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  1. Funimation has started dubbing dbs
  2. Toryama did say he does not like the anime. I too was disappointed mainly because I am used to seeing the 5 hour fights of DBZ and not the 5 to max 40 minute fights of dbs.
  3. I agree with a lot of points here. DBS does not even come close to dragon ball or DBZ. There is one good fight in the series and that is HIT VS GOKU. The fundamental problem with the series is that Goku and vegeta are just too strong and the z fighters are not improving at all. Further they have also set this upper limit of power that is that of the God of destruction something which was absent in z. With the power that Goku and vegeta have practically nobody can pose a threat to them which is a problem. I think I should clarify this-I find that super can be epic even with all these restrictions but still till now I have not got those chills that many DBZ fights gave me.
  4. I think you should skip the first 28 episodes if you have watched the movies
  5. And with this you lose it again
  6. What if I take the win for myself?
  7. The force Awakened was not dissappointing at all
  8. While it is likely that Rumi Wakasa is just a red herring, if we assume that she is an agent of the black organisation I would say it is more likely that she is some agent who works under Vermouth. In the Asaka song case if I remember correctly Vermouth was disguised as Azusa, so seeing Conan there would perhaps have made her suspicious that Conan knows of the existence of rum and the kohji haneda case and to elicit a reaction from Conan this particular agent has been sent.
  9. Banned for having a higher post count than me
  10. The black Goku arc seems to have a lot of potential
  11. Wow! Vermouth did not even try to protect her identity
  12. If takagi is behaving suspiciously he may be rum in disguise.
  13. I still think kuroda has something to do with Rum. Perhaps the kuroda's accident had something to do with BO
  14. Can it be that this Asaka guy is actually shuichi Akai's father? Or am I just overthinking
  15. At what time JST are the trailers for the movies released?
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