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  1. Thank-you so much everyone I'm glad you guys like it Even though I drew it on A3 paper it was still too small for me to put any details on it. It needs to be at least half a dragon on A3 paper for me to even begin drawing scales. and I'm not very good at drawing the legs
  2. HalfAngel

    Secret Santa

    I've uploaded my gift now http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/3015-secret-santa-2011/
  3. I originally drew Conan but I gave up since I'm hopeless at drawing people. This didn't exactly turn out as well as I hoped it would, but here it is~ I hope you like dragons! Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. The thing I'm drawing for Secret Santa isn't turning out so well
  5. Yay~ You're back! Welcome back to DCW :D

    It seems like everyone's coming back now haha XP

  6. I'm fine, thanks :)

    My holiday has just begun!

  7. Well, it's good to have you back ^^

  8. Oh, I see. I probably should have read your about me page earlier. Welcome back to DCW! I was wondering why you had a whole new user. But doesn't Monsi know the e-mail account you used? From when the two of you ran 'Boys vs Girls'

  9. ...Wow. That is so cool
  10. Hello to you too~ I hope you have a good time here at DCW
  11. Wow, that's pretty cool. It does actually look good with the 'confidential' stamp and KID looks awesome! I'm gonna make a guess and say that you're my secret Santa : P
  12. Doesn't this game destroy the whole point of the reputation system? :|
  13. Welcome to DCW~ I hope you have fun here with all of us
  14. I remember back when DCW was far quieter than it is now
  15. Welcome to DCW! I hope you enjoy it here
  16. I can't write print. I get impatient and it becomes really messy.
  17. HalfAngel

    Kingdom Hearts

    I played Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I love this series
  18. It's just as you said. I didn't expect you to be on DCW :P

  19. I wonder if he's ever played dead fish before XD
  20. I recently read the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, and I'm currently reading through the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. I've read other books too, but I tend to forget what they are I want to read that but the library doesn't have it ;___;
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