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  1. Ehhh? I remember you :)

  2. Filipino Classroom and Chatroom

    HAHAHA!!! O.O! Class of Torture nga... =X
  3. Filipino Classroom and Chatroom

    O.O may mga bago pala tayong kasapi... (kung maka-"kasapi", parang nasa rebolusyon lang... HAHA XD) Hello po sa inyo! *waves*
  4. Filipino Classroom and Chatroom

  5. I like the new look of DCW... Good Job! ^^;

  6. Filipino Classroom and Chatroom

    ATE!!!!!! <333333333333 *GLOMPS* Na-miss (kita) ka namin!! *Glomps more* ^ This actually is a good idea.... =X
  7. No problem... It's nice to meet new people ^^ Hope you're enjoying your stay, so far.. ^^;

  8. University Days next week! It means... no classes!! \\o//

  9. hi! Thanks for the add!!! :))

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