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  1. hfsbfhadhgzdgbhadhfuilerahbgvhfdzcbhdf ...That is so cute
  2. That character written in blood makes me think of a shoe print
  3. I watched the movie and read the first book. I would have to say that I prefer the book over the movie. It has more detail and the emotion is more effective in my opinion, excluding the scene of the Reaping. What the movie did that the books couldn't is that it helped me to visualise the scenes better but it is probably better to read the book before watching the movie because it might be a bit hard to understand. I watched it with some friends of mine and the ones who hadn't read the book had no idea what happened and why in some scenes of the movie which the book had explained.
  4. For a moment there, I thought you were eating videos.
  5. I wonder, is that supposed to be 2018 or 2118?
  6. ^Besides, a warning like that doesn't make DCW look like such a friendly place
  7. Oh, the usual. Putting off homework and browsing the internet

  8. Hello~ What's up?

  9. YES! FInally, an art competition at my school where we don't have to draw people! :D

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      You don't like to draw people? :P

    2. HalfAngel


      Nope. Art of people often creeps me out :S The theme has been 'famous people' for longer than I've been here so that was annoying >.>

  10. So, apparently the woman spilled her coffee when she heard the shouting, but there doesn't seem to be any sign of that in her room or on her clothes and the cup seems to be somewhat full
  11. Haha I go on DCW all the time, but I just don't bother posting much :P

  12. Just great. I have this massive mosquito bite on the back of my hand and writing just makes it get bigger. How am I supposed to do my homework now?
  13. Hello~ haven't seen you around for a while. :o I'm overloaded with work, but otherwise good ^^ How've you been?

  14. I just dug up a piece of Detective Conan fanfiction I wrote a while ago. I didn't know I had even written any fanfics at all.

  15. Actually, Ed0gawa was correct when he used 'is concerned'. While "concerned" is past tense, "is concerned" is present tense. Valkyrie's sentence is incorrect, however, although I'm struggling to explain why ^^' Probably because I should be asleep right now. What I can tell you is that just because you are talking about something in the present, doesn't mean that absolutely everything in the sentence must be in present tense. "Right-angled triangle" always remains that way, no matter what tense the rest of the sentence is in. "Right-angled" is the description of the triangle. Eg. Sarah crouched down to pick up the folded piece of paper. This sentence is being told in past tense, so why did I not write "picked up"? If we break this sentence down a little bit, it becomes: 1)Sarah crouched down 2)to pick up 3)the folded piece of paper. The verb in phrase 1 is the one that describes what the subject, Sara, is doing. This verb tells us what tense the sentence is in. The verb in phrase 2 describes what Sara is doing to the piece of paper in phrase 3. The verb in phrase 3 is merely describing the piece of paper. You could also change the sentence around to make it present tense or future tense. Sarah crouches down to pick up the folded piece of paper. Sarah will crouch down to pick up the folded piece of paper.
  16. I have to write a short story as homework, which is great and all, but my creativity meter is running at 0%. What to write, what to write...
  17. HalfAngel

    Pokemon Adventures

    I think all of these characters might have been based on their game counterparts My favourite characters are... 1. Red 2. Yellow 3. Green, Silver, Gold and Diamond in no particular order
  18. Charizard looks quite cute in this. His head is so adorable... kind of like the facial expression of a curious dog although the shading is kinda off... I can't tell where the light source is. Most of it is from the top left hand corner, but the light also seems to be coming from the middle, a little from the top right hand corner and underneath his tail . Not that I could do any better Still, you got the shape done quite well in this, especially the head Huh? Green? The shape of his head is actually pretty good as well *doesn't really care for art of people*
  19. HalfAngel

    Pokemon Adventures

    I love this manga! They need to turn this into an anime :/ I liked the RedBlueGreen arc the most since it had the best action (IMO) and the Emerald arc was boring, but that was partly because I don't like him that much XD Also, Crystal's first pokemon is her Smoochum. I think she stopped using it ever since she got Mega or something I forgot
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