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  1. You know you're addicted to DC when: -you start wearing blue all the time -you search all over the internet for the best DC pics for your wallpaper -you rent a dvd from somewhere and REFUSE to give it back because there's a DC trailer on it -you watch and rewatch aforementioned trailer so many times, that the dvd and dvd player break *achem* -you start fangirling whenever anything that remotely reminds you of DC comes around -your cousins come over from new york and can no longer understand you because everything you say happens to refer to DC -you can't spend any time with your cousins from new york because your always on your Kindle reading DC fanfics and manga -you get the chills because of your obvious obsession. That's when you know. You DEFINITELY know.
  2. the first two are in order, but rest, i just heart. 1. DC!!! oh, come on, like no one expected that to be no. 1, ne? but why?...uh its AWESOME?!?!?! but, really, it leaves you interacting with the story. plus, it helps you deduce...stuff better. Anyhoo, its A.W.E.S.O.M.E. 2. Inuyasha! okay, so i started out watching the movies, and i thought they were really cool, so then i started watching the anime, and i got hooked. sadly its all finished now. *wipes away tears* 3. Bleach! there's some real good fighting scenes in bleach and i <3 the action 4. FMA. i just like it. nice storyline. the loyalty between the brothers, the humor, how short Ed is..lol 5. La Corda D' Oro, I'm team Tsukihino!!! thats all
  3. you know ur addicted to DC if: -you have at least one (but probably more) DC songs on your iPod -you start going :"koori no ue ni tatsu yo ni...what? what're you looking at?" -you start to make lame deductions -you hear the names shinichi, jimmy, ran, rachel, etc. and go "what?! where?!" -you say one truth prevails is ur motto -you go "Jimmy" in a really creepy way whenever you see his picture -you go "Conan" in a really creepy way whenever you see his picture -you just happen to have a bowtie near you -you are interested in holmes and go around like u've always been a HUGE fan of his -you are reading this right now
  4. i don't know the episode # but it's called the valentine murder case. however, it's very early. i think this is the one ur talking about. and the next episode is called "gomera!" i think it's episode 128.
  5. oh! the one where he uses the i-beam? it's episode 58: the sunfish murder.
  6. it's not a scene from the actual shows or anything, but i <3 this pic. it's from movie 1. http://www.animegalleries.net/img/324704 there's another pic tht's similar to it, and i think its cuter, bt i can't find it.
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