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  1. Volume 94 had some more art changes. Lets start with the most obvious one. At the end of file 994 the victim of the case is found dead and propped up against a small cabinet. The last page of that chapter shows that the cabinet has regular legs on it. However for the entirety of file 995 the legs magically change to wheels. This changes a bit of the dynamic of the case as the trick relies on the victim getting down on the floor and looking under the cabinet. However, if the cabinet had wheels then he could have simply just rolled the cabinet forward to retrieve the item underneath. In file 996, the regular legs suddenly reappear. This whole thing is fixed in the volume version where all of the wheels are replaced with regular legs in every panel. For the Blood ceiling reveal page at the end of file 1000, all of the shadows are suddenly gone. They are there on the page before, they are there on the page after, but not on this page. The shadows are also gone for the panel below that one. I believe that the shadows disappear because Gosho had to redo this page due to not including the sticky notes. Again this is something important to the case trick. The sticky notes appear for the first time at the beginning of file 1001 for the weekly release version. The guy that Iori Muga kneed in the face was on the verge of crying in 1003, and now in the volume version he just looks a little bit annoyed, complete with sweat drop. Dr. Agasa sometimes has a door handle and other times he has a door knob. On the first page of file 997 there is a panel of Conan leaving Agasa's house and we can see that he has a door handle. In the next panel we see Agasa inside and he is closing a door with a door knob. In the volume this was fixed so that both panels side by side would match with him having a door handle. However later in the volume Agasa has a door knob again in file 999
  2. They will probably do what they did during the last manga hiatus, when the anime caught up to just before the manga hiatus started, they ran a ton of anime original episodes. From the beginning of Oct 2015 to the middle of Feb 2016 they had 14 AO episodes and two remastered episodes (that were also AOs), for a total of 16 episodes in a row with no new manga content. I''m genuinely surprised they are pushing Rumi out into the anime before they do their AO break, unless they plan to sprinkle more than the usual AO cases in-between her appearances rather than just do a long stretch of AO.
  3. Question, does this mean the date that Shonen Sunday announces that the chapter will be out? The date that the file hits the internet? OR the actual day of the physical release of the issue (meaning a Wednesday in Japan time)
  4. There are a lot of mistakes in some of the older manga translations, especially the ones translated from languages other than Japanese. you can tell because some of them don't even have the names as Kogoro, Ran, ect.....
  5. There is a flawed version of the Sunset mansion case that accidentally translated his name as "Crow Association", which is incorrect. This image below should say "Karasuma Renya", but does not. .
  6. Not yet as it seems however recently in the Gosho Aoyama 30 year Anniversary book there was a list of the top 10 ways that people have been killed in the series English translation by Jiamin Death count: 247 Different causes of death: 1. Striked: 40 2. Strangled: 34 3. Stabbed: 25 4. Poisoned: 24 5. Shot: 22 6. Burned:21 7. Beheaded:19 8. Fallen:13 9. Suicide:13 10. Drown:9
  7. Recently it seems that there have been no mods operating on the Wiki side of things. Do we know where they have gone? I have noticed a revert war between someone who want Gosho's statement from an interview (Singapore 2016) about Akai and Akemi being cousins to be fact, and another user who is trying to claim that the statement never happened (Example edit history page : http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/index.php?title=Shukichi_Haneda&action=history ) Aug 3 - added Sept 7 - removed Sept 16 - readded Sept 24 - removed Is there a way to lock the pages effected by this from being edited by Anonymous users to try and prevent this? It effects all of the Akai family member pages and all of the Miyano family member pages.
  8. Movie 21 Guide book ""The character Ooka Momiji was designed as a girl from Kyoto that would appear in M21 as Kazuha's love rival, before Aoyama decided to introduce her to manga (on her first appearance). On the M20 celebration on 04/15/2016, Aoyama decided to let Momiji briefly show up in the manga series so that her later appearance in M21 wouldn't seem too abrupt. "" Heiji Kazuha Archives "" Way before M21 was planned, Aoyama had thoughts on introducing a certain "Ooka" as a rival of Kazuha into the plot at an appropriate time, based on the well-known ancient judges Ōoka Echizen and Tōyama Kinshirō from TV series, etc."" It almost sounds like he wanted to introduce a character with that name to go with the theme of having characters named after other things/events/series', and then later created Momiji for M21 to fill that role of existing with that name. Then decided to add her to the manga to break the abrupt-ness of appearance. Sort of like this : - Gosho wants to create an Ooka vs Toyama character situation (pre 2016) - Momiji is created for movie 21 and given that name to fulfill that role (early 2016??) - Gosho decides to add Momiji to the manga (April 2016) - Movie 21 airs (April 2017)
  9. Anime Asaka is even more blury and unusable I pray that it doesn't get uploaded in place of the much nicer manga volume version one, but I know that it will happen...
  10. more defined hair line also I know the pictures aren't the same height, but with his hair going off the top of the image in the anime one, he looks a bit taller.... or a bit stretched out Also, while you can't see it in this image, the Anime staff romanized the name as Kouji..... the difference spotting begins.
  11. MK itself only gets one heist every 3-4 years. Midnight Crow was 2014 and Phantom Lady was 2011.
  12. Do we know for sure that the moment that Asaka was seen with the mirror was after the murders though? Couldn't Asaka or Amanda have had possession of it before hand, and Kouji just happened to have seen it and decided to use it? I would think that Asaka would have fled rather quickly after realizing that two murders had taken place and fear the possibility of being blamed for them. Rather than standing around in the hallway and being caught looking into a broken hand mirror and being witnessed by someone.
  13. Here is pages 2-8 of that chapter in Japanese for further reading http://imgur.com/a/iFkXk
  14. The only thing I have to say is that it might be better to stick to one name rather than switching between Ai and Shiho. otherwise it looks pretty good.
  15. Heiji and Kazuha Secret Archives interviews http://imgur.com/a/AnXH5 Gosho Aoyama Harikawa Ryou (Heiij) Miyamura Yuuko (Kazuya) Takayama Minami (Conan) Yukino Satsuki (Momiji) Ono Daisuke (Iori) Miyagawa Daisuke (Sekine Kouji) Yoshioka Riho (Hiramoto Mikiko) Shizuno Koubun Ookura Takahiro
  16. I wonder if its possible that in the same way that Ran reminds Shiho of Akemi, that Rumi could remind Shiho of Elena, which would result in her taking Rumi's side so quickly.
  17. This is the only relevant information that I found. "(Will Itakura's software become important at some point in the future?) A: Well, I took the trouble of introducing it to the plot, so it must become important at some point..." (File 865 Special Booklet) "(41. When will we know the truth about Itakura's program?) A: Had you understood it after reading, you'd already have figured it out a long time ago." (SDB60+)
  18. Movie 21 guidebook has interviews with Interviews : http://imgur.com/a/6UmqA -Aoyama Gosho - 3 pages -Shizuno Koubun - 2 pages -Takayama Minami (Conan) - 2 pages -Horikawa Ryou (Heiji) - 2 pages -Miyamura Yuuko (Kazuha) - 2 pages -Yukino Sakki (Momiji) - 1 and 1/2 pages -Yoshioka Riho (Hiramoto Mikiko) - 1/4 page -Miyagawa Daisuke (Sekine Koji) - 1/4 page Additional Momiji and Iori stuff : http://imgur.com/a/0yuP0
  19. SDB 90+ Q&A and Scarlet series questions with rough draft (name) images http://imgur.com/a/DhR07
  20. give it another 36 hours. Its still late Monday / early Tuesday (depending on timezones). Baidu usually waits till closer to Wednesday (in my time zone, US central time zone)
  21. even so, why not just take the mirror? the name Rum still appears in the message, so its not like Rum is cleared of suspicion.
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