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  1. great deduction. nevertheless it has some minor and major holes. 1)as Sera said "culprit posed victim and shot opposite seat so victim will have gunpowder on his hand" so where does gunpowder comes from? (well its true that there is no proof of victim having gunpowder,it must be there or suicide will be ruled out by police) in my opinion ,using victim to fire a shot is impossible as he would find that there is no point in "shooting blood" (murobashi does not know that gun is real) to opposite seat. moreover murobashi has been in mystery train before he can easily tell fake mystery quiz apart from real one(cuz real one is told by speakers) the whole "culprit shot opposite seat from outside using wide chain lock" seems complete nonsense to me . after all why would culprit provide evidence for murder when his/her aim is to make it look like suicide. even if we consider that murobashi shot opposite seat after being manipulated by culprit(or accomplice) ,he would realize that gun is real and try to do something other that sit quietly for murderer to shot him down. 2)the watch in idenami's cabin(just a minor point) Culprit placed watch in her cabin and set it up so it would beep at a required time. So how culprit accomplished such a feat ? for some other person , it might not be such troublesome but idenami has explicitly stated that she can't stand someone intruding in her territory. of course most of difficulties vanish if we consider that conductor's uniform has a master key or something and someone put the watch when she was in dining car or toilet. 3)well from file 820 pg4 second last panel, Komino and Sumitomo has just arrived , hence they can't have changed their clothes and hence if one of them shot from the gun , they would still have gunpowder early discovery of body may be unplanned but since Komino and Sumitomo have already passed Conan and rest , they must have expected the situation. 4)why Noto's bulb was damaged or more precisely why conductor was made to go to front of coach? (conductors are in rear of coach so he would have gone to cabin E without passing through other cabins at all) it could be done to confuse conductor's sense of distance etc but i can't think of anything better which can be gained from it
  2. i knew the door was looking funny and murderer will not bump out . but i failed to see the mirror outline until i saw this isn't it strange that the door lacks an emblem notifying cab letter? *reads file 819-821 again*
  3. here goes my theory sealed room trick alibi trick
  4. sera and okiya theory thoughts on sealed room trick
  5. "right kind of powder" is quite hard to get if the murder is not preplanned as in the case.besides he should be quite nervous to do it right in front of a police officer and a noisy kid at such a short notice. lets be more clear, there can be a variety of other possible alibis ,yet he uses froth which he got unintentionally while pouring his beer before message arrived. I) either he is unimaginative culprit who could not think a more subtle alibi , II) religious culprit who think it was act of god so he must use that for alibi III) when he entered room with takagi and conan ,he realized that froth could be used as alibi(guilty or innocence does not matter) IV) subaru is wrong and he is culprit and paranoid enough to have a little bit of "right kind of powder" with him for such instances V) he has tablets on him because of medical condition VI) he has tablets in bag from funeral case VI in the bag it is foreign to me as is japan and japanese . so whether bags from funerals ,in japan, can contain effervescent tablets ? i got no idea but i think it is impossible Case V medical condition well it is definitely possible that he took it out when he stumbled across the bag and put a little powder when he bent over. Hats off to chekhov for digging out such possibilities but it involves coincidence and can be caught by chemical tests or by taste case IV blasphemy no subaru can't be wrong Case III done by god(gosho) / truth well first guy did put the beer in glass and froth did came out ,so even if he is culprit ,it could be possible by act of god(gosho aoyama) that some froth remained. if he is innocent ,then no work needded. case I and II: no discussion ps : may this end in okiya impressing sato with his skills and body
  6. subaru's theory says that culprit could not have foreseen that he/she will be questioned about the alibi that soon hence preparation of good alibi is something culprit can't do.only time when culprit could have utilised is when culprit was outside the other suspect's room and no one trustworthy was checking on them well if he is the culprit then he would have left room when message came without finishing beer .then he went to 26th floor then murdered him and went to road.according to subaru's theory he could not have prepared an alibi beforehand .and in practical time taken, froth would have gone away and his neighbor would be on his door complaining the noise while if he is innocent everything fits if she really spilled coffee then some coffee stains would be on her cloth or table cloth as well. or he used the lighter right in front of ashtray. summing up,i think that culprit used his/her time outside the room well to fake alibi and hence first guy could not be culprit So do I.
  7. thanks a lot

    my eyes just got dust in them

  8. happy birthday!!!!

  9. Wow the mystery is solved and now we have to wait two weeks for conan (agasa) to say that then 1 week to get a next case PS but that doesn't explain why husband not stabbed in heart?
  10. i agree with that husband misplaced wife's phone but not about that he found his and wife snatched it or something. i believe that what ayumi witnessed was done to help wife's condition(whatever it may be). to make ayumi witness, husband called wife's phone from his phone beforehand.however he forgot to end it and call switched to voicemail and wife and husband's dialogue got recorded. after the act was over he took the knife and stabbed her. the story he told detective boys was made up . i don't know why he didn't stab at heart or what was wife's condition but we sure will find that out in two weeks only thing that made me happy about file PS: how conan knew evrythibg about being a doctor?
  11. correction: borbon's name was introduced in file 622 which released more than 4 years ago!! however bourbon's identity(real face ) is not revealed till date. current popular theories(aka chek's theories) says bourbon is amuro and it is amuro who is recently introduced .
  12. she didn't used sleeping pills on kei because she planned to move him to other location.but later decided against it. conan's last line can also mean ,"i don't want to let third robber kill you " (it seems i am the only one who thinks that)
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