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  1. Hindi sira yung site nila. May mga inaayos lang sa server kaya ganun.

  2. kala ko di na. kasi sira pala site nila.

  3. Nagsa-sub pa din sila. Yung latest nila is Episode 648 saka File 809...

  4. pre di na ba nag sa-sub yung dctp?

  5. Happy B-day!! (My DOB is the same 7 years after though)

  6. Oh YEAH! it's been a while! I miss the DC world. sup guys? what do I miss?? =)

    1. mabel



    2. hopes


      ^ Definitely a lot.

      How are you? :D

  7. i see. You're right.I had a question. Wonder when is the time line in conan? Is it at the 20th century?
  8. I wonder what would happen if heji finally meet kid. Gosho is still hiding up something on his sleeve.^^
  9. They say that the name of the professor is connected to the antagonist in Sherlock Holmes! mmhhh??
  10. The real Akai. hmmmm?? waaaah! the hell!^^ Pain in the ass mehhn! =P
  11. yeah you're right, sorry neway, it's my bad! =P
  12. yeah I saw him too i yakitate. It's way too funny can't stop laughing watching that anime. ^^ LOL
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