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  1. "Sure, why not? These two were getting annoying anyway." Sakila turned to her two partners and smirked at them before walking over to the other side of the Ferrari and getting in the passenger seat. "...would like it if one of you could help me out. I'd rather not lose to that bimbo of a player." "On one condition. One of us helps you, you spare the lives of the rest of us." "...Deal. Although I can't guarantee everyone will be safe. Here's a place you all can find help at." The shadowy figure handed them a slip of paper with an address. "You'll find equipment, food, and maybe even some helpful tricks to win. ... "Hey, where's Kai?" "You're right, Megane's missing."" Everything had happened so fast, Sakila almost couldn't process it. But now, the plan was in action. "Hunter, what's your plan then?" Sakila asked as they sped off, leaving two...or maybe even three peculiarly satisfied girls behind. (No, this is not the long post I promised. I had to postpone that because I fell asleep.)
  2. (Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume xD lol jkjk) Actually..... Dragon Head. Oooh, apocalyptic~ After dabbling in shounen and then shoujo and then josei, I'm reading seinen.
  3. I had a really strange dream last night. I dreamt I was in some kind of Q&A session in this small trailer kinda thing that was really cozy. Next to sat my arch-nemesis/nephew who I haven't seen in four years or something. The lady in charge said something stupid and we both groaned and he commented on it and I was like, "For once, we agree on something," and he replied, "Exactly." And then we spent the rest of session making fun of the people there. It reminded me if the fact that we used to very close friends when we were younger. Maybe the dream's telling me I should make up with him someday... and apologize for constantly correcting him in elementary school.
  4. (Duuuuuuuude, that was so sexist.) (Also...) (TJ's a genki. YOU KNOW I LOVE ME SOME GENKI )
  5. (Btw, KKLT, are there any other civilians here? It are we like, in a holographic New Mirdora? Besides the hunters/hunted are there any residents or NPCs hanging around?)
  6. (Cough cough, wait, the girl was soft? Lol what body part did you bump into, Koko-chan? XDDD jkjk) Grabbing one of the watches, Sakila made her way through the door along with the glasses chick. She hasn't walked far when she heard an "Ow!" come from her left. "Eh? What happened?" She asked. The voice belonged to that cherry-head. "Ah, I'm sorry.... Kuro-chan? And the other girl?" "Megane, yeah?" No sooner had she spoken the words then a beeping erupted. A bright light engulfed them and Sakila was blinded. When she could finally see again, she was surprised. "A...ring?" ....She smirked.
  7. (Ah! I'm sorry! My fault my fault!! It's just hard to keep up when I'm typing it up on an iPod sorryyyyy..... Ah! You worked with xD ah, then it's up to you! If snowflake was the person you saw, then the second one can be an NPC. Or....somehow, they can be the same person? Oh I dunno... Sorry, totally messed up.)
  8. Dear anonymous, All your talents are honestly going to waste. I though you were really assertive. Why are you holding back so much? Don't over think it. I'm...really not that kind of person, you know. But I don't think you'd believe me. -Me
  9. The girl could run pretty fast. Good. She wouldn't die right away. Sakila continued searching for any patterns, any distinctions on the walls. She began memorizing the hallways thy were taking, the positions of the backwards doors. Wait a second... Wait a second... She got it! "Oi, Megane! This way!" Sakila took a sharp right, hypothesizing that a new backwards door would pop up in three...two...one... There! Pressing the button on the side, she quickly slipped through and saw another player. Player... Yeah, that sounds right.... What this place is.... It must be the setting for a game! A game to rid one of all their sins. What a perfect chance for all of us. Now that she knew the basic layout of the building, this "Room of Choice" would be much easier to find.
  10. HOW DID YOU TURN INTO THIS PERVERTED MONSTER? Weren't you once way too innocent to understand such grown-up things?
  11. Eh? Really? I've never posted here before? Huh. And I've been on this site for 2+ years.Anyhoo, that was an unavoidable topic.
  12. This conversation is scaring me. Bye bye. *disappears in a puff of smoke*
  13. And the reason a bathroom cubicle is soooo much better for surfing the web than any other place in the world is.....?
  14. Do you necessarily have to be using it? Can't you just be standing in the stall hiding?
  15. Thanks to KKLT, "Liar Game"—which is super addicting. I read 70 chapters the first day. (And then life got in the way)
  16. "Your future is bright... I see...roses. Many, many roses. Yellow, her favorite color. You will succeed in your endeavor, whatever it may be." "Score! Damn, thought you freaks were good for nothing, but thanks for the help!" The boy slammed five dollars down on the table before running out of the tent. "Well, that was entertaining. Not." Sakila rolled her eyes at her partner. "Of course it wasn't. I hate people who ask me such easy questions. 'What, oh, what should I do to make her notice me?' Oh, I don't know, grow a pair and ask her out on a date like a normal teenager?" The tall boy operating the smoke and lighting in Sakila's "Your Future Awaits You" tent snickered. "Well, it was a pretty obvious fortune. The girl always wears yellow accents and rose-patterned clothes. Plus, she so likes him. Do you see the way she looks at him? What an idiot." "You probably like him, too." He sighed dramatically and slid down from his ladder. "I did. Why, I really did. In fact, I even gave him chocolate on Valentine's Day our first year of high school!" His pale features were accented by heavy black make up similar to Sakila's. "Oh, leave it. Why can't this world ever give me a real challenge?" "You never know.... A real challenge could pop up any second. Maybe, it just won't be from this world...." And she thought she was the one with a stronger connection to fate. It was cold. But she was cold most of the time herself, so it didn't make too much of a difference. The place was devoid of life, except for herself, but she couldn't be counted as too much life anyway. No people... eh? None of the doors she tried opened. What was this? Turning a corner, she found her way at the beginning of a long corridor. And at the end of it was something strange. A...rabbit? The speakers cracked to life again. "Test test... Ah. Yes. I FORGOT TO MENTION SOMETHING IMPORTANT." The rabbit thing seemed to notice her and began to make it's way toward Sakila. "I HAVE RELEASED SOME DANGEROUS RABBITS--I mean ROBOTS IN THIS BUILDING. SINCE IT HAS STORED A HIGH CHARGE WITHIN ITSELF, I'M SURE YOU DON'T WANT TO TOUCH IT~!!! Bahhhhh~ I don't really care if you die, but I'll have a hard time cleaning up later so TRY NOT TO GET KILLED YEA?! KYAHAHEHEHEH~~~!! WELL, GOOD LUCK GETTING TO THE ROOM UNSCATHED!!!! TATA~!!!" She ran. Well, there wasn't too much of an option here. She turned various corners, noting that the hallways all seemed similar. Her mascara had clumped slightly while she'd been knocked out and her lashes felt sticky as she scanned the corridors for any sort of pattern. She stopped at one of the doors. Wait a second...isn't it backwards? Instead of looking like thew other plain doors in the hallway, it had buttons and a frame like the door to the room she'd woken up in. She looked back, finding the robot not yet in her line of sight and stretched a pale arm out from the folds of her cloak, pressing the button. The door slid open and she found herself face-to-face with a girl with glasses and braids. "Looks like I'm not the only sinner."
  17. Dear Anon, Hun, you need a mirror. You're ten times worse then "they" are. I get it, people have problems. People try to solve their problems. People do not constantly harass other people. Frankly, I just wanna say, "Get a frickin' life." I can already tell how we're gonna get along. Talk to me after you've matured about give years. -the observant ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Anon, Yeah I really don't know what you're thinking but you don't just suddenly join a group that way. You can't expect that to happen. You realize no one at the school (other than annoying chick who tries to flaunt her money, use everybody, and gives people that disgustingly sickeningly sweet smile all the time) actually knows you. And in front of all these strangers, you're perfectly okay with complaining (not explaining) your scandalous life story. Half the junk you say people gossip about you is probably true. It HAS to be coming from somewhere. You think you can take over my position just because we share the same name? Honey, you shoulda been there for my first day at that school. Signed, The Real McCo—Sakila PS. Like hell you know Japanese better. It took you three tries just to remember "konnichiwa", Hun.
  18. Paradichlorobenzene - Faneru + Asamaru + Jack ver.
  19. pretty~! ^^ (Happy Birthday, Chii-chan's friend!) I love that song, btw ^^
  20. Dear Anon, Okay, you've got me hooked on "Que Vida La Mia" xD Congrats~ Signed, La Student~
  21. THERE WAS A SKET DANCE OVA?! WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS? And yay! New Sketchbook music!! ^^
  22. Sakila


    That actually would have worked, had I still lived in that city.
  23. Sakila


    Eh? You didn't know that yet? I thought I already told you..... Well, it's not too big a deal. Besides, there's more than one city in Wayne county.
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