year but i'm learning the hard way that procrastinating AP stuff is not a good thing :P

  3. how has duh life been? :3

  4. Hello x3

    it's been a very very long time :P

  5. this summer was quite eventful... between nerd camps and getting my foot run over and fandom changes...

  6. OMG :o i log back on for a day... and I find that it's your birthday :D


  7. So I finally had time to catch up with DC episodes... and wow... Sera's voice is... strange ._o

    1. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      WAIT! You mean to tell me I'm not the only one critical of her voice?! OMG! That is incredible!

    2. Sayomi


      I saw her for the first time and I immediately wanted to end the torture :P I never imagined her voice to be so... thick...? I think that's the word.

  8. Florida tomorrow for a school trip <3

  9. No, I don't mind XD

  10. Yea...I know it sounds stupid but... I guess love fades.

  11. Busy :P tons of homework... High school is dumb.

  12. merp. concertmaster again >3< i'm sorry.

    1. hopes


      Ate least you're here now! <3

  13. whoa. hi XD long time no talk!

  14. I agree :/ I don't understand why they'd make the movie just a sports bombing case thing. They might as well just make this a 2.5 hr special...
  15. Ugh, I hate not having any time for this site...

  16. Maybe it's just a magical Botox that allows her to have multiple facial expressions. LOL I'm such a troll. Just kidding. I still stand by my "she's an old hag who drank from Pandora's Gem to become immortal" theory.
  17. ShinRan all the way Kaito x Aoko's nice too. But yeah, I mostly like the canon couples.
  18. Wow. I chose today to come back and it's your birthday. Happy birthday :DDD

  19. Wow. It's been way too long...

  20. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen :3
  21. The photo's attached here :3 Does that look okay? I had to cut it from a screenshot of a Youtube video
  22. Yea, there's no anime or manga pic :3
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