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  1. In the same line of thinking as the "shuichi-niisan" vs "niisan" he said that Masumi would say "kichi-nii", but she actually says "kichi-niichan"
  2. In 771 she says that she was following the Japanese news which had a lot of articles about Sleeping Kogoro, and then she says out loud that Conan always happened to be at his side (almost implying that she did the same research and came to the same conclusion as Eisuke). Later in the same chapter Haibara then says its also possible that since she was following the news she could have simply seen an article about Conan stopping Kaitou Kid.
  3. You have missed a Kaitou Kid case, a new character case, and a case with hints about Masumi that will theoretically lead to something good after this break.
  4. regardless its still going to be around the same time period and will take place at a beach like location, so even if they two aren't connected, one could say they are just for fun. If they do end up being connected through that statement then the new flashback would be during Golden Week (as mentioned in Childhood Adventure), which would be a May holiday
  5. Yusaku actually says that they should ""go to the ocean somewhere"" as a clue to Shinichi that he needed to go to Haido port for that "Calm Hyde's anger" message
  6. The Baigar itself only seems to work once though and even then it is temporary. Even the antidotes that Haibara makes based on the chemical properties of Baigar seem to have diminishing returns. Meaning that each time they are used, they last for a shorter and shorter frame. Having Baigar on hand really wouldn't save the Boss if they happened to get fed APTX.
  7. Yuzuki is 26, and Reiko is 27, even Mifune who was on some people's lists of suspects is only 26 as well. Considering that the Kouji case is literally an example of APTX existing up to 17 years ago, its still possible for both of them. If, and I stress " if ", people who take APTX still have the ability to age after they have taken it, one of them could have taken the drug and merely aged up till their current state/age, in the same way that Conan can tell people that he is 6 years old, and Chris Vineyards character intro box can tell us that she is 29, and they technically aren't wrong since their bodies reflect that type of age, despite flashbacks from both characters that tell us otherwise. Also the idea that character boxes can lie for even non-APTX characters like that culprit from that Blog actress case where she was actually 5 years older than it said. Do you have any further thoughts on what you wrote above ? For a while I've been thinking about the various Urusei Yatsura references in the series and I keep seeming to think that Sakurako and Kuroda could be analogs to Sakura and Cherry (Sakuranbou). In Yatsura, "Cherry" is a wandering monk whose actual name is Sakuranbou, but since the kanji mean "deranged monk", he goes by the english equivalent. He kind of carries the loose plot of the series by popping up out of nowhere and telling the main cast that bad things are about to happen. Sakura is his niece, who is cursed, but some how it gets transferred to the main character. She starts out as a shrine priestess, but later becomes the school nurse. Pretty much the only thing they seem to have in common is that they can consume massive amounts of food and never gain any weight. In Conan I believe that Sakurako could be Kuroda's niece, or even his daughter. The death of Saurako's mother and the exact timing of Kuroda's 10 year coma have not been specified. Typically when someone's parent dies, the child just lives with the other parent. However if Kuroda was the father, and was in a coma at the time, it would make sense that she ended up living with the Wakamatsu family who were essentially family substitutes since she grew up there. There isn't really any mention of a father, but we know that by nature of being born, that she must have had one, even if he wasn't actually in her life. Kuroda, who is a Superintendent who keeps getting transferred (to Nagano, then to Tokyo), comes off as a wandering monk type character to me, although when I first saw his design, his sideburn beard combo made me think he looked more like Son Goku the monkey king from Journey to the west >_>. Currently both characters have been said to like Koucha (Black tea in english speaking countries, Red tea everywhere else). Kuroda even appears again at the end of that Blog case that Sakurako was in. Maybe he was simply there to pick her up? She did kind of just disappear halfway though the last chapter.
  8. I raise you one waitress Banba Reiko, same hair style, also works in an Italian restaurant called "Aska" for a man called "Asuka" in a case involving wine. (image of Banba Reiko removed because attachment limit)
  9. Here is the panel in Japanese if anyone is interested. "more than 10 years ago" "middle school pro" ect.
  10. So this is the list of the interview type content that have come out this year that have not been translated I've got most of the raws, except the more recent DVD collection interviews 20th Anniversary DVD collection guidebook interviews Gosho and Voice Actors March 2016 - August 2016 20 Year Cinema Guide interviews Interviews with the cast and crew of the movies as well as Gosho, April 4, 2016. Complete Color Works Interview Aoyama 2016 Interview with Gosho from April 27, 2016 Animedia Gosho Interview June issue of 2016, released May 10th, 2016 Asahi Newspaper Interview 2016 「名探偵コナン」青山剛昌さんがエール July 16, 2016
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