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  1. I used to finish all my homework the night I received it, but as time went on I grew lazier

  2. No worries, I was doing it all morning XD All that's left is to study ahead if I feel like it. Might do that tomorrow, although I'll probably be too lazy ^^'

    Merry Christmas, by the way :)

  3. These are amazing :shock: I especially like Inside Smiles. The blue colour makes it look soft and gives it more feeling
  4. ... your signature is kinda creepy O.o cool, but creepy.

    BTW, it's "Time waits" not "Time wait's"

  5. Huh. Looks like I was right XD Thank-you so much for this ^^ It looks awesome~ Merry Christmas!!
  6. Oh, right. Homework. I'll do that later... Probably. :/

  7. In a neutral mood. Not happy, but not unhappy. Just bored XD

    How about you?

  8. If you are, you're not being very secretive about it XP

  9. Wow, that looks really good :-o Nana looks awesome and I like how you do the eyes. Thanks for sharing!
  10. HalfAngel

    JIS uniform

    I love the shading. If you used darker pencils to shade, it'd look even better Awesome drawing
  11. No, because there are still stalkers lurking around... Maybe ^^

  12. Haha, that doesn't really put my mind at ease *rolls eyes*

  13. I just realised that it might mean people are constantly stalking us :/

  14. Same here. At one point in time, it was rising by around 150 per day for some reason. I didn't bother keeping track of it for long, though XP

  15. Yes, but it's a lot considering the time I joined and the time you joined

  16. Exactly how did you get so many profile views? O.O

  17. Well, we seem to share a bunch of interests and you said something about wanting to be a bird, right? Well I've had that exact same thought XP

  18. Hey, it's Ruby :o The avatar I''m using right now is actually Gold's quilava XD

  19. Hmm... I'm gonna call you Phantom if you don't mind. We seem to have a lot in common :o

  20. Well, I don't remember ever eating turkey so I can't say :P

  21. HalfAngel

    AJ's Art Thread

    Wow, this is such a great drawing and your colouring is so smooth... I love the background the best
  22. It's name is Quilava XD It's not exactly my favourite pokemon, but he looks so cute in this picture XP

  23. I'm good, thanks ^^ How about you?

  24. It's nice to meet you too Welcome to DCW!
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