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  1. There are a lot of different ways to pretend. Pretending you're not crazy, pretending you're hungry, pretending you're sleeping, pretending you're happy ...pretending you're doing work :P

  2. Everyone's crazy in their own crazy way. Some just pretend they're not :P

  3. Not really, it feels a bit awkward when I'm smiling at a screen XD

  4. *is always sleepy*

  5. *Doesn't like medicine* Umm, err thanks? I'm not that sick anyway. Other than a sore throat, I feel fine~ :D How about you?

  6. Slightly sick, but otherwise good.

  7. No purple pikmin? They're the only ones I ever use to fight XD ...except in water. I'm dead then.
  8. 1. An irregular pentagon 2. Interesting question... That depends on the conditions. Even though the left path 'appears to have vegetation', does the that mean the right path has no vegetation at all? Maybe it's a road through a town with little trees (and all the lights are off because it's night-time and although I know it's there because I have a map). The left path may have bushes and grass and weeds, but may not have trees for shade which would be needed depending on the distance to be travelled and weather. Vegetation also means life (even if there appears to be none) such as snakes, insects, birds and mammals, depending on where I am. It might also mean water, but both paths maybe be through a desert in which case I would pick the left path over the right because water can be extracted from the plants, and maybe I'm hallucinating about my destination being there because I'm so dehydrated. Or maybe I need to go through a tunnel or go around it and I'm thirsty because I'm in a race or I'm just running for some unknown reason, which is why I'm thirsty. The tunnel is empty and you can't see any birds, bugs or people on the left path. I pick the right path just because I like this scenario better.
  9. It's amazing how old friends can become new enemies and old enemies can become new friends - Tiona Jeske ...but that's not always going to happen.
  10. HalfAngel

    Child Abuse

    It's awful knowing that children are being abused at this very moment. Innocent animals are being slaughtered, acres of rainforest are being destroyed, people are dying for no good reason, tonnes of trash are being buried underground while just as much is flying through the open skies and floating along the ocean currants. What an awful world we live in.
  11. I've loved pokemon since I was so young, I don't even remember a time when I didn't love it XD

  12. Hello~

    Welcome to DCW, by the way :)

  13. Nah, I'd rather be a water dragon, but I want to fly. So, maybe a magpie-lark.
  14. It's not about what letter the word begins with. You use 'a' when the word begins with a consonant sound and 'an' when there is a vowel sound. Eg. A leaf (pronounced leef) The beginning of the word 'leaf' is pronounced with an 'L' sound. An owl (pronounced owl) 'Owl' is pronounced the same way as it looks, with a vowel sound at the beginning. An hour (pronounced 'owa) 'Hour' begins with a consonant, but is pronounced with an 'o' sound at the beginning. A unicorn (pronounced yu-ne-cawn) The word 'unicorn' begins with a vowel, but it's pronounced with a 'y' sound. An 'x' The letter 'x' is a consonant, but is pronounced as 'ex', with a vowel sound at the beginning.
  15. HalfAngel


    Why didn't I open this thread earlier? He's so cute~ <3
  16. ACHHOOO Instead of getting the hiccups every three days, I now sneeze randomly at least once every two days, and I sneeze really loudly.
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