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  1. I have a theory that Heiji realized his feelings for Kazuha right before he was introduced into the DC timeline. Which is why he's so insistent that they're like siblings and why he's so shy/awkward about anything romantic when it comes to her. Heiji's like Ran, who noticed her romantic feelings for her crush later. And Kazuha is like Shinichi, who has had a crush on his romantic interest since kindergarten.
  2. Detective Conan isn't a shojo series or a fantasy/magical girl show. This is stupid, and I hate the song. (Normally I don't mind Breakerz.)I want an ending like they used to have, real places, real settings, kind of a melancholy feel to it. You know? (yeah, the one before this has most of that, but the artist sounded like she was in pain. And Shinichi wasn't in it.)That's one of the things I liked about Shinichi (Not mini Shinichi aka Conan) and Ran's relationship. Why is Shinichi not in the ending songs anymore? Ran isn't a shotacon, Conan-kun is a little brother in her eyes. GIVE ME SHINICHI. (and a little conan.) We need an ending song kind of like opening five, (that two-mix one) only it's night, it's raining and it's dramatic. This is a detective show with a bit of romance, not a light hearted, 'lalala, lets all go pick flowers! YAY!'/'lets have a nonsense fairy tale, dorky, embarrassing setting!' show. >>
  3. Some members of my family were supposed to go on a road trip, so I stayed up all night baking them treats... They didn't go, but they ate the goods. This has happened twice in a week. I'm thinking of lacing the next batch with sleeping pills and driving them myself. ><

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      "As fun as the wrong path seems, you awaited destination is not." :V

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      "Unless you play 'em cards right."

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  4. Well, Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Meeting of Two Great Detectives (DS) is being translated by the DCTP staff, so they seem to think it's worth it.
  5. Alright, thanks, Parkur. (I guess I'll just go spend my time doing something else until I can watch those Magic Kaitou OVAs. >>)
  6. Actually, the first half of Mockingjay isn't that bad... However, yes, the ending also was terrible for me.

  7. Actually, the first half of Mockingjay isn't that bad... However, yes, the ending also was terrible for me.

  8. So for some reason I can't get to the DCTP main page or any of the sub-forums. I just get this message, Website currently unavailable The website you are trying to access is currently unavailable. Please try again at a later time. If you are the site owner, here is a help resource to help resolve the issue. Does any one have any information on when DCTP will be up and running again? Thanks.
  9. Religion: Christianity Father: North America Mother: North America Skin: I
  10. I believe that Okiya is in fact a good guy, I don't know about him being Akai. (Maybe, that might be why Shinichi/Conan trusts him so much.) But, he's most definitely not Bourbon. >>
  11. I'd like to see Ran with Shinichi, and then I'd like to see them kiss. (Also, what Eisuke said.)
  12. This topic is a year old, so isn't this like the 3rd year anniversary? 0_o (Happy 3rd Year DCW) Now can someone please lock this?
  13. Actually, yes, I wouldn't hate the dub at all if Funi hadn't changed everything around. If they had kept it Detective Conan, (The characters, the names, the setting and the plot the same) but just changed the name to Case Closed, I wouldn't have minded at all. (I might have even watched it dubbed.) Anyway, I definitely prefer the Japanese version. (I love the voices muchly.)
  14. I'm finally up to date with this stupid show! yay! It only took me like 4 years!

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