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  1. Dear Anonymouses, My feminist spirit is on fire~ ^^ Thank you very much for not recognizing such an obvious event. And we're an all-girls school Come on now! We speak about this stuff on a daily basis—heck Google even provided everyone a helpful doodle. And yet.... *sigh* Oh well, maybe if I harass you all some more next year, we'll finally do something for IWD. Signed, The Coordinator for Various School Events (AKA the Person You Should Really Listen To Sometimes)
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    I'm a few miles east in Wayne County.
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    I saw Michigan. GREETINGS FROM MICHIGAAAAAAN~~~~~ (Although I doubt you live near where I do in MI) 91 Furbya?! NINETY-ONE FURBYS?! Anyhoo, welcome to DCW! Make friends, post around and have fun! ^^ Also, AL, the correct romanization would be "Ichigo Hyaku Paasento" the "Hyaku" is spoken fast and the "u" isn't pronounced prominently so I guess it would sound like "yak"
  4. I dreamed I was talking with my mom and we were looking over a book together when I suddenly remembered falling off a cliff. The flashback was in black and white, unlike the rest of the dream (silly thorough subconscious) Anyway, I realized in the dream that I'd died already when I'd fallen off the cliff and that I wouldn't be able to stay for much longer. I held my mother and we sobbed for a while before I felt a light surround me and I rose up into the unknown.
  5. Hahahaha, cross-dressing's fun though ^^ Dengeki Daisy. Been meaning to read it since 8th grade and never got around to it.
  6. Because your dreams are pervy, you perv. Hmmmm, well today, I dreamed I took a shower in my room and for some reason, nothing got wet. And then I was at a celebration probably something to do with the queen of England. And there were these two buildings connected by a rickety metal bridge. I was standing with this really tall girl with a cute pink jacket under the bridge watching the procession go by on the bridge. Then I was in top of the bridge right after the halfway point. There was this little girl running back and forth across the bridge and she looked royal for some reason and she had flowers pinned to her hair. She started acting like a spoiled brat and jumping up and down and fell off the bridge but I was able to catch her. Meanwhile, this guy in the procession from before was right below me and helped bring her down. And then the queen of England passed by him strangely decked out in a girly version of Prince William's clothes. And then I found myself in my closet changing my clothes. The end.
  7. No. 6 Result of being bored and browsing through crunchyroll. Hiwever, can't help but wonder: is it yaoi? Is it not yaoi? It's driving me nuts!
  8. Love So Life Boku Ni Natta Watashi Aishiteruze Baby Love Celeb Iya Da Nante Iwasenai
  9. ...No. And it takes me quite a while to actually start dreaming after I do fall asleep. :V I got a rep for dreaming about you? Wow, I should do it more often. (At least now, AL can't make perverted statuses about my reps.)
  10. I dreamed I was typing "KKLT" Then I woke up and replied to KKLT.
  11. (Just an epilogue. I couldn't help myself from posting one more time.) "Here! Whatcha doing, have a drink, ma'am!" "Eh, what?" "It's thanks to all of you that we were able to win! You should be celebrating! The Forceless are down! Then Forceless are down! Woohoo!" She stared at the orange drink in her hand. She wasn't sure if orange juice was the only thing in there. Leaving the untouched drink on a nearby table, she surveyed her surroundings once again. "Oh! Um, Brent, I think. May I speak to you for a second?" "Didn't you use to call me Sir before?" "...Sir?" "Uh, never mind. What is it?" "I... I don't know what's going on." "What do you mean? Relax Sakila. Just enjoy the party! I shouldn't have to be the one telling you that! The Forceless are down!" He took a swig of his drink and laughed heartily. "But that's just it. What Forceless? What's going on? I... I... I don't remem—" "Sakila! Over this way now. Let's not bother the boss." It was a peculiar girl with a big green hood covering her face. "Can you help me?" Sakila asked as they began walking away. "What's going on?" "It's hard to explain everything now. But tell me how much you remember." "I... Not much. You all call me Sakila and it sounds familiar, but I don't know why. And I don't remember where I live or what I do or who my parents are." "Hmm... Well how about history? Do you remember any basic information?" "I... Well, the Armed Forces run Nubinelle. And the 8th Battalion and Nubinelle Rebellion oppose their rule and protect the nation. But that's just basic knowledge. Everyone knows that. When I try to go in depth about it, my head starts hurting." The girl took her hood off to reveal a young face framed by wispy red hair. "I see... I'll fill you in then. The Armed Forces have just been defeated. This party is in celebration of that. And you're... Well, I think some things, you have to find out for yourself. Everything will reveal itself with time. Just go with the flow for now and have fun." "Okay..." "Hey sister!" Sakila turned to find a boy running over to her. "I underestimated ya! You 8ths aren't that bad after all! The Forceless are down!" He pumped his fist before running off. "Who was that...? He seemed familiar." "You'll find many people who seem familiar." "Like you. You're familiar, too ...Who are you, by the way?" "Oh, I'm an ex-8th. You can call me... Mokou." Mokou... "Sakila!" She turned around once again to find Kuu flitting over with the girl named Vivi. "Who were you talking to?" "Oh, just... Huh? Where did she...?" The girl named Mokou was no longer there. "Sakila?" "It's nothing. I wasn't talking to anyone in particular." "Oh, I see. Huh, anyways, they have strawberry-flavored yogurt over there, want some?" "Really?! I love strawberry yogurt! Oh!" She blurted it out without thinking. "... I think I just realized something about myself..." "We'll let's go already!" The girl set off in the opposite direction. Thank you, Sakila, for setting me free. Sakila felt the voice reach her, but she couldn't tell where it came from. "Sakila!" "Coming!" And with that, she set off, determined to start anew. She didn't know who she was, where she was, or what she'd done in her past. But she'd didn't know what she'd do in the future either. All she knew was that there were people around her who cared and there had been people like that for her before. All she could do now was carry on. "Coming, Vivi!"
  12. I dreamed about blue potatoes. ...I'm hungry.
  13. (Awwwww, I was planning on staying dead, but how could I ignore that? <3333) Hot... That's the first thing she realized. The sun was beating down on her face. And her head was resting on hard ground. Slowly... Slowly, she tried opening her eyes before immediately closing them again. A shadow was suddenly cast over her face and she stopped scrunching her eyes together so tightly. "Sakila! Sakila, you're alive!!" Who was that? She opened her eyes again, this time a bit less disoriented, and found herself face-to-face with another girl. Tears were running down her face, but she had a relieved smile. "What... What happened...?" Her voice sounded terrible and her throat burned with pain. "I reversed the effects of Reaper's Touch, making it heal, instead of hurt. How are you feeling?" "Like I just died." "You did." It was another voice. Younger. She twisted her head to see two others near her. Her still-blurry eyes couldn't make out their faces. "I just have one question," she began, as she struggled to sit up. The first girl put her arm around her back and helped her do so. "...Who are you all? Better yet, who am I?" (Dun dun dunnnnn!!!! Lol couldn't help but put in another twist~!)
  14. The remaining Battalion and Rebellion members were still celebrating as Ash, Misaki, Vivi, Brent, Jackson, Sakila, and a few others slipped away. "East wing area," Sakila directed. "That's where the offices are. That's probably where she'll be. Security's not so bad. With Sparrow plus Misaki and Vivi, well be able to bypass easily." Sakila glanced at Sparrow quizzically. So, she wasn't going to mention anything about the whole "pops" speech she gave back in the silo. "Tell me some time, how exactly we're related," Sakila whispered before running ahead to the front of the group. "Alright, there are two guards out here and two inside, followed by 8x2 guards down the entire main hall. I'm assuming we'll find Yi at the end—Petya? "No way!! There's no way. How on earth did he get out?!" This from Vivi. "In fact, how is he always getting out?" "Doesn't matter. I'll just open up a can of whup-ass on him again." The sound of a fist slapping against a palm. She could only guess who said that. "Ey, Yi's right there with 'im!" "One more battle. One more time. Come on," Jackson said, with a hard expression. "Let's go." "Stop. This is enough." The group turned toward the voice. "...T?!" "Correct. And this last battle will not be yours to fight." He lifted his hand and flicked his wrist. Dozens of IS agents quickly appeared, surrounding Yi and Petya. Both were bound and taken away. "They won't be bothering us for a while." "...Why? What's your reason for helping us now?" "Simply because you won the game. In return, we will allow you to continue protecting Nubinelle. For any other Armed Forces uprisings, we will provide our support. Interesting battle, though, wasn't it?" "...Interesting? You call this interesting?! All the bloodshed? All the murder?! Why on earth should we trust you after everything that happened?" "You are referring to Mokou, correct? Actually, that worked towards your benefit. Do not think you were the only double agent, Sakila. Mokou is Yi's daughter." "What?!" "Yes. I believe the only one who suspected her was Tasha. That explains your dislike for her." Tasha looked away silently. "The IS will provide you with whatever you need. In return, you must remember to not try and oppose it. We've been watching from the shadows for all this time, and we will continue doing so. And Sakila. You fulfilled your side of the deal when you killed Mokou. You may still join the IS. Your parents are both alive and well." "I... No. Not anymore." She pulled out the book she'd found in the library all those days ago. "This. Could you please give this to them?" A soldier arrived and took it from Sakila. "I don't want to be a part of any faction. I never did." "Suit yourself. Oh, and Vivi. I'm sure you've figured this out already. You were the one who bypassed the system. Those missiles, none of them were real." "I—I, uh, might have known that." She looked down at her shoes. Most of the soldiers were gone and Sakila wondered what more there was to say. "Remember these words, 8th Battalion and Nubinelle Rebellion members. We shall meet again soon." With that, T walked away. "I guess that's that. We'll launch a full-scale investigation once we return to headquarters..." Brent and Jackson led the group away from the deserted east wing. Sakila waited until everyone was already far up ahead. "Hey, Vivi!" She shouted. The rest of the group kept going but Misaki, Vivi and Sparrow turned back around. "Guess what?" Her voice was watery and tears were starting to fall from her eyes. "I really considered you a friend," she shouted. "And not just you! Misaki, too! And Sparrow! You're my cousin aren't you?!" The older girl looked away but nodded. Slowly, Sakila reached into her purse and pulled out a silver object. The sun finally peeked through the clouds, making it shine in the light. "YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! I'M SORRY FOR EVERYTHING!" And with that, she brought the knife in her hand to her neck and slit it. She slumped to the ground, smiling. "...Really, sorry for everything," she finished before closing her eyes and taking her final breath. The last thing she heard was footsteps hurrying towards her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [There. Totally totally totally bent the rules here, but I worked towards the conclusion, so hope you guys don't mind. And I added loooootsa twists! And I'm dead! Woohoo! But at least we won. Kinda. But I guess IU will kill us all anyways. That's why I just saved her the trouble. Off to hell with me! Anyways, had a lot of fun with this IRL. Pleasure working with everybody!]
  15. (Can I just use this moment to say that I used my ability on myself and Vivi, thus making us both invisible. I am invisibly fighting off any looneys sent towards me while making sure Vivi is able to hack into the controls. Note that Vivi's power is the ability to hijack an electronic device. Whatever you do, that's her power which means its stronger than ALL of our hacking skills put together. So even infecting with codes, resetting pass codes, whatever, the system will let her through. But screw that. We got only today left. Lets just go all out~ ...Now if only I knew what to write...)
  16. "Fine then. I asked because I thought it'd be more strategic. Me backing you up isn't as great as you backing me up. Not sure if you remember, but I'm not a close-combat person." Sakila stood back to back with Vivi, holding her arm. She concentrated for a few seconds before completely cloaking Vivi. "There, that should keep us for a while." "Go," said Sakila as she ran forward, kneeing an oncoming soldier in the stomach before elbowing his back and bringing him to his knees. She kicked his face back up and slammed her the heel of her boot against his face, knocking him out. Another soldier ran towards the control panel, but Sakila stuck out her foot and tripped him. "Over here, she said, as the soldier turned towards the signs of her voice. She gave him a swift chop to the back of the neck, making him expose his neck, which she stabbed with a pen from her purse. Two down. A dozen to go. "Any luck with the pass code over there?"
  17. Sakila glanced at the missiles before looking around for the most important thing: the control pad. She ran up a flight of metal stairs, finding herself at the back of the missiles with a giant screen. The buttons and switches in front if her indicated the controls. Let's see... Fingerprint-automated switch... I can probably bypass that. The problem is this pass code. It's been set so it's unreadable. Then...maybe I should for it from the inside out? "Vivi! Does Kuu have any USB capabilities?" "What? What for?" "If you guys are able to hold them off, I'm sure I can use my phone to hack into the missile control system! Whaddaya say? You thinki it's possible?"
  18. "Brent!!" The man turned around, unable to find the source of the voice. "In front of you! Sorry!" Sakila deactivated her ability and manged to pull Brent aside from the battle. "Sakila! Exp—" "Not now!! You're in trouble. You're going the wrong way! The missiles are housed in that building over there!" Sakila pointed at the storage house. "What's going on here?" "Jackson. Sakila here says the missiles are in a different building." "Should we trust her?" "Don't pretend I'm not here! I know I'm under extreme suspicion, but what's gonna happen when you enter an empty warehouse and fall into an AF trap?! I'm the best guide you have to this silo!" "Got it, then." "Jackson, are you sure?" "Just go with it for once, Brent. Do it my way, take a risk." "This risk might kill everyone." "Everyone here is already prepared to die. At least let them die with a chance to win." Brent seemed uneasy but nodded. The three, including Sakila, ran back out to the battle field, directing the soldiers toward the correct warehouse. "Oi! Misaki! We need your help," Sakila yelled once they'd reached the warehouse. The girl looked over, a glare appearing on her face as she realized who'd called her. "WHAT?" "This door. We need you to metalbend it. Inside lie the missiles. But be prepared, I'm sure they have protection in there."
  19. Dear Anonymous, I find it funny and sad you needed help to figure that out. Not exactly. You're close, though. Notice that its in the signature of the letter, not the body. Its not you I'm flipping off. Signed, The person who was going through a moment of self-hatred when she first utilized that particular signature
  20. Dear anon, The name of this topic is "Dear Anonymous" And it's someone special to my heart <3 someone who has been for a while now Signed, _ _ | _ _ | _ _
  21. Dear anonymous, I love you. Signed, Sakila
  22. Dear anon, I do not wish to explain. Lets just leave it as a signature. Signed, _ | _ _
  23. Dear Anon, That helps. Signed, _ | _ _
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