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  1. Dear Anonymouses, Now kiss! Signed, Spectator
  2. Dear Anonymous, Who's been shipping Erza and Rose without telling me? Signed, Ship Captain
  3. You know, one of those spam text thingies recently introduced me to trypophobia and I've been looking into it for a while. If you just google the term, the images will make you squirm. I wouldn't say I have the phobia myself. (For example, bubbles and such I'm fine with) but some of the stuff on there gave me goosebumps! Like the pictures with humans. Or Surinam toads. I was even kinda freaked out about some stuff I'd usually be okay with like honeycombs. Oh well. Just saying though, it's an interesting topic until you get to the point where it gives you the creeps at night and you go to sleep fearing there'll be holes in your fingers when you wake up. Which means I need to stop, regroup, and research more a week later.
  4. Dear Anonymous, I usually don't like asking "How about you?" It's not because I'm mean (not saying that I'm not mean). It's not because I have bad manners. It's not because I don't care about your opinion. It's just that if I talk to you about myself, I just assume you'll do the same. That's all. Of course I care about you. Of course I want to know. I just don't want you to be prompted to answer me. Just let me know like I let you know. And that cannot be the reason you're mad at me. Signed, Sakila~
  5. XD yay~~ now I can rep you since you posted it up ^^ *huggles*
  6. Miracles do happen! HanaKana as Nisekoi's Onodera?! (Although I happen to be a Chitoge fangirl~ la)
  7. Haku sat down at a desk near the center of the room and stared at the door to the classroom. The brief second that man had opened it to step out gave him a view of the outside world. It was like nothing was out of the ordinary. Like no one cared what was happening to them. There were so many things he couldn't explain. So many things that shouldn't be but were. These rules... He had to figure them out. But for now, the only option was to follow Hiragi's advice. Be a good student, huh? Well, what did good students do? They behaved. Sat at their desks quietly. Paid attention in class. Tried to answer questions. Took notes. Maybe that'd help. Hakuyan grabbed a notebook off the floor and a pencil from the desk. He began scribbling down everything they knew so far about the game. There had to be some kind of pattern to it. "If anyone has any theories that could help us win, I'd like to hear them," he said. "The most confusing rules are the ones that expect us to say certain things." "Maybe they just want us to be nice?" "I guess. But to who, when, why, etc. is what we need to figure out."
  8. Showed my little brother some of the saddest scenes back to back. He looks up at me and smiles.... Before bursting into tears. Hugged the little guy for an hour after that. Oh, and he even created a dance to Dango Daikazoku
  9. Haku nodded, indicating he'd given the same answer. He hoped both he and Misaki were right. But That just meant someone else was wrong. Suddenly the voice boomed again. "It seems this puzzle is a little too easy. Hmmm. But I don't mind. Miyu, Hiragi, Hakuyan, and Rose. You have lost 1 point due to breaking a rule. Trust me, you do not want to lose 7 points. You have 6 points left." Hakuyan steeled his nerves. He couldn't believe this. What had he done to lose points. But maybe... he could use this as a clue to figure out the rules. What happened next was something he was't prepared for. One of the boys snatched his bat away ran towards the window. Some of his classmates grabbed whatever they could and tried smashing the windows open. "Oh, gosh, no." Before they knew it, bullets came hurtling towards them. Half of class 2-A was gone in an instant. The boy who sat next to him, laughed at his jokes, and hung out with him during lunch screamed out his girlfriend's name and used a dead body as a shield to get to the window. But before he could make it, the bomb on the nape of his neck exploded, killing him. He'd died for the sake of a girl who Haku knew for a fact was not at all faithful. "...Jeez," he hissed. A nudge brought him back to reality. Hiragi stood next to him. She quickly scribbled a note and handed it to him. Be a good student. People who had tried to break out were killed, you shouldn't leave without the teacher's permission. People who used bad language were exploded. A good student...huh. He was anything but a good student. But... what could he do.... In this classroom of doom. "Argh!" He knew that voice! Miyutan? He joined the group of girls surrounding his girlfriend and followed Misaki's advice. He clenched Hiragi's note in his fist. "Good job, Misaki-chan. You act well under pressure," he commented softly. The girls spoke about another infraction, but Hakuyan was only half-listening. What to do next? "Hey Sasaki..." Miyu began. "You know... that girl who was here earlier to look for you?" That girl? Now that Miyu mentioned it, he remembered what she'd been talking about before. It'd been after a harsh breakup and he'd pulled the closest girl into his arms. It just happened to be her... Wait! Had Miyu noticed?! "Wh-whoa!Erm, sh-she's just...." "I think she's already..." she trailed off and pointed to a stack of bodies. "Oh..." He got up and went over to the girl's body. Takahashi Shiina. That's right. Avid member of the debate team. Good at academics. One of the top 20. "Sorry, Shiina-chan. I'm sorry for being such a terrible person. I'm sorry my last words to you were a lie... I... hope you're in a better place now." Getting up, he walked back to the group of survivors who had gathered around Miyu. "Hey...let's break up."
  10. "A-a-alright, everyone. Lets...um...lets...." Hakuyan glanced at the class rep desperately trying to restore order throughout the classroom. Jumping up on the nearest desk, he shouted above the clamor. "Hey everybody! SHUT UP!" The classroom went silent and a few whimpers were heard. "Now class rep, what were you trying to say?" "Er...I just, um, thought, m-maybe we should use the b-b-buddy...system?" "Alright, you guys heard her! Buddy system, now! The one we use for emergencies!" "What the hell, man?! Nobody cares about some buddy system, we're all gonna die! We're all gonna end up like Eiji over there!" Haku winced but countered. "We need to think rationally about this! Now grab your partner! It's better than sitting down and waiting to die! After you have your partner, write down your answers on a piece of paper and place it on the desk, like Miyu did! Got it?!" He jumped down as people started shuffling around. His own partner was none other than Misaki. "Hey." "Hi." A smile. He wasn't sure what was going through her head, but she didn't seem to ruffled by the situation. "Let's do this, shall we?" He ripped out some notebook paper and write down his answer, placing it in the teacher's desk. Their teacher had gone to the staff lounge soon after the announcements about the research challenge was made, leaving them alone. Hakuyan returned to Misaki's side, seeing that she had already finished giving her answer. "H-hey, what do you think it is?" "Uh, 3, I guess?" "Yeah, 5 subtract 2 is 3, right?" Hakuyan listened to the whispers of his various classmates but didn't say anything. His own answer differed slightly. Maybe he was over thinking it. Maybe he wasn't thinking enough. He just hoped some of them would be right.... "So," he said, turning to Misaki. "What answer did you give?"
  11. "Well well! We are glad to announce that for this year's research challenge, one of the teams in our class took the first place! I know everyone knows who they are! Come on up Misaki and team!" Hakuyan shifted his weight from one leg to the other as his fellow class rep introduced the winners of the research challenge. As Misaki and Co. made their way to the front of the classroom, he sighed. Misaki's skirt was too long again. How was he supposed to add her pantsu routine to his inventory if he only saw them twice in his whole life? But those jugs on her chest are something else. Next to her was someone completely different but just as hard to get. His girlfriend, Miyu. Haku normally didn't settle for something as small as her. If only he hadn't lost that bet.... But she was fun to rattle nonetheless. As they all walked back to their seats, Hakuyan winked at Miyu. She immediately turned away. I'll get into her pants one day. Or in this case, her saucy little skirt. Just what are you hiding under that oversized skirt, Miyutan? He sat at his desk, bored. "Hakuyan!" Okay, maybe not so bored. "Hey. What made you decide to come all the way over here, Hun? Don't get too many visitors in this lonely corner of the room." "That's not true! You always have people over here! E-E-Especially g-g-girls!" She fidgeted and lowered her gaze. "What is it? I can't stand to see you so tortured, you know? Just tell me what's up." He gently grabbed her wrist and gave her his trademark smile. She blushed and continued. "Remember that day...when w-we were together behind the school shed and you told me you liked me the most? Out of all the other girls?" "I'll never forget it." When did that happen again? "You won't? It's just that... Hakuyan doesn't seem to care about me anymore..." Great. Just great. "Why would you think that? Of course I care. If I didn't care abo—" Suddenly, the doors slammed shut and the windows locked themselves. "Hey, what the heck?!" His friend from the baseball team jumped up. "What's going on?" "No idea. Hey, help us open these!" Haku shouldered his way past the girl and attempted to pull the window back up. It didn't work. A deep voice emanated from the wall, “Hello, everyone. No, escape is useless. You cannot escape from this classroom, which will now become your prison. Unless, you win my game.” What?! What the hell, man?! His friend shoved him aside and looked around the classroom. "F*ck you, man!" "H-hey, Eiji, maybe we shouldn't—" In a matter of seconds, Eiji exploded. The blood and guts splattered against the four walls. Haku, who was the closest to him, got most of the blood on him. “Fine, we’ll play your game. What are your rules?” He wasn't listening to who said it. What the hell had just happened. Eiji...was dead. The voice chuckled, seemingly amused at this question. “There are rules...but I cannot tell them to you. Good luck to all of you.” What was this BS?! He looked over at Eiji's dismembered body again. Wait, what was that...? A...collar? No, some sort of metal. It seemed completely busted. Slowly, the horror seeped in as Hakuyan raised his hand to the back of his neck and felt it. It was a bomb. He looked around and noticed it right away. It had the ability to blend in, but if one looked for it hard enough, it was perfectly visible. All of them had bombs attached to the back of their necks. The projector at the front of their room turned on and words were displayed on the board: "1) If there are five apples and you take away 2, how many do you have?" He honestly didn't give a damn. He slowly pushed himself away from the mass of blood that was his friend and leaned against the side of his desk. Something poked him. Turning around, he found a bag full of his baseball gear. And next to it, a shiny aluminum bat. He grabbed the bat and stood up, feeling more calmed down now that he had something to protect himself with. He watched as Miyu walked up to the projector with some paper and presented the answer. He sure hoped she was right. Riddles were definitely not his best friends. He couldn't imagine what would happen next.
  12. \o/ totally agreed!! The RP revolved around Vivi and Lily ^^ would've been lost without you! Congrats KKLT!
  13. Dear Anonymous, I know. It hurts. I've been through it too, you know. Certain rumors scar you for life. Fortunately, my experience wasn't that bad. And hopefully, yours won't be either. But it's despicable. Some people won't even give you the time of day after it starts. Ugh, just thinking about gets my blood boiling! How could someone so close to you start a rumor like that?! I know nothing happened. You know nothing happened. But...that doesn't help, now does it? Denying it now just makes you look like you're trying to cover it up. Well you didn't. And neither did I. Neither of us did anything so shameful. Gosh, I hate things like that. Even those subtle implications. Because, once it starts, there's a chance it will follow you for life. Just... Good luck. Signed, Sakila
  14. A ghostly Sakila floated around Hex. "Aaaaaveeeeeeeeenge meeeeee~~~~~", she cried before going back to paint her ghostly nails. (XD yaaay~ what a fun roleplay, y'all ^^ though it was kinda on and off, felt like we pulled through in the end. And the middle was extremely interesting~! Like Operation Jailbreak! Xerooooooo *sniffs* xD hope we can all play again soon ^^)
  15. (Well, lets wrap this up, shall we? Sorry for being so inactive >_<) Ring ring~ "Whoozit?" "Sakila? Aren't you up yet?" "A'll beyupina sec...." "I hope you haven't forgotten about today..." "I'm up! I'm up! And you know I don't forget!" She threw her phone on the nightstand, leapt from her bed and skidded across her room. Throwing on a robe, she went across the hall and knocked on the door. It opened to reveal her roommate. "Hex! You're not ready yet?" Hex looked her up and down and made a face. "Fine. You're not ready yet either?" "That's better. And no, I've decided not to go." "What? Why?!" "I... This is better for me, you know? I've embraced it and accepted it. Trying to change back now... Well, good luck to you and the rest of them, though." "Hex..." Sakila hugged the wolf and smiled. "Thank you." "Sure. See ya." She gave a trademark smile and went back to her room. Sakila eyed some paperwork in her desk. Must be hard being a police officer. She changed into nicer clothes and grabbed her stuff before heading out of the house. The route was a familiar one. She'd been walking down the same route for the last two years. Her destination was the Habitat. It had been two years since the safe house dilemma. Sakila had taken Hex up on her offer and moved in with her. Now, she was 18 and had been working with the Medicorps company to help the experiments. The purple poison used to kill Xero had been safely converted to a reversal serum. Today, they had organized a ceremony to celebrate their success. Sakila was used to morphing between her usual and full human form, but for this event, she'd decided to stay as her hybrid self. Her ears poked up through her hair and her rosettes were covered by a large white coat. A Medicorps badge was attached to her right lapel. She'd once despised it. But the coat and badge all signified something different now: support. It was all over. Or so she thought. "Sakila." "Dr. Webb. I'm guessing we're all ready to go," she said upon her arrival. The old building had been torn apart and replaced by a facility to research the effects of the purple serum. The head of this new project was Dr. Grace Webb. Sakila had worked with her the entire time. "Yes, everything has been prepared. The guests are here as well." Sakila glanced at the audience to find familiar faces looking back at the stage. All of the experiments, looking better than they ever had, decked out in dresses and suits. "Well, Dr. Webb, the mic is all yours." She nodded and gave Sakila a tight smile before walking up to the mic. "Ladies and gentlemen. My name is Dr. Grace Webb and I'd like to welcome you all to..." Sakila drowned out her voice and closed her eyes. All over. It's all over. She would no longer be able to leap across the dining and get Hex mad. She would no longer be able to hear the TV from downstairs while pretending to do her work upstairs. She would no longer be able to claim her rosettes were exotic tattoos she'd gotten on a trip to Mongolia. But she didn't regret it. None of it. She just wanted to become normal. She had come so far. "...and I thought that I wanted that as well. But not I realize that I do not. Throughout my exeperience with them, I've found these experiments to be even less necessary than their animal counterparts. In fact, they shouldn't even exist." Wait, what? "They have nothing to contribute to this world. They are monsters. Monsters that should not be outside bars." What was Dr. Webb saying?!" "And so, I have taken it upon myself to save society from their existence." She took out what looked like a small remote. "Have a nice life in hell. Where you all are meant to be." And then she clicked a small button. The building started trembling and a sudden BOOM shook the room. Sakila barely had time to react as another explosion shook the building and flames shot up. Sakila was thrown back against a wall. The fire erupted around her as her vision blurred. She felt as if her skin was melting off. And then everything went black. Sakila took one last breath as her eyes closed forever. (OMG! Surprise ending! Grace Webb ends up going psycho and sets the entire building on fire. Therefore killing all the experiments who attended the ceremony. Including Sakila. I just wanted die again xD Yay~~~)
  16. (Uuuhhhh.....where the hell are we, y'all? Police headquarters or the safe house or...)
  17. Sorry, didnt check thoroughly, but I think this is the best thread for your question: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/416-akai-shuuichis-death-theory/
  18. (The universe is so mean towards little self-conscious teenage girls *sigh*) "So, any explanations to the current situation?" "Hmm. I don't know much. At this moment, Scar's keeping everyone in the know, but I don't know what he plans to do." Vivi seemed to contemplate this for a second. "What about those intruders?" "Er, well, my hunch is on the government. Scar thinks it's some sort of conspiracy. He's been in the habitat as longer than we have, but he was five years old already when he was brought in, so he's experienced more of the world than we have. He says it might be some sort of government vs. police thing, since the police who provided us with this safe house haven't squealed on us yet." "Sakila...." "Yes, Vivi?" "I'm curious as to who they truly are. Im going to check it out." The wounds had practically finished mending themselves. "Are you guys coming too?" "My, Vivi, thought you'd never ask."
  19. (Was it really necessary to say the "or she's really heavy" part? )
  20. "Vivi! You're here too!" The twins turned to find Sakila sitting near a small fireplace. "Oh! Lily. What's up?" Sakila stood up and led the two to the cheetah at the head of the small, but lively, gathering. "You guys, this is Scar, otherwise known as 2." A tall, formidable man with dark skin and contrasting yellow hair sat at a table up front. Three prominent scars ran horizontally across his left cheek "Nice to meet you guys. After the unfortunate fates met by our leader Xero, I've become a sort of makeshift representative of this group. Make yourselves comfortable." Sakila inspected the twins for a second. "You guys don't seem to be in top condition, huh? Let's go to the infirmary." She led them down a flight of steps to a clean white room that was completely different to the earthy feel of the top floor of the safehouse. "There are five underground floors to this safehouse. The top is the is the common area. It's also a meeting room and dining hall. There's a kitchen at the far end. Oh! And we also have a TV. It's pretty cool. The second floor is the infirmary. As you can see, we have quite a few people who need proper treatment." The first bed was occupied by a familiar face. "Ziva!" "Hey," came the reply. Ziva smirked and put down her book. "They did quite a number on you guys, too, huh? We've got a good medic here. Speaking of..." A woman with a calm smile approached them. "Dr. Grace Webb, as you all know. She's an outcast, too." "Why don't you all come with me?" Sakila noticed the distrust on their faces as the former scientist started walking to a nearby unoccupied bed. "Don't worry. She won't do anything. Ah! Right, I was saying... the third and fourth floors are sleeping areas and the fifth is... The fifth, I'll show you when you get better. Now let's get you treated!" Sakila sat them down on individual beds. Now... I just hope they'll be able to recover in time for the upcoming battle. Sakila sighed. Who knew this would happen? "Here we are. The address you indicated, Miss." "Thank you." Sakila handed him some money she'd gotten from the police. She got out of the cab and looked at the surroundings. She was sure she was being followed. The street looked normal enough. The neighborhood was in a suburban one. The houses and wide green lawns and pretty porches. Some kids were playing hopscotch while a man washed his car across the street. The house she was looking for was a tall, two-story home with red shutters and a big white door. She walked up to the porch and looked at her reflection in the windows. Good, no leopard characteristics visible. She had morphed into her full human form. Taking a deep breath, she rang the doorbell. She heard quickly approaching footsteps from inside and the door suddenly opened to reveal a young boy. "Hi." "Hi. Would you like to see mom?" "Uh, yeah, can you call her out?" The boy ran off, yelling, "MOM!" The woman he returned with was someone Sakila was not prepared to meet. It was... her. No. That wasn't exactly true. It was an older version of her, but she could clearly tell that they were related. The same eyes as Sakila, the same lips, the same nose the same cheekbones. Everything. "Yes? Who might you be?" "I... My name... is Sakila." "Oh, are you here for Saiki? She did tell me one of her friends was coming over today..." "No! I... er... I mean, do you know who I am?" "I'm sorry," the woman replied. "Have you been here before? I don't remember seeing you." "You... don't? Then, this might sound a bit weird, but please listen to me." The woman nodded in return. "When I was young, I got separated from my parents at an airport. I tracked down my old address and it led me to here." "Really?" The woman seemed to be pondering over the words. "I think... you might be... my--" "I see where you're going with this, honey, but I don't think that's the case. You see, we only moved into this house a few years back." "O-oh. I s-see. Um, then excuse me." She turned to leave when she heard the little boy say, "What are you talking about, Mom? You told me you lived here for twenty years." Sakila turned around only to see the woman throw her a frantic expression before shutting the door in her face. "W-wait! Wait! Please don't hide anything from me! Please open the door!" Sakila tried to push the door open and jiggled the doorknob. "PLEASE!" After a while, it became clear that the woman wouldn't open the door. She sat down on the stairs, her eyes tearing up as a car pulled up in the driveway. A middle-aged man and a teenage girl stepped out. "Are you okay? Did you get hurt?" He asked her, alarmed to see someone crying on his front steps. These people... Are they... "No. I-I'm fine. I just got something in my eye. I just sat down to try and get it out. Sorry. I'm done with everything here." She cracked a smile before jumping down the steps and walking away as quick as she could. "Wait a sec," she heard someone say behind her. But she couldn't turn back. Not anymore. She took off running. The rest was a blurry memory. She remembered someone hitting her from behind. The next thing she knew, she was at the safehouse. Turned out they were trying to recapture all the experiments and scientists involved in the Habitat. Someone had seen her being taken away and saved her life. Scar wasn't sure who it was that had knocked out the two men trying to kidnap her and brought her to the safehouse. But he did tell her that they had to be prepared. There would be one last battle for all of them.
  21. (Er...pretty short round. We have, like...two weeks...)
  22. (Sounds like a superhero. Frankenstein-man? )
  23. "Hex!" Sakila sat the swift down on one of the chairs set up for them and passed him a bottle of water. A nurse came over to treat his wound. Sakila carried the purple liquid with her. It wasn't too conspicuous. She'd placed it in another cardboard box used for lab equipment. Once she'd reached the wolf, she saw what was in her hands: a file. She had a content look on her face and Sakila didn't want to disturb it. Instead, she sat down next to her and looked through the extra files Hex had set aside. One caught her eye. This is... me. She opened the file and read through it. Name: Sakila [redacted] Experiment No: Seven Corresponding Animal: Snow Leopard Sakila skipped the majority of it until she found something interesting. Experiment was found at South-Gold Airport. Research shows experiment has a mother, father, sister, and brother. Experiment seems to possess an advanced memory. Despite her age, experiment is perfectly articulate. Blah, blah, blah... A missing person's report for the experiment has been filed in [redacted]. Police investigations revealed nothing. A year later... Search was recalled. ...And a bit more... After careful monitoring of experiment's family, the subjects seem to have given up their search and overall attachment. Sakila bit her lip... Even though it said that... Even though the file said that, it wasn't completely true, right? Her family remembered her, right? She remembered them. She... she had to see. She had memorized the address. Maybe... she could ask... maybe she could ask the police officers to escort her there. Sakila checked over the other saved files. She went around distributing them. Ah... that's... "Uh, hey...you." She couldn't exactly call him Frankenstein to his face. Not to mention he was... not he same anymore. "Here. Your ID and wallet. Thanks." With that, she took one last look at her home for the last decade or so, before beginning to walk away.
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