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  1. Randomly came back! Will the DC plot-development in the past 4 months be disappointing???

    1. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      No. A lot happened.

    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Really??^ Maybe I should read again??

    3. MeiTanteixX


      A lot of plot development as well as setups for future character developments!

  2. I don't really see killing the main characters as something that can happen, especially since its not the real owners of the story who are deciding that. A cliff-hanger is definitly worse than a tragic ending. Most good-quality stories have tragic endings.
  3. If gosho wanted to give more depth to his plots he would not leave the revelation of the secret to all of the secondary characters like Kogoro, Ran and the DB till the last episode. He probably will though.
  4. I wonder what I'm like in other people's eyes
  5. I imagine they would completely take advantage of their power and give us a horrible ending involving Kaito, Heiji and Akai working together and Ran getting saved by Conan in the last minute while at the same time confessing her love to him. Basically they'd try to make it as fan-girl friendly as possible and make as big sales as possible; so it would have the same type of ending as those movies we've been getting lately. To be even more of a pessimist, I have a feeling that even if he does live long enough and get to write his own ending there is a bug chance that it would still be a rushed ending and would not give us enough answers. There are just wayyy too many little things that need to be explained that I doubt he has the time to reveal. (Unless he changes his slow writing style of giving us a single important fact every 2 years)
  6. Just the life of a Japanese teenager living with a single alcoholic father and a 10y.o free-loader that frequently reminds you of your bf. The couple of minutes required to change out of the uniforn is simply non-existent.
  7. Kind of confused about Conan's thought bubble in the Scarlet Epilogue about Haibara's diguise being quite good because his mother is good at making disguises of those close to her. Since when did she become close to Haibara and Akai? Did he mean doing disguises FOR people close to her, as in conan himself and his father...? A bit cofused, anybody have an idea?
  8. When there's too much winter in my summer
  9. I wonder what future generations will remember us as
  10. Yes but there might have been as many frowns in total because work.It is really effective and contagious, people should smile more! romanatwoodpunyaaay?
  11. For some reason Conan does not seem to need our pity because he seems to be able to handle everthing really. We are forced to feel pity for Ran pretty often so a better answer here would be the Miyano sisters , Jodie and Kir.
  12. It's only natural that a chacracter's unchanged role in an anime gets irritating after almost 20 years. Shinichi is mentioned in like half of all episodes and almost everytime you'd get a close-up on Ran where she comments/thinks something related to her liking him and nothing changes until the following time he comes up. It would be weird if that did not become irritating.
  13. Still not over the fact that Grooveshark went down and took all my playlists that I spent years creating with it.

    1. Ryo


      I know right? I had a playlist that I used on my tumblr page. RIP Grooveshark :(

    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      I remember Grooveshark. I used it a lot years ago, had a great playlist and all - then they blocked it in my country. :P

    3. PeunileV74


      It still hurts to see the name...the wound is too fresh D: RIP Beautiful music collections... T_T

  14. lol I was probably just not through a long enough length of the day to get a chance to smile, otherwise I would have, trust me I sometimes do quiteee stupid things just to make people I like smile. I might've even done stupider stuff than you xD
  15. In a way everybody can cook really, even me. It just depends on how responsive your taste buds are. If they are just the right amount of responsive my rice would neverrrr be burned. Even if my apartment's fire alarm disagrees. Fact about me: I might sometimes decieve myself.
  16. I need to finish Whiplash because the 3/5 of it that I watched were giving off a "Best movie I've ever watched" vibe, thanks for reminding balts. A movie/doc I watched a few days ago with Edward Snowden and some famous activists/journalsits was quite interesting and I would probably recommend it.It was about the US gov/laws and how somebody is reading what I'm writing now and going yea that's true I did put Peunile down on my To-Investigate-Further list after she watched that movie on Wednesday 19:33 till 21:21 while texting these two people on these three topics and purchasing this item at 14:34.
  17. I wonder how likely it is one can actually improve the situation on an individual level to begin with.
  18. I wonder how much colder summer will get in the coming years
  19. I found out that knowing too little could actually be a blessing
  20. Generally these two are the causes, but we have no idea if they are Gosho's. Although I read that pancreatic diseases could also just appear for no known reason. So so far there is no clue, but let's just hope it's not something that can return and continue to be doubted to be cancer.
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