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  1. Dear Anonymouses, I was really happy, not having to pull any all-nighters this year. Until now. Thank you all for deciding to make us do projects all at the same time. An album for Spanish, a brochure for Forensics, a freaking five page essay for Algebra of all things, two essays and a presentation for the same project for Econ aka a class that cannot get any more boring, and a play for Drama next week. And let's not forget that English teacher who assigns two homework assignments every day. Aaaaaand then we have the newest season of robotics, that end-of-the-year party to plan for 4-H, etc., etc. Come on, y'all. What kind of creepy coincidence is this? Yes, I'm complaining. I know. It'll only get harder in college, right? And you're preparing us for college, right? Right right right right. I'm complaining. Sue me. Signed, the mega-cranky Sakila you only see at 3:40 something am
  2. Looks like you kinda white-washed yourself. Unless this was originally intended to be a Japanese representation of yourself.
  3. \o/ GO TWIIIIIIN!!!!!! \o\ /o/ \o/ yesyesyesyesyesyesyes soooooo agree :D CONGRATULATIONS~~~~~~~~!
  4. It probably wouldn't work. It probably wouldn't work at all. It'd probably just make the entire transcender thing blow up. Malfunction. She didn't know. She didn't care. She needed to try. She honestly needed to try. She would die again just to try. Sakila went over to the transcender and stared at it for a good, full minute before reaching out her her hand toward it... "I can't believe she's dead." Wh-what? Wait, that probably was not who she thought it was. "I didn't realize that you became fond of her so quickly." It was, wasn't it? "At least she doesn't have to live being hunted. She's in a better place." Yes, yes. If by 'better place' you mean poking your forehead. Poke. Poke. Pokity-poke-poke. "A better place than her home?!" Yeah! What that guy said! Did they know how long it'd been since she'd used her deodorant? You do not separate a girl from her deodorant. And home definitely meant deodorant. And tacos. She liked tacos. Misaki walked over and placed a hand on Tony's shoulder. She'd never placed a hand in Sakila's shoulder. Oh maybe except that one time when she being killed. "Calm down Tony. There's no point being angry about what has already happened." And she'd thought he was unworthy of a nickname! Well no longer! Now he'd earned the nickname of... Hm... Nicknames were hard to give when you were obliged to give them. "Well you know what?! I am! Because unlike you, I feel human emotions! I'm not a cyborg like you!" Oh, no he didn't. "O-oh... God, Cuz, you know that- Damnit, I'm so sorry..." Girl, he practically domestically abused you. Are you gonna stand there and take it? Sakila munched on imaginary popcorn and stared at the TV—er, Mirdorians. "Don't apologize. You merely spoke your opinion." Oh. So it wasn't going to turn into a big fight. Yawn. It's no good if there's no hair pulling. Sakila ignored them and walked over to the transcender thingy again. "...bury her...since you...fond of...great idea...girl..." Bits and pieces of their conversation drifted over to her as they walked back. Now. Sakila jumped into the transcender and it flashed, like it had when the lady had gone through. Inside it was blinding and painful. Was she even suppose to feel pain anymore? Wasn't she dead? Wasn't she? "Where'd the body go?!" The voice was distant and empty, like air blowing through a tube. Then everything turned black. ... "Oooooooooowwww. It hurts so muuuu—wait, what? It hurts. It hurts. Holy mother of roses, it hurts!" Sakila forced her eyes open to find a blue sky. Fluffy white clouds floated by. "Is this heaven? I swear, if I am on the ghost version of Punk'd right now," she said. She turned her head to see a shiny liquid covering her entire black shirt. Her arm hurt to. She craned her neck to see blood coming out. "Oh, it's just blood." . . . "It's blood!" She gave a shout before coughing heavily. "Blood! A body! Pain!" Struggling to sit up, she realized where she was. The county fair field. Where she and her coworker had set up their fortune-telling tent. The last thing she could remember before waking up in that white room. It was deserted now and she wondered how much time had passed since she'd been gone. She'd only been gone for a few days, right? Sakila stood up, holding her wound with her unhurt hand. It looked weird. There was something about the trees. Something about the grass. Something about the atmosphere. She started walking down the main highway that led to the city. It was hard work. The arm and chest were still bleeding, although much less than before. And her entire body was fatigued. A car made it's way down the road and Sakila waved at it to stop. It came to a halt next to her and a familiar looking young man in his 20s got out of the front seat. "S-Sakila? It can't be, can it?" "Can you please drive me back to town? I really need a doctor." Her chest felt worse. "It is you! How is this possible?! How are you here?!" "I'm sorry, but who are you again?" "What? How do you not know me? It's me, Aaron, who else?" "Aaron? No way... I only know one Aaron and he doesn't look like you. Although, I admit you do look similar to him." "I am him! Sakila, something's majorly wrong with you! Let's get you to the hospital ASAP to the max!" He guided her to the car and helped her into the passenger seat. "You are Aaron... Aren't you? Only you would use the words 'ASAP to the max' in an emergency. But... Why do you look so different?" "Why wouldn't I look different?! We haven't seen each other since the county fair!" The car sped off into town. Aaron drove frantically, probably growing more and more worried as blood seeped out. "Yeah, and that was less than a week ago." "Sakila...what are you talking about?" He looked over at her for a second, confused, before continuing. "The county fair was 10 years ago. There's been no trace of you for the last 10 years." Maybe it was relief from being alive again. Maybe it was relief from seeing her best friend again. Maybe it was relief from seeing the great white face of the hospital again. Or maybe it was the shock of having been transported out of her world, killed by an ally, and somehow returning 10 years later that knocked Sakila out. All she knew was that there were too many questions that she would never have any answers to. (Cough cough. So maybe it's like, "you can't be killed in a parallel world kinda thing. And my character did have stronger-than-usual ties with the supernatural! And the space-time thingy was distorted. why can't 10 years pass here when it's only been three days in Mirdora? Makes you think, eh? Anyhoo ta-da! Last post! Again, so much fun RPing! Hope we all can do it again. No hard feelings!)
  5. "Highly functioning, my foot." Sakila pouted and floated upside down, he legs folded crisscrossed-applesauce style. "You never cared about me that way!" She sniffed. Wait, sniffed? Sakila did not sniff. Maybe dying had made her more emotional. Oh, well. She turned right side up and did a twirl above Misaki's head. "I'm a little hunter, skinny and tall. I killed an ally and left her in the hall. When I get insulted, my calmness falls. I'll beat you up and leave you cold!" Death is so boring, she thought. Avenge me already! Aaaaaaveeeeenge meeeeeee! Let me go to heav--oh. yeah right. An entire lifetime of being a bad person. Um... carry on, everyone. ...Yeesh. This was the worst. Sakila floated off to the library next.
  6. (Don't mind me. Seriously, don't mind me.) Sakila's ghost floated around the airship, unaware of any danger. Actually, she was dead. There was no danger. At least not to her. She floated around bored, making funny faces behind Misaki's back and randomly poking people. What else was there to do? She was dead. "Whoooo....whoooo~~! Yellooooo? Ghost in da hizouse! Yo? Who let the dogs out?! ...I'm bored. Entertain me, my murder!" she made bunny ears behind Misaki's head. I'm not cut out for this., she decided.
  7. Dear Anonymous, "YOU ARE AWESOME. You HAVE to know that. If you don't understand how awesome you are, I will kill you. I would not be surprised if you turned out to be the most awesomest person in HISTORY. That's how awesomely awesome you are." ....Is what I used to believe. Now I want you to understand, I'm trying not to be biased. I haven't heard both sides of the story. In fact, no, I wasn't supposed to hear even one side of the story. I wasn't supposed to know anything about the situation. I was supposed to spend my time happily thinking everything was going smoothly. But nooooooooo, oh no, of couuuuuurse it wouldn't be that easy. Lately it's been really hard for me to trust people, okay? Everyone's telling me not to trust someone else and the someone elses seem so trust-able that I wanna trust them, but then the everyones think I'm not worthy of trust and I can't explain this to the someone elses why I can't truly trust them, so I lose their trust to and then I'm all alone. Yeah. And I thought of you as an escape from that. Someone who knew something was up just from my words. Someone who looked at my problems from all angles. Someone who thought through it all instead of trying to change the subject. Honestly, is it me? Am I the one who changed? I... really don't think so. It was only like... a few weeks, really. The rest of us were still together--you were the only one gone. So it can't be me who changed right? If it is you who changed, I honestly liked the old you better. I'm not saying I wish you'd change back. I just still wanna be friends. If that's okay with you. Signed, Well...A Friend..... (P.S. All those "rumors" I'll disregard. I'd rather hear the truth from you than anyone else. That is, if you want to tell me.)
  8. IthurtsIthurtsIthurtsIthurts, she repeated in her head. And there was someone screaming. Stop screaming she ordered. They didn't listen. Could they not hear her? Could they not see that she was in pain? Come to think of it, she couldn't see. Her eyes opened slightly and her hearing became less muffled. "Sakila..!!" Who in the world thought it would be a good idea to scream next to the ear of a wounded person? Do they not understand what a headache is? She turned her eyeballs a fraction of an inch. Shoulda known. "Megane," she whispered with a smile, "shut up."
  9. "We need to talk." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kai glance at them for a second. She sent Kai a look before the girl ran off. Slipping her wrist away from Misaki's hold, Sakila asked, "What about?" "Do you remember our conversation from when we first made an agreement." Sakila thought back to it and nodded. "Yes. And?" "I do as I see fit. And I think it's fitting that our agreement be terminated seeing as how you've fulfilled your usefulness." "Fine. Then terminate it." Sakila tried to slip out of the other girl's way when she felt a sudden overwhelming pain in her arm. She instinctively raised her hand to find a knife sticking out of her limb. Gritting her teeth, she held her breath as Misaki pulled it out and grabbed her wounded arm. "I don't think you understand. Terminating our contract means that we revert back to our original roles. I'm a hunter and you're the prey. I kill. You die." "Heh." Sakila sank to the floor. Her arm was killing her. She'd always had a low tolerance for pain. "Not a shred of humanity in you, I see." "I wonder," she said as she plunged the knife down into her heart. Sakila let a out a soft, pathetic cry. Misaki got up and walked away, saying, "I'd say it was nice working with you, but it really wasn't. I usually don't get shot at that much." She was alone. Alone with nothing but her thoughts. Her chest kept pouring out blood in amounts unbelievable to her. Was she going to die? After coming so far, was she going to die right before getting home? I loved Mom's roses, she thought. She lost consciousness for a second before waking up again. Her thoughts were jumbled and she could only make out the faint silhouette of her surroundings. I can't die here. I don't wanna die here. I still have to get home. I have homework to do. Ms Ayers is going to kill me if I don't turn in that essay. And I still have to earn enough money from my fortune-telling. Her eyes burned and she could feel the hot tears dripping down her cheeks. I still need to earn more money. Mom's birthday is in two weeks. I miss her. I miss her. I miss home. I miss it all. I wanna go back. I wanna go back there. I wanna go back to Mom. I want to hug her. I want to tell her I love her. I don't want my last words to her be about not being able to come home for dinner. The light finally started fading away and her chest and arm were numb. She couldn't move much anymore. I wanna go home. I wanna go home. Everything faded away.
  10. Tokyo Crazy Paradise~ lol, old-timey mangas are so cute sometimes xD
  11. (Sorry, sorry. That's my cue.) Sakila loved the wind in her face as she poked her head out the window. Most of the people in the Jeep were singing along to the music. But Sakila wasn't too keen on singing aloud. She has enough of that back home. Her coworker loved to burst out into song whenever and wherever. Sakila thought about him and her mother. What were they doing? Was her mother trimming the roses outside their house? Had her coworker set up shop already? Was he chasing away all the hot boys by coming on too strong as usual? Sakila sighed and held on to the window tightly as the Jeep jerked. The New Mirdora Acute Films Inc. sign came up not too long after. "Finally!" Sakila shouted. She jumped out of the Jeep with everyone else, Misaki right after her. Suddenly, something whizzed by hair and before long, she heard the sound of impact. Turning around, she found blood leaking out of Misaki's shoulder. The girl immediately retaliated and fired a few bullets of her own in the general direction, but the shooter seemed to be gone. As everyone asked how she was, Sakila stepped back and watched as Misaki slipped out of her soiled t-shirt, revealing a busted blood bag. Interesting, thought Sakila. After she was ready, the team headed out again, but this time, it was Sakila's turn to be shot at. Thankfully, only with paper. The piece of paper landed right between her eyes and she peeled it off with a frown. Opening it up, she read the message to herself silently before reading it aloud to the whole group: "Wanna know more about the truth? Meet me in the HQ 2nd story AV room. Bring the prey along. ~Laurence" "Well," Sakila said as she looked at the three Mirdorians in the group, "Know anyone called Laurence?"
  12. ^Now that's a true and admirable fangirl.
  13. "Hurry up. And grab her stuff, too." "You know, I don't see you doing any heavy lifting." "Right, leave the heavy lifting to the short prey girl with black makeup and overly-powdered face. Great idea. Not to mention the beeping watch that already draws attention. What if I have to duck?What if I--" "Alright! I get it ...Shut up." Sakila heard a grunt as Tony picked up the large black bag filled with equipment. She shut the door to the room and made her way to the elevators, which were fortunately close. As if on cue, the one closest to them opened and Sakila stopped in her tracks, seeing who it was. "Sakila?!" "Wh-What are you doing here?" "M-Megane?" She grinned. "Made it here right on time, I see." Then she noticed it. In the elevator, a man had Autumn in his grasp. "Tony! She's an ally!" "Right!" Tony pulled out an extra Glock from Misaki's bag and pointed it at the man in the trench coat. "Let her go," Sakila demanded. "Yeah, right! You shoot, and she's done for!" He turned his attention to Tony. "What are you doing anyway?! Aren't you loyal to Mirdora? What are you doing helping prey?" Had he not noticed TJ yet? He was only addressing Tony. Sakila discreetly looked to her right. TJ was hiding behind the wall adjacent to the elevator door. A slight bit of blood had seeped through the bandages wrapped around his forehead. He nodded at them slightly. "This practice is sick! Aren't we all human?" This from Kai. "You things aren't human! You're not even from Mirdora, you aliens!" A pipe came out of nowhere and banged against the far wall. The man in the trench coat turned his attention from everyone else for just a second and Tony immediately pulled the trigger. The bullet grazed his cheek which was already somewhat burned--from what, Sakila didn't know. But it startled him enough and he released is hold on Autumn who slipped out and kicked his feet out from under him. Kai, who was close, immediately offered a kick to the face, knocking him unconscious. "Come on!" TJ, who'd been the one to throw the pipe, appeared, and helped Tony drag the prone man out from inside the elevator. The two propped him up against the wall. Quickly checking his clothes, they found a two pistols and a knife. Sakila offered them to the girls. "We're gonna need some firepower." The five went down to the parking lot and got into TJ's Jeep. "Where are we headed?" Kai asked as she got into the back with Sakila and Autumn. She looked a bit unsure about the two Midorians sitting up front, but was smiling nonetheless. TJ started up the Jeep an pulled out onto the main road. "Well, I guess the headquarters would be the best place to head to. Our watches will point in its general direction for a few more minutes." "Here." TJ pulled out a GPS system. "Compare it to this." "Tony, are there any buildings around here that could constitute a headquarters?" Sakila passed him the device and let him view her watch. "Uh, well... in this direction. I guess the best bet would be the New Mirdora Acute Films Inc. office building. It has a lot of facilities on the side as well. Whatcha think TJ?" "Yeah," he said simply as he made a sharp turn. Sakila fell back in her seat and turned to the girls. "Have you guys had anything to eat yet?" She opened Misaki's equipment bag which they'd stocked with food from the mini-fridge. For a while, the only sounds in the Jeep were those of people eating. Sakila was just finishing up a packet of peanuts when Tony spoke up. "How do you think Cuz is doing?" "Dunno," came Sakila's reply. "Girl's tough. Doubt she'll get into too much trouble." It fell silent again. ... "Say, how come I'm the only one without a nickname?" Ring. Ring. "Mimorin!" "Darnit, where's my phone? ...Misaki? Where are you? We've been waiting for a while now... That--... Do you want us to pick you up?... He better have not!... Sorry. Well, we'll be there in ten to fifteen minutes." "What happened?" "HE STOLE MY RIDE," came from between gritted teeth. Sakila rolled her eyes. "I meant to Mimorin." "Oh. She's in the hospital. He knocked her unconscious, but she's good now. We need to pick her up. TJ." "On our way there." Once they reached the hospital, aptly named Mirdora General, Sakila jumped out and stretched. It was a hot night and she took off the cloak to revealing a baggy black t-shirt. "Mimorin, over here." Th girl made her way over and Tony offered her shotgun, jumping into the back with the prey. "Headed to the HQ?" She doesn't miss a beat, does she? "Yep." "Alright. TJ, stop for a second." The Jeep slowed to a stop. "Why, girl?" Misaki rolled down the window and took out a gun. Aiming at one of the nearby people with a beeping watch, she shot and rolled the window back up. "He looked familiar," Tony remarked. "Yeah, he's one of the Mirdorian prey. Th pedophile who was targeting this area two years ago. Scum like him don't deserve to live anyway. Plus, I needed to kill someone." Sakila, Autumn, and Kai looked down at their watches, which had stopped beeping. "Guess time's up." "But we know where the HQ is." "Off to the New Mirdora Acute Films Inc. office." TJ drove off.
  14. "Well, I guess you two are coming with me," Sakila said with a strange smile. "I get the feeling we're about to be hooked up to torture devices," Tony said wryly. "Oh, kiddo. You are in no position to talk." Sakila flicked him on the forehead and and grinned when he let out an "Ow!" "...Stupid little..." Sakila ignored this as they made their way to the elevator and up to the 20th floor. The music was slightly annoying and Sakila found herself tapping her foot impatiently. "...Can't believe that idiot got away." "Oi, Crackhead—" "Just because I got hit in the head you call me "crackhead"?" "—trust me, he didn't. Turns out bombs are Mimorin's best friends." "Bombs?" "Oh, it's just that before we left the car, we found some of his equipment inside. I'm not sure what she did but she activated a bomb that's set to go off in...oh, three minutes? It's in the trunk so it won't kill him, but his ride will be busted." "And then he'll be trapped with no salvation from Cuz! Sweet." "Very sweet, indeed," Sakila agreed as the elevator door opened with a ding. Off in the distance, the Idiot's car's trunk exploded and a certain someone was not too far behind.
  15. "Who're you supposed to be?" "Sakila." Sakila had interrupted his phone call and he promptly hung up, glaring at her. "So? What do you wa--hey! You're prey! How'd you get all the way in here? Heh! You're in trouble now! My cousin happens to be in the hunt and she'll mop the floo--" "Mimorin, right?" "Mimorin?" he parroted. "Did you just give her a pet name?" "I give everyone names. So far, there's Megane, Sakuranbo, Mimorin, and of course, The Idiot." "I have no idea what you're talking about, but just wait until Cuz gets wind of this!" He whipped out his cellphone and called her. Sakila couldn't hear what was being said on the other end, but she smirked as she watched his reaction. "Hey Cuz! You won't believe this! I found prey! Yeah, at the hotel! No idea how she got in here though. What? Yeah. Um, yeah, she is. How do you know--yeah she's wearing black clothes. What? WHAT?! Partner?! What partner?! But I--but you--but--so what do I do? Aw man! And I really wanted to--Fine! I got it! Don't worry, Cuz, you can trust me. Yeah. Okay. Later." He looked back over at her suspiciously. "I don't know what you're up to, but I don't know where Cuz is and even if I did, I wouldn't tell ya." "That's fine. I actually wanted to talk to you." "Me?" "You recently offered to set someone straight for messing with your cousin? Well, I know that someone and I've gotten quite tired of him. I refer to him as The Idiot. You probably know him as the F-1 driver." "You know where he is?! Take me to him right now! He's gonna wish he was never born! No one messes with the Mimoris!" "Of course. But will you be able to take him on alone?" "Hey, you're right! I should probably call TJ back." Sakila waited around the arcade as the one called Tony set up his plans. As they waited for the one called TJ to show up, Sakila decided to find some means of transportation. Just as a precaution. She quickly ran out to the parking lot. Sakila looked around and spotted Misaki's now useless bike. That's not gonna get us anywhere... Sakila then found the Ferrari she'd arrived here in. I've always liked Ferraris... She walked up to it and took out a shining silver item from the folds of her cloak. She shoved took turns shoving the various keys on the keychain she'd stolen from The Idiot. The seventh key finally clicked. After double-checking the ride for any problems, Sakila went back to the arcade to find that more than just TJ had arrived. "This the girl?" "Yep." "Name's TJ. Heard ya got some info on the one who messed with my girl." "I do indeed. Are these your...friends?" Sakila gestured toward the ten or so men armed in one way or another behind him. Tony and TJ grinned and Sakila took that as a 'yes'. "Follow me, then." Sakila led the group up to the sixth floor to the room next to hers. "He's in here," she said. "Wait a second." Sakila knocked on the door and heard a faint "Who is it?" from inside. "Sakila," she replied. "We've got trouble." Aleksander opened the door and came face to face with the group. "What's this?" he asked, surprised. Sakila only smirked and said, "Sorry, Idiot, I was on Misaki's team the whole time. Now meet her friends." The men shoved past her into the room and closed the door behind them. Sakila cringed slightly at the immediate sounds of violence before heading downstairs. She was about to find her real partner when a familiar beeping stopped her in her tracks. "HEYA~ NYAHAHA THIS IS THE BUNNY! I'M here to bring you all some HORRIBLE NEWS again! KYAHAHA~!!!! WELL! I suddenly decided to be EVIL and CAME UP WITH A HORRENDOUS PLAN! And that is... at every 12 midnight, ALL of your watches, WILL RING LIKE CRAZY FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR!!! KYAHAHAHA~! But no sweat, that only means that the hunters will be able to locate you OH SO MUCH MORE easily~ BUT I WILL GIVE YOU A BONUS DURING THAT TIME! What is that you ask~~ Hmmm~ That is, ALL of your watches will show a cursor, POINTING TO THE DIRECTION OF THE HEADQUARTERS!!! WAHAHAHA~ AINT I WONDERFUL?! Well, let's see... THERE IS STILL A FEW HOURS TO MIDNIGHT. YOU MIGHT WANNA DECIDE ON WHAT YOU WOULD DO~~~ ENJOY THE REMAINING TIME~ BUAIZZZZ!" Many of the hotel guests stared at her and Sakila looked around for any nearby hunters. Finding none, she ran to the parking lot and took out her phone. "Yo, Mimorin? We might just have a problem. And I really need your help!"
  16. Had to do commercials for a school project. I say, I was very proud of them ^^ Roro-nee and I are his baaaalllllllssss
  17. (What I wanna know is what kinda restaurant has sand?) Sakila watched as her ally checked her phone before she left the restaurant. Her right eyebrow rose slightly before she immediately got right back to business. Good, she knows. Now what to do about that idiot... Exiting the restaurant, she made her way around the hotel/casino, bored. Her partner was no longer in danger and her "partner" was nowhere to be found. Sakila was passing by an arcade when she saw a familiar face. I know him. Her acquaintance. He was talking on the phone excitedly. Sakila was interested.
  18. Made two commercials, wrote an essay or two, and chatted with KKLT and Roro-nee about Kuroko.... And his (basket)balls.
  19. "Where the hell is he at?" Sakila skirted around a pillar and saw a figure slipping away. She followed it and watched as the figure sabotaged a certain someone's means of transportation. She pulled out her cell in the shadows and sent a quick text. "Hope you have friends in high places, or at least someone with a set of wheels. You don't wanna get back on your baby again, trust me." She turned it back off and made her way back to the main hall. Slipping into the Solario Restaurant, she took one of the far seats and looked around. Her watch was flashing. She was close.
  20. Stupid pricey hotel food. Forced me to miss breakfast
  21. Sakila sat around the hotel room after taking a nice hot bath. She decided it'd be best to call then. "Hello? "It's Sakila. Thought I'd let you know of our position." "That'd be helpful. Although I can't guarantee I'll be able to do too much at the moment." "Why not?" Sakila heard crunching on the other end of the line. "I just got out of a...certain situation and it'll take me a while to follow through on the plan." "Alright then. The location is apparently called the Mirdora Opryland. Any word on the other two?" "That's your priority. The person on the other end promptly hung up. Sakila looked at the phone for a second before shrugging and going out to find the hotel spa. (Lol the hotel I'm currently at is called the "Gaylord Opryland" xD)
  22. Dear Anonymous, Give it up. Stuff happens to everyone. No way in hell you're special. Signed, Anonymous Dear Me, Gosh, you're such an idiot! It's been three freaking hours! Just go for it Sakila, nothing will happen, okay?! Just go for it! Jeez, you're such a wimp. No one will stare, no one will say anything. AHHHH, you're such an idiot!!!!!!!! >_____< Maybe it's because you're all alone? I dunno. You gave up your favorite shirt and wore some lame t-shirt for this! DO SOMETHING USEFUL! Signed, Me
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