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  1. Yes, but only if you do it at a heist with fish and Hakuba, Is it possible for Kogoro to solve a case not involving people important to him by himself?
  2. I hope you had an awesome birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, and nice to meet ya!

  4. Iyaa... I'm attempting my first DC drawing... I'm kinda scared.

  5. Argh.. My mom's going to London to vist some friends in two days, but I can't can't go because I have pre season for volleyball. I wanna go!!!! *cue tantrum* But I do hope you had fun!
  6. I'll join, and I'm an absolute beginner... kind of. I've never really completed a class before.
  7. Yeah, me too. It'll make the cases easier to understand.
  8. Shin Prince of Tennis~! I gotta see what happens in Niou and Oishi's match! I can't wait much longer!
  9. Uhh... 1) Shin/Prince of Tennis... yeah, DC isn't first, I'm a hardcore TeniPuri fan. I hate the title character though. He wins too many matches. Rikkai totally should have won the Nationals, and Niou should have beaten Fuji! 2) Detective Conan... I love mystery stories, and this is the best there is 3) Liar Game and Hammer Session tie for 3rd... Total love goes out for these amazing manga. The dramas made them even better for me. 4) Day of Revolution... I consider it the Princess Princess prequel, and I have a thing for gender benders. (Fem!fangirl) 5) Naruto... all because of Nara Shikamaru, Hyuuga Neji, Uchiha Sasuke, and Hatake Kakashi
  10. I'm sure he could solve a lot of cases. He can probably solve more now though. All the "Ah le le's" from Conan must have done something to help his skills, right?
  11. I haven't been here in a while... Anyone remember me?

    1. Amaranth


      Never met you but hi!

    2. Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      I... er... don't think I've met you? :P But erm... hi! :)

    3. Kiel95


      oi oi.... why did everyone copy me? =__= hahaha jk xD (or am i? O_o)

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  12. I'm reading this over on FFN! I haven't really reviewed it much though...
  13. Shimeji's are attacking my screen!

  14. Japanese all the way! I find it more true to the story if it's in the original language. I HATE dubs in just about every anime.
  15. is singing "Shed a Tear"

  16. Yo! I'm Lupin, Sherlock Lupin: Resident Computer Trickster! Call me Lissie if you like! I finally broke down and joined. ... ... ...uh, what am I supposed to say here...?
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