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  1. That is the best sentence I've heard in a while.
  2. She was a prodigy in biochemistry and had graduated by 10 if my memory serves me right. This indicates that she not being able to understand something in her own field would be improbable. Further she based her research on her parents research which would mean she had to understand it well enough to do anything.
  3. But wasn't Haibara unaware of the effects of the Chinese alcohol till the pisco case? This coupled with the fact that Haibara based this project on her parents research and started it almost from the scratch because of some lab fire means that alcohol being a temporary antidote to the drug was unintended.
  4. Banned for having 1 less than 20 times my post count before my posting this.
  5. Banned for calling yourself the son of moon.
  6. "Cometh the hour"by Jefferey Archer. It is the 6th book of the Clifton chronicles.
  7. Kya haal? Badi khushi ki baat hai ki aisa ek chatroom hai.
  8. Look up "Murder, She wrote". It was a TV series which gained popularity in the states in late 80s and early 90s.
  9. Best of luck for your performance.
  10. It is a very extremist ideology(communism) and not something everybody likes. I just read the Giver by Lois Lowry
  11. i would love to watch movies as long as they are not related to the main plot
  12. Thanks for the explanation. That article was really helpful.
  13. 1)I think you are contradicting yourself. If deaging did occur then most jobs would be very difficult to manage.Sharon Vineyard was able to get away with it because of very clever use of disguises. So either he is somebody with a lot money and somebody is acting as a front for him or no deaging has occurred at all. I don't think you deal with math teachers who has taught two generations of students without ageing. tThe lsame logic can be generalised for most professions. Therefore being a chronologically old man with a lot of money is the only possibility(I am assuming Gosho would not throw in something like a board directing the organisation and anokata only represents the boards' will in which case there is almost nothing to go on) if we were to assume he is a deaged person. If not then also the most probable profession of the boss would be that of an old businessman because of the reasons mentioned by the creator of the thread. Of course if we were to believe that there have been more than bosses then the board theory would gain support because there has to be some appointing body. 2)at the end of the off season valentines party case vermouth got a mail from the boss calling her back to his side. From this i think it is safe to assume that vermouth has met the boss. Assuming that vermouth and gin are equally ranked it is quite possible gin has met the boss. 3) I had a question. I am fairly new to DC which perhaps would be evident from what I have wriiten above. Why do you people always assume that vermouth has hidden the identity of Conan Edogawa. He is a child in his current form, has almost no leads to go on and perhaps because of his association with kogorou mouri and so many police officers eliminating him and perhaps even mouri would not be very safe because if it is a detective they are dealing with he perhaps would have already designed someway to transmit his investigation to his trusted people(in this case they are dangerous because the list includes heiji hattori who's father is a police chief and a person who is the mycroft equivalent to shinichi yusaku kudo) in which case killing a silver bullet may lead to the production of three more silver bullets. This theory also holds ground because yusaku does not frequent Japan that often even after the shrinking of his son and you don't want to eliminate a great detective to get the best against you right? Further the reason why the boss hasn't asked vermouth to reveal this to the organisation is because he knows gin well. We saw in that Valentine's Day case that gin ordered vodka to not hold back even against vermouth which mean he takes charge in a lot of situations. Thus in accordance with the cautious behaviour of the boss it is his best alternative to keep shinichi alive in my opinion. PS: I apologise in advance for any grammatical or plot related error I made in the above banter.
  14. I don't think they have any plans to do the same in the next two years
  15. Calculus in two weeks would be a thriller
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