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  1. I made myself some hashbrowns and surprisingly didn't mess them up
  2. I want the game I just bought to download quickly
  3. When my phone loses battery after me just checking the time
  4. *shrugs* I've been fine so far and worst comes to worst and I get sick all I have to do is take actual medicine.
  5. When you're mopping the kitchen and the cat curiously wonders into the area you just mopped with her dirty litter feet and can't understand why you look slightly frustrated
  6. I have so many favorite characters I'll try to keep this short Finnian from Black Butler's my all time favorite character. I watched Black Butler when I first got into anime, got very attached to him, and just never quite moved on,,, Armin Arlelt from snk's also up there. I don't really like snk anymore but I still love Armin a lot. I like that he's tactician(...? Strategist...? both???) and I just admire some of his qualities and relate to him to some extent. Natsume Takashi from Natsume Yuujinchou.... I just want him to be happy, protected and never harmed. I have parental feelings for this one. Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4. I like all the P4 kids a lot--hence my icon and sig, but Naoto's by far my favorite. I also relate to her in some aspects. The main four from Hunter x Hunter. I just-- ....my children Most of the Haikyuu!! characters but Tanaka Ryounosuke's my favorite. The delinquent looking characters that are actually huge nerds are my weakness. Kuga Yuuma from World Trigger. He's different from a lot characters I've seen. I really like his thought process, I find it interesting and very "if you got yourself into this mess you're getting yourself out of it"
  7. My sleep schedule fluctuates, as long as I get done what I need to I don't really care when I sleep. (I'm naturally a night owl so I'm more inclined to stay up late which messes my sleep schedule up a lot) Currently I'm on a fairly early schedule going to bed before 11pm waking up around 7am though last night I went to bed around 1am because I was watching my favorite youtuber's livestream and woke up at 10am today.
  8. (not in this particular order btw) Nichijou Ghost Stories (this one's so good, best dub I've ever seen) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Daily Lives of High School Boys Baka and Test
  9. My favorite kpop group is coming back next week U-KISS - Smart Love
  10. I wonder what people I'll call my friends in 3 years. It might be a group of people I haven't even met yet which is a crazy thought to me Middle school just came rushing back to me because of this ohmgyod
  11. I like not having a headache
  12. It's not necessary, you don't even need to eat products from animals at all (why someone would do that, I don't know but it's possible at least). For me at least, I didn't really give up anything since I never had it to begin with. I've just stuck with it doing to me still being immaturely picky and being scared about how well I'll digest it since my body never got used to it. (As good as it might taste I don't know how willing I am to put myself into a situation where there's a decent chance of me getting sick. I'm sure I'll eat it some day just not anytime in the relative future) I also still get sad from time to time when I hear about how cruelly animals are treated before they're killed but that's a separate matter.
  13. I wonder what my first job will be (...probably something in retail)
  14. Misplacing stuff... food in particular....
  15. Fotos - Angst (just as a side note, "angst" in German doesn't mean the same thing it means in English. In German it means "fear")
  16. I truthfully don't even have a good answer to that,,, Like in general? Aside from anime/manga I like meteorology a lot, a few tv shows, foreign cultures, cats, horses, animation, I have a couple bands I'm quite fond of, the Persona series, warmth, food, deadpan humor, etc etc
  17. ....yup I'm definitely out there in some aspects,,
  18. ...have I mentioned that I'm a vegetarian and have been for most of my life so I've never tried to meat?
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