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  5. Author’s Note: Please, please, please don’t kill us! Look, we have a shiny new chapter just for you! We’re very sorry it took so long (blame Giggle Twin 2). As a result of the long wait we’ve decided to post the second half of chapter 5 as its own separate chapter. Chapter 6 is well underway and should be along shortly (and yes, we know, we’ve said that before). We’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank all of our readers (and especially our reviewers!). We’re so glad you’re enjoying the story. We would be nothing without you. Also, just a little side note. The name we gave to Shinichi in this chapter, “Hideki”, means “Splendid Opportunity”. Oh and for those of you who are just now joining us here are the links to the other Five Chapters. You can also find us on ff.net. You Think Your a Man Chapter 1 You Think Your a Man Chapter 2 You Think Your a Man Chapter 3 You Think Your a Man Chapter 4 You Think Your a Man Chapter 5a Chapter 5b: Houston, We Have a Plan “I cannot believe I let you talk me into this,” Shinichi grumbled as he and KID made their way to the Mouri Detective Agency. The look KID shot him would have been rather more intimidating if it didn’t come from waist height. “Like you had a better idea? I’m not letting you run around in my life.” “Well, you’re not running around in mine!” “See? That’s why I was able to talk you into this,” KID returned with a grin. Oi oi, Shinichi thought. That it was true did not make it any less irritating. The nearly deserted streets meant that no one was there to hear them arguing, a fact which KID was unfortunately taking full advantage of. “I must say, Tantei-kun, I’m very touched that you risked getting into trouble with the lovely Mouri-san to come and watch my performance.” “Don’t flatter yourself, KID. I would never let you or any other criminal get away with something just because ‘Conan’ was grounded. At any rate, we’re here so you’d best…” The rest of Shinichi’s warning was cut off as KID, having picked the lock on the door before Shinichi was aware of what he was doing, stepped through it. Ran’s furious voice nearly sent the detective back down the steps and he instinctively flattened himself against the wall outside. “Where have you been? How dare you sneak out! Do you have any idea what time it is? It’s four o’clock in the morning! I’ve been going out of my mind with worry!” Ran seemed to be working herself into quite a state and Shinichi found himself more than a little grateful that her ire was directed at KID and not at him. That’s when a small hand reached back through the doorway and yanked him inside. 00000 Kaito allowed himself a small grin as Mouri-san’s tirade ceased abruptly, gaze riveted on the newcomer in the doorway. I did a good job with him, even if I do say so myself. The detective looked nothing like either himself or Kuroba Kaito, appearing instead to be a man in his mid-thirties. His brown hair and goatee were neatly trimmed and styled, and despite a somewhat pudgy build he had an air of dignity about him. The disguised detective offered Mouri-san a polite bow. “Forgive me, Mouri-san, for coming at such a late hour. I’m Edogawa Hideki. It’s a pleasure to meet you at last.” Kaito had to give Mouri-san credit, she recovered herself quickly and returned the bow. “You would be Conan-kun’s father then? Forgive me, please, for my rude display.” “I’m the one who should be asking for your forgiveness, Mouri-san. I had not intended to cause you worry. It’s just that I had some rather upsetting news for Conan-kun and thought perhaps the heist would help cheer him back up.” “I’m so sorry to hear that. Please, come in. Can I get you some tea?” The three of them moved into the interior of the apartment, Shinichi turning down Mouri-san’s offer with a polite shake of his head. “Thank you, Mouri-san, but I’m afraid not. You see my wife is very ill and has been hospitalized back in the States. I’ve come to bring Conan back with me until she gets better. Our flight leaves in just a couple of hours.” Kaito found himself feeling rather sorry for Mouri-san as she looked stricken at the news. “Oh! I’m so sorry to hear about Fumiyo-san. I hope she’ll be all right. Will…” her voice trailed off for a moment before she gathered herself together to finish her thought. “Will Conan-kun be staying with you once she is better?” Shinichi was quick to shake his head, sounding both apologetic and reassuring as he replied, “No my dear, we are still both so busy and you’ve been doing such a wonderful job of looking after him. As soon as my wife is better we’ll be returning Conan-kun to your care.” Mouri-san looked incredibly relieved at this, though she did an admirable job of attempting to conceal it. “Thank you, Edogawa-san. If you will excuse me for a moment, I will help Conan-kun get packed.” 00000 “Did you get everything I asked you to?” Kaito threw an annoyed glance at the detective walking beside him. “Give me some credit, Tantei-kun. Of course I did.” He glanced at his watch as they rounded the final corner leading to Agasa-hakase’s. “It’s only a quarter to five, are you sure they’ll be up?” Shinichi nodded, stifling a yawn as he did so. “They’re both early risers as it is and Haibara is very particular about Agasa developing healthy habits. She should have him up for a morning jog by the time we get there.” Kaito fell silent again, thoughts whirling furiously through his mind as he tried to plan his next moves. At length he spoke again. “Now this Haibara girl knows the truth about you?” “Yes, she does. Which is why no disguise will work. I hate the idea of sending you in there as me but I can’t see any way around it.” “Any ideas where we can go once you’re completely free of your keepers?” The annoyed look the detective threw at him for the comment was well worth any trouble that came of it. “Unfortunately, I don’t. We’ve agreed we can’t stay in Tokyo, there’s too much risk involved. We can’t go to Osaka for the same reasons. Too many people there might recognize Conan and we can’t run the risk of Hattori getting involved. Maybe Agasa-hakase will have an idea.” They stopped in front of the Kudo mansion, Shinichi unlatching the gate as he spoke. “I should be done packing by the time you’re finished next door.” The detective turned to walk up the path, leaving Kaito standing on the sidewalk. Kaito allowed him to take a few steps before bringing his wrist up, the crosshairs of the watch aimed squarely at the back of Shinichi’s neck. Sorry, Tantei-kun. I don’t trust you alone with my face yet. You might get too curious. Two minutes later Kaito was leaning against the front of the Kudo mansion as he attempted to catch his breath. Yeesh, who knew I was that heavy? I’d best hurry, Tantei-kun is not going to be happy when he wakes up. He jogged back down the path, carefully closing the gate behind him. 00000 The small girl currently staring him down was far more intimidating than many of the opponents he had faced since taking up his father’s mantle, Kaito reflected wryly. He gave her a small smile, wracking his memory for as many of Shinichi’s mannerisms as he could recall. Feels like she’s staring right through me. It’s creepy. “Look, I’m sorry to bother you this early in the morning, but it is important. It’s for a case.” Agasa’s laughing voice came from behind him as the professor reappeared in the room with a tray full of coffee mugs. “Are you sure you’re not just trying to avoid trouble with Ran-chan after staying out at the heist all night?” Conan laughed sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. “Ehh, Ran was pretty mad at me, but I’ve already taken care of it. I had the client pose as Conan’s father. The point is that I need to focus on this case and I can’t solve it here in Tokyo. I need to leave for awhile.” Haibara cocked her head, “And just who is this client, Kudo-kun?” And here’s where things get tricky.“Out of respect for my client I can’t reveal his identity but I promise you it’s safe. I wouldn’t be asking you for help if it wasn’t. I just wanted to let you know what was going on and ask you if you had any ideas where we could go to work on this in peace for awhile. It may take a month or so.” Haibara still looked skeptical but Agasa seemed to be considering the request. “Well…ah! I have it! Shinichi-kun, do you remember that cabin I have outside of Tsuru Village? I haven’t been there in awhile but it ought to be in decent condition.” “Thank you, hakase, that will be perfect!” Agasa nodded. “Give me a moment, I’ll get you the key. Just, please, be careful, Shinichi.” He waited for Conan’s nod of agreement before setting his coffee mug down and departing. No sooner was he out of earshot then Haibara fixed Conan with a piercing look. “Does this have anything to do with Them, Kudo-kun?” Them? What is that supposed to mean? Conan shook his head. “I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. You really don’t have to worry.” Haibara nodded sharply, accepting this reassurance for the moment, though Kaito could still see doubts lingering in her eyes. Agasa returned then, handing Conan a key and a few written directions, admonishing him once again to be careful. A few more reassurances on Conan’s part and he was back outside, jogging back to check on the (hopefully) still unconscious detective. Reassured that Shinichi would not recover consciousness for several minutes yet, Kaito put the next step of his plan into motion. On the walk over he had noted the closest pay phone, now he headed for it at as rapid a pace as he dared. The number he dialed was one he knew well and he suspected the person on the other end would be anxiously awaiting his call. This suspicion proved correct when the phone was snatched up on the first ring. “Moshi moshi, Jii.” “Young Master! Are you alright? What happened?” Doing his best to manipulate vocal chords unused to different ranges, Kaito responded in as close to his normal voice as he could muster. “I’m sorry, Jii. Things didn’t go exactly as planned tonight. I’m fine but I need to stay out of sight for awhile. Please make my excuses to Kaasan and keep an eye on her for me. I’ll be in contact with you as soon as I can.” “But, Young Master! What happened? You don’t sound like your usual self.” “I’m sorry, Jii, I can’t explain right now. I’ll be in touch.” Kaito hung up, stretching almost as high as his current body could reach to replace the phone in its cradle. Gah! How does Tantei-kun deal with being this short all the time? Shaking his head to clear it of unnecessary thoughts, Kaito hurried back to the detective. My throat hurts. Gonna have to do some vocal exercises. 00000 Miles away Jii slowly lowered his cell phone, a troubled expression on his face. What in the world have you gotten yourself into now? After a few moments hesitation he raised the phone once more, pressing in a quick sequence of numbers. The phone was answered after only a couple of rings by a sleepy sounding Kuroba Chikage, no doubt just arriving home from her shift. “Chikage, listen to me. Kaito’s fine but we are going to have to pull a Toichi.” This statement was followed by a startled silence before her voice answered him, firm and unwavering. “I’ll set something up. Tell him to be careful.” 00000 Shinichi groaned, eyes fluttering open. A small face hovered over his own. “ Oh good, you’re awake! Sorry about that, it was an accident. I’ve made good use of the time, though. We’re staying at Agasa’s cabin. Let’s get you packed and catch our train That's all for Now. Reviews are always nice.
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    Author’s Note: Hello everyone! For those of you following YTYaM, we promise we are working on it. However, in our discussions this little idea kinda got stuck in our heads and wouldn’t get out. Therefore, in order to bring you more of YTYaM we had to write this so it would leave us alone. We hope you find it entertaining and we promise you the next chapter of YTYaM will be out shortly. This is also in loving memory of a beloved golden retriever for whom this was not an unusual event… Addie KID stared down at the dog from his perch in the branches of the tree. Unconcerned with the stranger in the tree, the dog continued eagerly gnawing on its newest toy. The thief sighed and inched further down the trunk. “Good dog, nice dog…” He was cut off by the dog lifting her head and giving him a warning growl. KID quickly backed off and the dog returned to gnawing. KID was debating the merits of various courses of action when a new voice rang through the night. “Addie! Here girl! Addie Go!” The dog lifted her head, ears cocking towards the sound, glancing back and forth between the door of the house and her current toy. At last she seemed to solve her dilemma by picking her toy up in her mouth and trotting towards the door just as it opened. “There you are! Wait, what do you have there?” KID dropped his head into his hands. Oh, this just gets better and better. He lifted his head, looking back towards the house just in time to see the woman pry the toy from the dog’s mouth, a puzzled expression on her face. “Oh not again…” She turned to call back over her shoulder into the house. “Hey! Did Addie get a hold of your glasses again?” Light footsteps sounded from inside the house and a second woman, shorter than the first, appeared in the doorway. “No, why?” “Well then…what is this?” The taller of the two women held up the object in her hand for inspection, only just noticing the chain attached to the mangled circle of glass. Before the shorter could reply a smooth voice cut into the conversation. “Begging your pardon, ladies, might I have that back?” Both gaped in astonishment at the white clad figure standing before them. Mouth hanging open, the taller woman slowly extended her hand. Hand on his hat brim to shadow his face, KID accepted the monocle with a bow. “Many thanks, ladies. Have a pleasant evening.” With a flourish he vanished, leaving two stunned women and a disappointed dog in his wake. A/N: Yes, Giggle Twin 1’s dog did actually eat Giggle Twin 2’s glasses, amongst others. Nevertheless, she was much loved and is missed.
  7. Oh we r good, working on Part B for Chapter Five and 6

  8. Authors’ Note: Thank you for sticking with us through our long delays, dear readers. In an effort not to leave you waiting even longer, we bring you the first half of chapter 5. The remainder is under way but is still awaiting revisions that real life has kept us from making. As soon as they are complete we will repost this chapter in its entirety. As a special thank you and treat to our readers, we have included a short Omake at the end which we hope will amuse you. Virtual chocolates to anyone who recognizes it, and no, we don’t own that either. Chapter 5a: The Tale Shinichi blinked rapidly as the light faded, trying to restore his vision. Damn it, KID! What did you…do? His thoughts trailed off in shock as he realized that not only was he not holding the Tear anymore, he was looking down at Conan, whose hand he gripped in his own white gloved hand. What the…?! No way! This is impossible! Before he could reboot his mind enough to deal with the impossibility he was facing, Conan reversed the grip, yanking firmly on his hand as he hurried away from the broken display and the sounds of the Task Force hurrying back towards them. “Process later, Tantei-kun. Run now!” Is that KID? It must be. Shinichi found himself hurrying after “Conan” to avoid being dragged as his mind still tried to comprehend what was happening. Oh Kami, if this really is what it looks like, he’s right. If the Task Force sees me like this it won’t be him they arrest, it’ll be me. KID opened the stairwell door, motioning Shinichi to silence as he listened to the approaching voices. “What was that crash?” “Don’t know, but it sounded like it came from back at the display. We’d best hurry and check it out. Radio in to Nakamori-keibu and let him know.” “Right.” Why, oh why, did I have to go and break the display case? Shinichi thought, dread twisting his gut. No one would ever believe his story and he did not have KID’s skills at vanishing. Just as Shinichi was about to ask if KID had any bright ideas, he felt fingers pluck one of the cufflinks off his wrist and a voice say, “Hold your breath.” A quick flick of KID’s fingers and the cufflink went sailing down the stairwell, pink smoke billowing up from where it struck. Even before it landed, KID was in motion again, tugging Shinichi down the stairs in the wake of the cufflink. Shinichi, no longer used to being tall, found himself tripping and stumbling as he attempted to make strides with legs that weren’t the proper size. The railing was quickly becoming his new best friend, saving him several times from taking a header down the stairs. It was hard to judge whether the thief was having any of the same difficulties. KID’s face gave nothing away and he moved with a deliberate grace down steps and around unconscious officers. They stopped on the 4th floor landing for a few seconds as KID picked the lock on the door. Shinichi got the distinct impression that this would have been achieved even faster had KID been in his proper form. 00000 Kaito quickly closed and relocked the door as soon as they were both safely in the storage area. For just a moment he allowed himself to slump forward, forehead resting against the door as the enormity of what had just happened finally hit him. Holy cow, there really are magical gems! How am I going to explain this? What am I going to do? Oh, Kami, Tantei-kun will see my face! OK, pull yourself together, Kaito. Remember Poker Face. He straightened up, turning from the door to face the detective. As it turned out, there was no need for him to have worried about Shinichi noticing his momentary lapse. The detective was slumped against a crate, muttering under his breath. “This isn’t happening…this isn’t possible…going to do…” “Snap out of it, Tantei-kun! This can’t be any more impossible than you somehow shrinking from seventeen to seven.” His response was a heated glare. “Are you trying to tell me you’re not freaking out about this? That somehow you’re used to this?” KID shrugged one shoulder slightly. “Hey, when you’re hunting magical gems you have to expect things like this.” NOT! What am I going to do?? Shinichi shook his head, frustration evident on his face. “I don’t believe in magic. There has to be some rational explanation for this. A gemstone cannot make people switch bodies.” “Whatever you say, Tantei-kun, but we can’t stay like this so put your deductive skills to good use. What could have caused this?” KID watched Shinichi struggle through his fear and frustration, the emotional battle evident on his face as he wrestled with the conflict between his disbelief and the only facts available to them. At last he sighed, shoulders slumping in defeat. “I don’t understand how it’s possible. A gemstone should not be able to do this, but you’re right. We can’t stay like this and I can’t come up with any other explanation.” His gaze fell on the Traveler’s Tear, once again held in KID’s small hands. In the little bit of light present, the stone looked much the same as it had when he had seen it in its case before the heist. KID was also gazing at the gem. It’s purple again…”Hey, Tantei-kun? Did you happen to notice that the color was different right before you grabbed it?” Shinichi paused, an arrested look on his face. “Is that why you hesitated? I just assumed it was the lighting, but maybe…” He trailed off and KID understood that he was once again struggling with the concept of real magic. KID nodded thoughtfully, “The stone did land in front of the windows. Perhaps it was an effect of the moonlight?” It just would be moonlight, wouldn’t it? And it’s not even Pandora because it didn’t glow red and I don’t think anybody would count this as immortality. Predictably, Shinichi took this the wrong way, accepting the color change as merely an illusion from the moonlight. “So what could have caused this? We did both grab the gem, perhaps if we attempted that again?” Can’t hurt, anyway. No point in dashing his hopes without even attempting it. I’d bet my monocle that the color change and the moonlight had something to do with it, though. Out loud he said, “Sure. Why not?” He held his hand out, gem resting on his palm in invitation. Shinichi reached out as well, fingers resting lightly atop the gem. Nothing happened. Further discussion was interrupted by the sounds of thundering footsteps, Task Force officers rushing to the aid of their fallen comrades. KID threw a wary look at the locked door. “We don’t have a lot of time before they think to check here. We’d best get going.” Shinichi winced, obviously thinking of how this would look to outsiders, and nodded an affirmative. Then he froze, a horrified look flashing across his face. “What about the cameras? It’ll look like I’m helping you.” KID snorted and threw Shinichi an offended look. “Give me some credit, Tantei-kun. It’s not like I wanted my trick caught on camera. I disabled them before the heist. We’re both in the clear there.” A self-satisfied look appeared on his face. “Bet they’re having a heck of a time getting the system back on-line.” Shinichi seemed to accept this and he nodded again. “OK, let’s get out of here. This way.” KID led the way to the ventilation system he had scoped out a few days before. “I won’t be able to reach like this, Tantei-kun. You’ll have to climb up first, then pull me up. I already loosened the cover.” “Where will this take us?” “We’ll exit from another shaft outside the museum, near one of the rear “legs”. It’s pretty hidden from sight and we should be able to disappear into the crowd from there.” Here he paused, eyeing Shinichi critically. “Of course, you won’t be able to disappear anywhere wearing my suit. Take off the jacket, hat, and monocle and put these on.” As he spoke, KID pulled out a small box that had been placed behind some of the larger storage crates and handed Shinichi the ball cap and Edo-Tokyo souvenir sweatshirt contained within. Shinichi, spurred on by the noise of the Task Force as it moved closer to their location, changed rapidly and in minutes they were up in the vents, KID pausing to replace the cover. Unbeknownst to each other, the same thought was running through their minds. I really hope we can switch back once we’re outside because there is no way I am letting him out of my sight with my body. 00000 Shinichi wished for the hundredth time since entering the air vents that he had a tenth of KID’s stealth. The thief crawled along behind him, giving the occasional whispered direction and otherwise making no noise. For himself, Shinichi felt as though he was making enough noise to bring every cop in the place down on them and he cringed with every shuffle and clang he made, real or imagined. The stupid cap was not helping, brim obscuring his vision if he did not keep his head tilted to the proper angle. Finally an exasperated whisper reached his ears, “If it’s giving you that much trouble just turn it around like your friend Hattori.” Shinichi felt the heat rush to his face at the obvious suggestion and was glad KID was behind him so he couldn’t see the blush. At length KID whispered, “This is it,” and they paused before another vent. KID pressed forward to peer through the vent before giving the all clear. Shinichi carefully moved the cover, peering out of the opening. Task Force officers patrolled the perimeter of the building and he could see the crowd of yelling KID fans some thirty feet away, pressed against the police perimeter. “Now what?” he whispered to KID. He peered down towards the ground. This vent was pretty high up and he didn’t see an obvious way to get down. In answer, KID reached up, just above the opening and pulled down a thin line with a hook attached to the end. This was swiftly fastened around Shinichi’s waist. “This will lower you pretty steadily but you can rappel a little if you need to. Stay in the shadows and don’t move too quickly, it draws attention.” Shinichi nodded and did as KID instructed. Well, Shinich thought sardonically, if nothing else comes of this situation, at least I have a better idea of the kind of preparation he does for his heists. To his surprise, KID reached out and grabbed the line once Shinichi was partly down, simply holding on as the line lowered, then dropping to the ground himself after Shinichi touched down. “Time for the KID to make his escape,” KID said and Shinichi turned to stare incredulously at him. What? He can’t be serious. Before he could say anything, KID held up a remote control and pressed a button. For a moment, nothing seemed to happen, then the crowd went wild, chanting KID’s name. Of course, he must have sent off one of his dummies. “That’s our cue, Tantei-kun. Turn the hat back around and let’s go.” Shinichi yanked the brim back over his eyes as he and KID made a break for the crowd while everyone’s attention was directed towards the dummy. In moments they were just two more faces in the crowd. At last the crowd began to break up and they worked their way through the mass of people until they stood on the fringes, backed up against a building to prevent the crowd from drawing them along with it. “Now what?” Shinichi questioned, so softly that KID had to strain to hear him over the din of the departing crowd. “You know Yokoami-cho Park, a few blocks from here?” “Yeah, I know it.” “Let’s head there. We can figure out our next move.” Shinichi nodded his agreement and the two of them plunged back into the crowd. By unspoken accord they stayed as close together as possible, neither trusting the other enough to risk being separated. It didn’t take them long to reach the park. They settled themselves carefully under a tree. Well, Shinichi was under the tree. KID, with his usual penchant for heights, had somehow managed to wedge himself into the fork of the tree. Shinichi leaned back against the trunk, feeling some of the tension drain out of his current body now that they were in a place of relative safety. KID leaned down from his current perch. “Shall we try this again, Tantei-kun?” He extended an empty hand to Shinichi but before Shinichi could do more than raise an eyebrow a flick of KID’s wrist caused the Tear to appear in his palm. Show off, Shinichi thought, surprising himself with how bitter he sounded even in his own head. Am I really that annoyed by how calmly he seems to be taking all of this? He let none of these thoughts show on his face though, merely nodding his head in response to KID’s question. “What did you have in mind?” 00000 KID moved his hand so the gem lay fully in the moonlight. “I thought we’d try to recreate the circumstances under which we switched, now that we have some moonlight to work with.” The gem in his palm stayed stubbornly purple and KID’s heart sank. I was afraid of this. I know it was blue. Damn it! The first magical gem I’ve come across and it’s not even close to being Pandora. Shinichi was eyeing the stone skeptically. “Back at the museum you said it was blue before I grabbed it? It looks the same to me now as it did before. It must have been a trick of the light.” KID shook his head. “Tantei-kun, Tantei-kun. Didn’t we already have this conversation? It’s magic. Believe me, I know exactly what I saw and that gem was the same blue as the light when we switched.” Shinichi looked uncomfortable with this idea and KID knew that his oh so logical mind was still balking at the thought of magic being real. After a moment of silence the detective shot a frustrated look up into the branches of the tree saying, “Look, let’s just try again, okay?” “Alright, you grabbed it first, then I grabbed you. I think our wrists were touching.” He closed his now small hand over the gem and waited for Shinichi to reach for him. After a moments hesitation the detective did so, larger hand engulfing KID’s and the gem. Nothing happened. “Okay, we want to reverse the switch, so maybe we need to touch it in reverse order?” KID relinquished the gem to Shinichi, then laid his hand atop the other’s. Nothing happened. After several more failed attempts, they found themselves staring at each other in frustration and not a little trepidation. “Now what?” OMAKE KID threw a wary look at the locked door. “We don’t have a lot of time before they think to check here. We’d best get going.” Shinichi winced, obviously thinking of how this would look to outsiders, and nodded an affirmative. Then he froze, a horrified look flashing across his face. “What about the cameras? It’ll look like I’m helping you.” KID snorted and threw Shinichi an offended look. “Give me some credit, Tantei-kun. It’s not like I wanted my trick caught on camera. I disabled them before the heist. We’re both in the clear there.” A self-satisfied look appeared on his face. “Bet they’re having a heck of a time getting the system back on-line.” Meanwhile, in the control room… A miniature bobble-head KID stared out of the computer monitors at the officers in the room. The small index fingered waved back and forth in a scolding manner and his voice issued from the speakers. “Uh-uh-uh, you didn’t say the magic word. Uh-uh-uh, you didn’t say the magic word.” Nakamori slammed both fists down on the desk. “Oh, come on! Damn it, KID! I’m going to kill that *&!@$# theif!” For those of you who are just now joining us here are the links to chapter 1-4. Thanks For reading please review and thank you to eveyone who has so far. YTYaM Chapter One YTYaM Chapter Two YTYaM Chapter 3 YTYaM Chapter 4
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